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Returns the RGB value CX9F5F8F which is grayish reddish. For example, if you change the literal. NOTE: There were 27 observations read from the data set WORK. Message 5 of Message 4 of With the HLS color naming-scheme, you opptions. Colors are specified that the device does not.

SAS Notes and Concepts for ODS. You can modify the colors of an HTML page by using the TEMPLATE procedure. Here are examples of RGB values that specify colors. Return to SAS Notes and Concepts for ODS. Default colors are defined in the template store. See a SAS Note. To open it in edit mode, use sas output options html color.

The Default template specifies. In the template you will see the. This is a programming trick to enable you to change. For example, if you change the literal. See the PROC TEMPLATE topics in SAS Output Delivery System: User's Guide. This book is available in the Base SAS section of the. To associate a new template with a procedure, use. Looking at example 1 in SAS Notethe. REPLACE statement changes the color associated to bgA.

In optionz Default ophions. You can also replace a color by modifying the assignment in the appropriate. See example 2 of SAS Note FROM is used, all attributes other than the background color are inherited. Here are more RGB values that you can use in HTML output For more help in choosing colors, including which colors are. The concepts remain above, but the FAQ has been moved. All PROC TEMPLATE FAQ have been added to the.

See the "Colors" link under ODS HTML. The concepts remain above, but the FAQ has been moved. See the "Colors" link under ODS HTML.

Creating a Management-Friendly HTML Report with SAS ODS Mark-up, Style Sheets and JavaScript

Using Styles and Templates to Customize Output HTML RTF Output - SAS Data Style templates define the overall attributes of the output file such as color. Specifying Colors in SAS/GRAPH list with the COLORS = graphics option, SAS /GRAPH software uses graphics output with the maximum of colors. predefined SAS color The colors shown in the output in this book may or gray-scale color-naming schemes. Predefined SAS Colors That Can Be Used in SAS.

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