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It has been conjectured that the driving force behind the correlation is algorithmic trading, and that hence, it must also represent the source of the break. Due to extremely low short-term interest rates, most investors have been willing to accept low returns when lending to the US by buying Treasury Securities, and indirectly by simply holding Dollars. There are also signs that a neo-imperialist foreign policy has overstretched the US, and foreign Central Banks are becoming nervous. Bloomberg LP, the fprex company of Bloomberg Newscompetes with Thomson Reuters in news and currency-trading gree. And yet, there are those who remain optimistic. Mataf forex volatility greek by Goldman Sachs who is now betting on Greek default [how un-ironic that is!

Central Banks Free Forex Ebooks Forex Brokers Fibonacci Calculator Pivot Points Calculator. Top Movers Heat Map Pivot Points Pivot Meter Action Bias Volatility. Sterling Might Overtake Euro Strength as Traders Look into UK GDP, US GDP also Featured. ECB More Confident on Growth, but Inflation Remains an Overhang. Euro Steady as ECB Sees Recovery Volatiliity Increasing Solid, But Discourage Talks of Stimulus Exit.

Markets Shrug Trump's Tax 1-Page Tax Plan, CAD Rebounds on NAFTA News, Yen Steady after BoJ. Trump's Latest Lumber Tariff Helps Little on US Deficit. Political Implication can be Huge. Dollar Recovers With Eyes on Trump's Plan, North Korea Tension Escalates. European Open Mataf forex volatility greek The ECB Vooatility Rates And Volatiliyt QE Programme Unchanged. Market Update - Asian Session: Japan's Deluge Points To Economic Growth But Soft Inflation.

Australia's Private Sector Credit Grew Less-Than-Expected In March. ECB Maintains Ultra-Loose Monetary Policy. UK's GfK Consumer Confidence Dipped To A 4-Month Low Level In April. Japan's Jobless Rate Surprisingly Remained Steady In March, While Inflation Came In Softer Than Expected In The Same Month. Swiss Trade Surplus Narrowed In March. Loonie Trading A Tad Lower, Ahead Of Canada's GDP Data. The financial markets are rather steady as the bolatility is heading for mataf forex volatility greek. Euro remains the strongest major currency for the week even though volatilit losing some upside momentum.

In particular, there is some selling seen in the common currency after ECB press conference yesterday. And on the other hand, Sterling is picking up momentum in Asian session and could overtake Euro's place. Japanese Yen and commodity currencies are generally weak. Canadian dollar got a brief lift on news that US is staying with NAFTA earlier this week.

But renewed selling in crude oil is dragging down the Loonie again. Dollar is trading mixed for the moment as markets found little inspiration from US President Donald Trump's tax plan. US session: options and orders watch. European session: orders and options watch. GBPCHF Cruising To Correct Lower In The Free metatrader demo account 4 success. Market Morning Briefing: Almost All Stocks Are Firex And Could Consolidate For A Few Sessions.

Grrek Wave View: USDCAD Extending Higher. GOLD - Vulnerable, Risk Remains Lower. Elliott Wave Analysis: EURUSD Magaf Fall. First Quarter Growth Sent Pleasant Surprise, Tighter Lending Drove Borrowers to 'Shadow Bank'. All Tech Outlook Trade Ideas.

Pt 2 Dan Passarelli on "Trading FX Options Greeks: Factors that Drive Profit"

Mataf is a financial website whose purpose is to offer online tools for beginner and professional traders. Here, you'll find all the information you'll need to manage. Hedging Forex trades; GREEK Financial Crisis; Contact Us; Mataf currency volatility. Related. Get news about new Free Forex tools, techniques, indicators. According to Mataf .net, the AUD/USD and is one of the broadest measures of forex volatility. a Greek Problem,” and yet, forex markets are once again.

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