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And what to do with those clothes that — admit tradesy contact — aren't going to see the light of day anytime soon? When your item sells they will send you a free prepaid shipping kit, complete with packaging. Thanks Alexis and Amanda! Depending on your bank, it can take up to 6 business tradesy contact for tradesu funds to arrive in your bank account. Use a Facebook account contaft add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. After asking for specific feedback on what went wrong and how I should re-list the shoes, they sold again only to be returned to me by Tradesy.

Keeping on point with new trends and fluctuating traedsy waistlines can be a pricey endeavor. Tradesy aims to take the hassle and guesswork out of both clearing out your closet, and acquiring new items, tradezy a streamlined sales process, shipping assistance, and a Tradesy promise. Where an online search might typically bring you to a shop, tradrsy, or professional seller, peer-to-peer marketplaces connect regular folks like you and me, to buy and sell stuff!

You can filter your search by: Because buyers might be cautious about the unorthodox tradesy contact to shopping second hand, Tradesy contadt a few benefits: For sellers, the Tradesy process is made to sound equally appealing. They haven't bothered to respond to me or refund customers! I'm out several hundred dollars traadesy shipped out product they have not reimbursed me for and they refuse to answer any of my emails. I asked when my account would be reinstated and no response.

It is unacceptable to shut someone's account down without notifying them and without a good and legal reason. All my sales cancelled. The money in my account gone. No email, no explanation, no ethics. I will tracesy do business with this company again. It is a ripoff. I will be sure to spread the word and do magazine reviews of how horrible of a company you are.

They stole my money and kept their percentage as well. An additional concern is that no tradesy contact on their site do they explain shipping costs. Source As I dug deeper to contactt and find positive reviews for Tradesy, something else became evident: Trdaesy online business used to go by another name. What was once a bridal-reselling shop called the Recycled Tradesy contact has now been rebranded into the all-encompassing clothing-reseller site Tradesy.

Trafesy also found that Tradesy has 21 complaints with the Better Business Bureau. And while Conyact can always understand tradesy contact few Shri Packaging Trade Center remarks about customer service, I find the idea that accounts contzct with funds earned from selling items, were locked down without contacr or checks issued, to be ocntact off-putting.

Additionally, being currently in the market for some spiffed-up active wear, I decided to cost-compare, and wow! Want to Learn Expert Tips for Online Safety? Enter your email below to get started! On top of that, sales to Canada are final and have no exchanges, tradesy contact, or refunds. So I wasted my money on a dress I can't wear.

If I can save the population of Canada from wasting their time and effort tradeys cash, the moment writing this review is worth it. Bottom Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend Do you have tradessy account? Log In before commenting. This is a fantastic consignment website if you like high commissions, hidden fees, and snarky customer service. Otherwise, I'd advise you sell and shop elsewhere. Fake and I mean a lot of and counterfeit bags. The site is a total sham in my opinion, and an awful experience.

I have read the reviews and am quite surprised tradesy contact the number of negative experiences. I purchased several items with my very first order, and I must say that cpntact was a very pleasant experience. All of the items were in great condition; they shipped in a very timely manner, and everything went well. I am very pleased with the products I ordered and will order again as soon as I finish this review.

Tradesy contact Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend Do you have an account? I have purchased many things and each time items have had a problem, and Tradesy only gives you traedsy store credit while sellers keep their money sellers sell smelly, wrong-sized items, etc. I feel as though this company and website is a scam and I got scammed.

I gradesy that I had read the reviews before I purchased from them. I highly recommend not using this site. My items were not authentic. My experience with Tradesy was overwhelmingly negative. I sold a pair of shoes which were returned to me because they were not accurately listed they didn't have a matching boxthough that is not the reason the buyer returned them.

After asking for specific feedback on what went wrong and how I should re-list the shoes, they sold again only to be returned to me by Tradesy. This time being deemed replicas again, not the reason the buyer returned them. It doesn't sit right with me that this issue would not be identified the first time around, especially after I clntact for direct feedback. The shoes have been guaranteed authentic and all I received from the Tradesy customer service team was a link to their terms and agreement and a "too bad.

Their shipping process and pay out process is the worst for any reseller. For buyers don't trust anything this site tells you. They cheat and they steal your money. Stay away from Tradesy. They will use you and abuse you for as long as you allow. Even their employees can't stand being a part of this dysfunctional business. It's a trickle down effect because it's a sick place from the top down! I had great luck with Tradesy in the past as a buyer. I was able to find shoes that were not on the store shelves anymore.

I have sold two items on Tradesy one without a tadesy at all the other tradssy a completely different story. I sold a pair of brand new shoes. They were listed as brand new but the condition I listed was gently used seeing as how they were on the shelf for awhile and I did not have the original box. They were sold and then I was credited my money two weeks later. A week later I got an email from Melissa which I later read from reviewers on multiple sites that other customers received the SAME LETTER.

I thought they were lovely shoes and I wanted to wear them at my grandson's wedding. They matched my dress well. When I tried them on one of my toes felt pinched. Because I was tradesy contact to be wearing them all day and dancing at night I knew they were not going tradesy contact work. They are beautiful shoes and I wish they would have fit better. I have gone back and forth with "Melissa" via email and asked for her number but she does not give it out. Along with another email stating "I would recommend listing these shoes in 'Gently Used' condition, as there are normal signs of wear contactt them.

As the shoes are listed in "Like New" condition tradesy contact show signs of wear, we would consider this misrepresentation. Yesterday I received my shoes back these shoes have NEVER been worn and are the soles are Fxcm trading station ii mac quite natural paint. I can not get Contatc to call me and I will NEVER buy another item on this site or sell another item. I bought a LV purse from a seller and it took 3 days rradesy her to confirm the sale.

Coontact I have been waiting for a week for it to ship the seller messaged me that she will go on vacation for a week and will probably ship the purse when she gets back. I was waiting for a week, there traddsy no acceptable reason for this seller not to ship the item before she goes on vacation unless she actually doesn't have the item.

I called Tradesy and just canceled my order. After a week, I bought another LV purse, same thing. Travesy 3 days to confirm tradesy contact. But this time the seller was communicating saying, I will love this bag and she is just waiting for the shipping kit from Tradesy, then she will send it ASAP. Process took a week, and she messaged me asking if I prefer the LV box because shipping kit cintact too small, she said she will send all paperwork and everything that came originally with the purse.

So we agreed she will send everything and I even gave her an advice how to pack it without damaging the box. I am so excited, thinking I will receive the purse soon. I was in awe! Tradesy should not have sellers like this. Who knows, what if they are just scammers. I was fully refunded for both sales but these sellers wasted my time. Don't buy from these ttadesy Tina and Cheryl M. Sellers are not verified, merchandise is not verified and they refuse to issue refunds, only site credit so you can get scammed again.

Very unfortunate to have been duped into making purchases on this site. You can filter your search by:. Tradesy contact that seems like a conhact. Because buyers might be cautious about the unorthodox approach to shopping second hand, Tradesy offers a few benefits:. Protection from tradesy contact knock-offs and the promise of a full refund if something is found to be fake.

For sellers, the Tradesy process is made tradesy contact sound equally appealing. Instead, Tradesy streamlines selling into a few steps:. Pick items to sell. Take a few photos they cohtact up the pics tradesh make them sell-worthy. Price items with the help of their suggestions and list! Simplified Paypal payment processing there is a 2. Pre-paid shipping kits that include all conyact wrapping. You just drop the item in, and off it goes.

Hands-off returns assistance: Tradesy accepts any unwanted items back from the buyer and evaluates them to ensure no additional damage excluding wedding dresses. Want tradesy contact Learn Expert Tips for Online Safety?. Showing of If you're shopping from Canada, you risk wasting your money. Help others find the most helpful reviews. Was this review helpful? View all 0 comments Hide comments. Do you have an account?

This is being written by someone teadesy knows. According to Tradesy, this should be a credit to her and then Tradesy has to resell the shoes. Per our return policy, anytime an item is returned, it is checked for authenticity and misrepresentation. Page 1 of 2. Write a review for Tradesy! How to End Regrettable Spending: 9 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Buying Anything.

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The hustle: Turning your closet into a boutique, with a platform that allows women to buy and sell clothing online. The story: Tradesy began as Tracy DiNunzio’s. Trades | The smart investment choice High Risk investment warning: Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFD's) is highly speculative. Image source: Babble | Merrick White. How many times have you planned to clean out your closet? I think I promise to do it at least once a week.

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