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Question: The base 10 or decimal - our normal way of counting number is represented in computdr as? Correct Answer CDs reproduce 44, samples per second. Which has a maximum frequency reproduction of 22, Hz, or just a hair past the upper limit of human hearing. In this way CDs can theoretically reproduce any frequency in the human hearing range. Correct Answer O;tional to many stories surrounding the origin of the compact disc, 74 minutes was settled on because it computer optional question picture comfortably contain all of Beethoven's 9th symphony on one disc.

Although some stories reference a specific Sony higher-up who claimed this as his favorite piece of music, stories differ. All that's known for sure is that Sony insisted on this and won out over Phillips' original 60 uqestion proposal. Each column is a power of 16 greater than the column to its right, with the rightmost column the one's column. The 0x at the start of the number indicates the number is in hexadecimal. This may seem obvious when the number has letters in it such 0xFFFF but a number like 32 decimal is represented as 20 qeustion so 0x20 is proper.

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