Trading Covered Calls on the US Market Why I believe it is

The case against covered call ETFs. Benefit: You may not be able to keep the stock and premium, and continue to sell calls on the same stock. However, it does Wyh the adjusted cost base for an investment and thus increase the potential capital Mwrket on sale. Alan can and always does speak for. Instead of purchasing call options, one can also sell write them for a profit. It's time to take profits in the Canadian equity market.

Managing the balance between Risk and Reward is the blight of every trader and investor. The Covered Call strategyor Buy Writeis one of the key strategies professionals use to manage Risk. And the US markets provide us with one of the most dynamic environments that are ideally suited for the Covered Call strategy. We call this strategy a Passive Income strategy, and one that every investor should be fully aware of.

None of us want to lose money in the markets, while we expect every trade we make to produce exceptional returns. One of the key strategies in managing the balance between Risk and Reward is the Covered Callalso known as the Buy Write. It is a lower Risk strategy that provides some downside Risk Management, while at the same time provides a premium cashflow, or as we like to refer to it, a Passive Income. And it is a strategy that just about anyone can implement!

With an easily understood approach, this strategy has become one of the most popular strategies for Mums and Dads and Self Managed Superannuation Funds. But to date, the focus for Australian investors has been the ASX. Trading this strategy on the US markets is actually an extremely easy process Trading Covered Calls on the US Market Why I believe it is simply requires the right broker to implement.

But it is consistency in returns that is the real key to creating wealth. If you are unfamiliar with this strategy, you might just be a little excited in what I have to say. This leaves the investor susceptible to falling markets, poor company performance and tax implications for selling long-term investments. The modern investor has the ability to avoid much of the negativity associated with long-term buy and hold strategies.

Instead, treating shares as an asset from which to generate cashflow. Here we can see that the Buy Write index black line outperforms the broader market between and Encompassing not only strong upwards markets, but also Bear markets or market crashes. From this graph, I am sure you can see that the potential for return is stronger from the Covered Call Buy Write strategy than merely just holding shares. But what I find even more exciting is using this strategy on Stocks and Exchange Traded Funds ETFs on the US markets.

I know many readers might think it too risky to consider investing in the US compared to Australia, but it has never been easier or more secure to do so, than today. In summary, not only is the Covered Call strategy a lower Risk approach to working the markets compared to just Buying and holding indefinitely, the US markets provide us with depth of liquidity, efficiency in costs and a detached time-frame for decision making.

If you would like to know more about this strategy, trading in the US markets or to receive a Free guest pass to our Covered Call Scanning tools, CLICK HERE and register now. Figures do not take into account brokerage or slippage. SinceMatthew has been involved in the Financial Services industry providing stock, option and CFD advisory services, trading advice, funds management and education services.

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Trading Covered Calls on the US Market. Why I believe it is the are ideally suited for the Covered Call Covered Call Strategy. None of us want to. Apr 26,  · Trading Covered Calls: Patterson-UTI Energy Inc (NASDAQ: has done more than show us returns, Capital Market Laboratories. What are Covered Calls? Learn how to sell Covered Call The covered call is a strategy in options trading To achieve higher returns in the stock market.

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