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Does this annoy anyone else? Guess I have to plan to feed 2x as many people as might show up and possibly eat leftovers for days afterwards. Didn't there used to be a function to eliminate the option of replying "maybe"? I feel like it really says, "I'll be there if nothing else better comes selling a put option meaning rsvp, mfaning if I don't have a hang-over, or if I feel like it that day when I wake up Maybe its because my husbands job rotates between 3 different shifts a day, a swing, and a midnight every 4 weeks.

I never know what his days off are going to be because the schedule is put out every pay period which is every 2 weeks I know hes off the 29th and the 30th but wont know what his days off after that will be until the 27th so I often respond with "maybe" It doesn't mean they are just waiting to see "if nothing better comes along, or they don't sellnig a hangover.

I completely disagree with you. I would contact each of them and let them know that you're shopping for food for the BBQ on Friday or whenever and need to know for certain if they'll be attending by then. I have an overly dramatic relative who basically RSVP'd this way to my baby shower. Then she didn't like something I posted on facebook cause it didn't line up with her beliefs and she backed out at the last minute.

If you gave them an option of responding "maybe" how is this rude? They responded to your invite that you sent opyion. Evites are so easy and convenient, but they are also super casual, which is why Maybe is even an option. They work best for open-house type events that don't rely on headcount, or when you're meanint just a handful of people or collaborating with others online for planning.

ETA: To answer the question, Maybe to an invitation is okay when it is accompanied by an explanation and a promise of a firm answer - I may have to work, I can let you know on Friday. I will know by next week if I can come to yours or not. If I answer "Maybe" I accompany it with an explanation and note when I will know either way. As a guest, I want the host to know that I saw the invite and am not ignoring it, but that I don't have enough info to commit to a meqning at that time.

For example, my two younger boys were invited to a birthday party at a place where I know accurate headcount is important because the place charges per head and the host has to commit to the headcount a week ahead of time and pays for X number of kids even mewning they don't all show up which I know only because I have hosted parties at the same place. However, they were both on lacrosse teams that were signed up for tournaments that could have fallen on any one of 4 dates and we wouldn't know which weekends and days until the week before the first round.

Usually when someone gives me a maybe, it's for a legitimate reason and usually is about something like the above, where a family member has another commitment but they don't know for sure what the status of that other commitment will be. We run into that a lot around here with baseball playoffs among my kids' friends, which get cancelled and re-scheduled all the time due to weather. Got an evite for the exact time I will be on mexning plane, so it would be a 'maybe' if the plane actually lands the correct time, we get our luggage and they can stand us four hours later.

It is hard at this time of year, so many things going on. You are right about the commitment. But then it would probably optino no. Maybe means "I want to go but can't figure out how yet" at least in my book. I only reply maybe and don't mind a maybe when it's accompanied by an explanation. But knowing the person I planned with, something might have come up. So I replied I likely couldn't come bc of plans but if they fell through, I would let the hostess know.

So I was officially a "maybe". Sometimes someone replies they will be out of town for work, not sure if they'll get back in time so "maybe". That doesn't bother me so much. People should follow up with a final answer though. A generic maybe is definitely rude. Evite lets you send out a reminder and I'd send one to all the "maybe's" saying you're going to assume they won't make it unless they rsvp yes by x date.

I don't know if there is a way to take it out or not. I have responded maybe to a few because they send them out way ahead of time and sometimes I don't know what my kids schedules will be that day or my husbands. My son does compatition gymnastics and we don't know sometimes till about two weeks before if he's going to have a saturday work out and when we are in season he can't miss those.

I don't think they do it to be rude I selling a put option meaning rsvp they selling a put option meaning rsvp being considerate letting you know selling a put option meaning rsvp is a good possibility of them coming. It's better than them waiting till the very last min and saying yes the day before. This has become a great frustration for me, too.

I replied maybe a few times only because I have kids. If someone is sick, we can't go. Or maybe have to work, car problems, etc. I have gotten emails from evite to update the status a few days before so not sure if that is something you can do. If possible, maybe you can send an other evite to those people that said maybe and if they don't change to yes or no, then just count half of those so you don't rwvp too much food leftover.

Whenever we have something, I rarely ever get any RSVP from my husband's family. It is usually a hope they show type thing or we know the day before because they call to check the time. I only use the 'maybe' gnutrade forex trading as a business when it's really true and circumstances are such that I just don't know. For example, when we were invited to a party at across town on a Friday night.

I don't have a crystal ball. Sellihg me, it's not about not wanting to make the revp, but wanting to give the accurate impression. So, it's 'We'd love to make it if husband isn't stuck at work'. Leaning yes, but if we don't make it A. I don't want the host to think I just blew it off. I usually reply "maybe" when I first see the evite for an adults-only party unless I know I can't go, then it's "no" obviously because it can take me a few days to firm up the sitter, but I don't want my friends to think I'm ignoring their invitation.

I always leave a comment saying "let me see if I can get a sitter" or something like that and change it to a firm response as soon as I know. Side note: You can send out group messages on evite which I'm pretty sure you can filter by their response at least you could last time I made one. I'd send a message out to all the "maybe" guests a week before and tell them you're getting ready to order meat etc.

I would consider replying back and saying that "maybe" there will be some food for them and "maybe" a place opyion sit. It's ridiculous, isn't it! How does "maybe" help the host of the party? What does "Maybe" mean? Just buy the extra food. Send extras home with everyone or take them to a neighbor. Hope you have a oprion time : Follow up with all the maybes and ask them for a head count by x date. Nicely remind them that you need to know how many people to feed.

I don't recall if Evite will let you remove "maybe" but in the future I would do so. If you can't remove it, you can edit the text, right? So next time you can change it to "Yes! We will certainly come! And don't tell you. Oh my gosh, this drives me nuts!!! Tell me either you are, or you aren't coming. But what I think is really RUDE, is when people say YES and then they don't show up!! Can you imagine how much of everything I had meanihg year for my son's 18th birthday party???

Between no-shows and maybes, I had a refrigerator full of left-overs for quite a while! I have RSVP'd maybe, but I have added a specific qualifier. Otherwise we will have to be at the game. I have had many people do the same to me, and in some cases I have arranged to have the party on a different day because of it. Perhaps when I set the date I didn't take sflling softball tournament into account, because my boys play soccer.

If enough people RSVP that it depends on the softball tournament outcomes I might choose a different date when the majority of the guests are able to attend. That's one of the things I hate about evites I agree that it shouldn't be allowed! I personally "maybed" that RSVP. The wedding was local. I said if I hadn't popped yet I'd be there but If baby was less than a week old or there was another complication then I couldn't. Sometimes people optikn have a conflict and need to work something out before they can confirm and just want you to know that they at least got it and sleling it.

Let them know that you need a yes or no and not a maybe by a certain date. I agree with you. It's not so bad when one or two do it but when most do it, it because a big issue. As for those that say otpion reply maybe because I have kids", I have to remind them that we all have something and a "yes" is always contingent on not being sick, having to work, an emergency, etc. If you know you can't attend, you reply "no" or "not attending". If you reply yes and something comes up, you call and tell the host that the kid is sick, you have to work, whatever.

At Least They Responded Something. It Is Rude To Leave Upt Open. How Can One Plan? Call All Uour Maybe Answers By Phone By The Last Date You Have T Easily Add Food An. Then Say I See You Were One Of My 50 Maybe Responses, Now I Need To Pin Down A Final Head Count So I Just Wanted To Know If You'll Be Able To Attend Or Not. Want To Make Sure There's Plenty For All. I will be there unless they are sick. I have not committed to anything in a few years, because it seems when I say Yes.

I can not make it because of the kids. I think it's ok to reply maybe if it's far in advance and there is a specific, potential conflict. But, I think these RSVPs need to opton updated a few days before the event. Otherwise, I think an actual conversation - not an evite comment - needs to be had with the host explaining exactly why you won't know until the last minute. This is why I've stopped using Evite for invitations -- I use Paperless Post instead no maybes allowed!

In my experience, though, it is very unlikely that most or even any of the "maybes" will show up. But it's good to have some extra food just in case. I selling a put option meaning rsvp make sure it's stuff I can freeze, or that my family would enjoy eating, in case it doesn't all get used I always make way too much food anyway, and I feel bad if there aren't leftovers! Good luck and enjoy!

When I respond to an Evite with a maybe it is usually because 1 the invitation is sent really far in advance and I have no idea if we will actually be able to make it due to another conflict with kids schedules, family obligations, etc. Sometimes it might mean I need to rearrange a previous commitment so that I CAN come but until that is done I am a maybe. And then I will go back and change it to an actual yes or selling.

Personally, I'd rather have a maybe than no reply at all! Preparing for First Day. Living on their Own. Whatever happened to making a commitment? We'll still have a great time. ReloadFromP',false, ['banger. Join the Mamapedia community. I never know what his days off are going to be because the schedule is put out every pay period which is every 2 weeks I know hes off the 29th and the 30th but wont know what his days off after that will be until the 27th so I often respond with "maybe".

It doesn't mean they are just waiting to see "if nothing better comes along, or they don't have a hangover. If they don't reply with a yes, don't count on pug. I think that's rude. I would count as no, unless they explained their particular circumstances. Unfortunately, Facebook and Evite optoin this option so people click it. Hope you have a good time :. Follow up with all the maybes and ask them for a head count by x date.

But it's better, IMO, than the people who sellong yes and then still wake up and decide not to come. I feel like you; it sounds like maybe they're waiting for something better to come along. Thanks for letting me vent!! I take Maybes as a "no". Hey-at least they responded. Half the time, people don't even bother! When in doubt, I say "no.

I agree, how rude. They should let u know either way w a weeks notice. For Updates and Special Promotions. For Moms of 18 Year Old Boys Abo Is It Good Decision If I Quit My When Do You Stop Letting Kids Se Grade Retention for One Twin. Learn From Moms Like You. Get answers, tips, deals, and amazing advice from other Moms.

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Fancy wedding RSVP accidentally adds But the unfortunate wording gave the RSVP card a whole other meaning. Game of Thrones couple Kit Harington and Rose. Oct 14,  · This guide will show you how to successfully run an event on Facebook. and anyone can RSVP or invite others to the event, Selling Tickets. Since When Is It Okay to RSVP is the next time you send out an invite put "maybe isnt an option, relative who basically RSVP 'd this way to my.

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