Adoption daughter i put up gutter

We couldn't be more delighted and comfortable that they have found a GREAT new home! And instead of Tamra vutter her wrong doings, she just blames Simon for entire mess. They do sell heavy duty gutters if your concerned. Sidney: I never said I have it rough. I'm going to miss the Johnsons!

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Uganda Ukraine United Arab Emirates United Kingdom Uruguay Uzbekistan Vanuatu Vatican City State Venezuela Vietnam Wallis and Futuna Islands Western Sahara Yemen Zambia Zimbabwe ". Fill this out to post an animal in minutes. Within 2 hours, we will send information about your animal to hundreds of adopters in your area interested in your breed. Many people receive adoption enquiries the same day.

Required fields are in yellow. Bird Bloganimals have been adopted on Rescue Me! Letters below were sent to founder Jeff Gold from people helped by Rescue Me! Oscar found a wonderful home with a pet loving family. Rescue Me is a wonderful site! I had a lot of requests, and I know I made the right choice for him. Keep up the great work, and I'll tell my friends. I just found a wonderful and loving forever home for little Hannibal! I found him in the gutter a bit over a year ago and he was in rough shape.

With a trip to the vet and proper medications, he fully recovered! Unfortunately, I have a large dog and adoption daughter i put up gutter caused Hannibal much anxiety. He was never able to fully bond. I just found Debbie through Rescue Me! She has a bunch of cockatiel friends for Hannibal to play with and she is so knowledgeable! I am so happy with my experience and even happier for Hannibal is new life with his new mommy and friends!

Our birds, Ziggy and Tommy Girl, were adopted within one day of posting on the site. They went to a good home with a lady who has a passion for bird rescue. She let me know last night that they were doing well and getting along with her other birds. Thank you to Rescue Me and Maes for being willing to take on two more feathered friends! I wasn't able to handle this parrot so I was forced to look for somebody with enough patience to keep her.

With some research, I found Rescue Me, posted 'Peppa' and adoption daughter i put up gutter received a bunch of emails of people very interested. It was very difficult to choose between several good souls, but God helped me select the most appropriate one. Very fast service and response. My two cockatiels found a new home with a woman. She is a pet lover and my birds responded to her immediately.

I am so relieved to let them go to this kind person. She is emailing me of their progress, which I so appreciate. Thank you, Rescue Me! Snow found a wonderful family that had experience with cockatoos. She found someone who is retired and able to spend time with her outside of the cage and who will give her all the love in the world. We are so happy to find the right person family for her to grow old with. Thank you, Rescue Me. Snow is full of love and life; her gentleness will do well with an older woman.

They both can enjoy time and love growing and playing. Thanks to Rescue Me, Lucy will be moving to a great home with Debbie! Joey found a very loving home adoption daughter i put up gutter a lady who lost a Sun Conure when it died eight years ago. He is taken out every day to be played with and talked to. There is always someone in the home, she home schools her child and her parents also live with her.

I told her of the things that Joey likes to eat and she cooks oatmeal for him. He is a lucky bird. Although I miss him, I know he is well taken care of and she sends me pictures of him at least once or twice a month. Thank you for your help, Rescue Me. I got many calls and finally picked a nice family with grown children and a husband who had to be home in the day time due to health conditions. They lost their cockatiel and really missed it.

The mom and daughter picked up my birds and surprised him with them. I am very happy for my birds that I loved so much, and for the family. She is going to donate to Rescue Me. Thanks for your site! After posting my Macaws, they were adopted in 12 hours! Thanks for all your help, Rescue Me! My middle aged bird was quickly able to find the perfect forever home thanks to Rescue Me. At first, I had some doubts as I know placing older pets into good homes can take time.

After only a day on the website, I received a call from an awesome mother and daughter looking for the right bird to join their family. Three months later I am still getting updates on how happy Whisper is in his new home. I am so very thankful for Rescue Me's help in finding my buddy a more permanent home! I thought if I was going to find a good home for Mandy it would be where like minds think, and it did.

I found a beautiful family with several other birds for her to have lots of new friends through Rescue Me. Thank you for this precious site, it helped me to find her fur ever home. Thank you so much. Our Bird Larry found a happy new home within days of posting on Rescue Me. We are so happy that she will be well cared for.

Our post on the site was very fast and easy to get people to call, email or text. It gave me the opportunity to choose a good home for JoJo. Thank you Rescue Me for the services you offer! Please note that my sweet, snow white canary has found a great home through Rescue Me. Thank you for all those that cared. I am so thankful for Rescue Me! I had been very nervous about finding a good, loving home for our one year old pet Conure, Mango. Within two hours of posting, four people contacted me.

It was very obvious all of these folks were bird lovers, and this helped put my mind at ease. The first family who contacted me had two birds and wanted another! They lived minutes away, and my husband and I invited them to meet Mango. It was heartwarming to watch the interaction they had with Mango; she took to them and their two grandchildren right away!

I knew right then they were the perfect fit. I don't have to worry about Mango getting love and affection, and that means the world to me! Thank you so much!!! Spice the Zebra Finch found a new home thanks to Rescue Me. I have found an outstanding home for my beloved Macaws. I never in a million years thought I would wake up and find an inquiry so soon waiting for me in my mail. Although it's very hard to have to give them up, I feel really good about what's ahead for them.

Thank you, Rescue Me, for providing the opportunity to do this. Thank you for allowing me to post my beautiful bird through Rescue Me!! My baby has been adopted. I will send a contribution directly to you. I had several responses to my post and I was very pleased to find a new home for Moses through Rescue Me. She needed more attention than I could give her.

The family was so sweet, and I knew she would be well cared for and so much happier! They were very appreciative and so was I! Thanks to Rescue Me, Albert the Cockatiel was adopted by a year-old girl and her family. She fell in love with the photo, did her research and looks forward to her adoption daughter i put up gutter pet bird. The adoption fee will be donated to Rescue Me.

Rescue Me found a perfect home for my two parakeets and diamond dove. They are now nearby, adopted to a caring woman who works at home and can spend time with them. When I call to check on them, they can be heard chirping and cooing happily. I cannot begin to praise Rescue Me enough! They have been a godsend to animal lovers Thank you, all who work for this rescue, and may God bless you for your efforts to find good homes. I posted the two Blue and Gold Macaws for adoption on a Friday at PM.

By PM I had my first interested contact. Saturday, I received my second and third contacts. Monday morning, I had my fourth contact. I was forced to make a quick decision before the interest became too much. I had email and phone contacts with all the potential adopters, and by Monday at noon, I made my decision. All four candidates were highly qualified and very interested. It was truly a difficult decision to make, but in the end, I was very assured that my babies went to a great, forever home.

I could not believe the ease of using Rescue Me to get my request out there. I was very impressed with the responses I received. Obviously, you attract a high caliber readership, and I will be sending a donation in the mail to support your great efforts. Thank you for all you do for the animals adoption daughter i put up gutter those of us who have chosen to share our lives with them. Rescue Me made it possible for me to find the perfect, forever, new adoption daughter i put up gutter for my dove.

I found Rya through Rescue Me while looking for a companion for my kids. I didn't expect the site to be so wonderful. I adopted Rya, a cockatoo, and she is simply wonderful. The owners were magnificent. They came to the house, introduced her to us and also gave us tips on how to handle her. They told us about her likes and dislikes and in all honesty, it was love at first sight. She's great with my kids and everybody in the family.

She is definitely spoiled. It's the best thing you can do for these animals. I found my Quaker Parrot a new and loving home on the second day I posted on Rescue Me. I don't plan on having any more animals except my ducks so I won't be using this site again. You do a wonderful service for people who want and need a good home for their pets! Both birds were adopted by a wonderful organization. They are very happy and I appreciate that this website was available to find them the best of homes.

I thank everyone who inquired about them and wish you all the best. I have adopted a beautiful 9 month old quaker. I love Rescue Me! Thank you so much Rescue Me! Thanks to your website, I found the perfect home for my two love birds. They are now able to fly and play like they should be. The family who took them in were a delight, with one of them being a pet store owner and a love bird breeder.

I am confident they are in capable and loving hands! Sweetie, a Scarlet Macaw, was successfully adopted by a family in a community nearby. He's settling in and he and the family of five are getting to know each other. We needed to place him as we are planning to breed our dog and the idea of a litter of pups and the bird, who very much appreciates personal attention, seemed a bit overwhelming at the moment.

Fortunately, all seems to have worked out very well. Thank you for your interest. I listed my 15 year old male cockatoo, and within a week I had nearly ten homes from which to choose. To help me find the best fit, I came up with a list of questions that I sent to each one. This really helped narrow the field, and I've settled on a couple that I believe will give LaLa the love and structure he needs to ensure a long term happy home.

A great site with great people looking to save animals. I got multiple responses very quickly and found a great new home for my birds. I posted my Parrotlet for adoption. Within a few hours, I had a response to my post, and found the perfect home for my little guy! I never could have accomplished this without this wonderful website and I am so grateful to Rescue Me!

Thank you so much, and may God bless you for being there for people who need new homes for their pets! Rescue Me was very helpful in finding my Quaker a home. I am so glad that they are here to help. Pooh Bear and Honey have a new home. It only took a couple weeks after posting on Rescue Me, and had been trying for a year to find them a new home. My Sun Conure was adopted by a very nice person. I'm quite satisfied that this will work out for the bird and the family. Thank you Rescue Me for helping us find a new loving home for our Senegal parrot.

It all happened in just a day of the posting. I was so impressed with the caliber of people who responded to the post. There is a great community of bird lovers that watch this site and its a relief to have found a great new home for our guy. We know he will be very happy. We love our newly adopted blue and gold Macaw, Tito! He's so funny and such a lover. Tito adjusted really well with us, which was great. I was worried about him falling into depression, but he didn't. Tito fits right in with us.

Thanks to Rescue Me, we were able to find a good home for this little Cockatiel within 48 hours. He will be living with his new friend Al in an aviary and be taken care of by a woman who has had birds all her life. Thank you so much, Rescue Me, for helping me find a forever home for my two guys! Their new mommy is a perfect fit for them and they will have new bird friends too. I'm so happy to know they will have a great life and grateful to you for helping me in this process.

I previously answered a post for this beauty, but another adopter was chosen. I was so excited to see the him posted again, and was delighted to be chosen as Tiko's new mom. I am his sixth and final home. I hope to be able to help him over his past experiences. No matter what, this is his forever home. I want to thank Rescue Me for helping me find Mickey and his mom and dad! I have been looking for a Parrolet for quite some time now, and he is just perfect!

It is a joy to watch him play and explore! I adopted, two birds who couldn't be more happy and spoiled in their new home. One was reared from an egg, and they are very chatty at times. A true win-win situation. My African Gray does not pay much attention to them however and prefers people, tv, and music. Rescue Me helped me to place the birds in a rescue called 'Feathered Friends' Rescue.

I gave them the birds free of charge. They seemed like a great rescue!!! There are many hard things to do in life as we move along. This was right up there at the top. Knowing that Carlos has a new loving home helps ease the pain. He now has a very loving new adoptive family to call his own. As my wife and I wipe back the tears, we want to say thank you to Jeff Gold and Rescue Me for their wonderful support system.

We could not have done this without you. It took approximately a seven hour round trip to adopt this cute, two year old male, white face cockatiel. The previous owners had to give him up for adoption due to the fact that they will have to move sometime in the near future. He was very well taken care of and looked after. They were very sad to see him go, but realized putting him up for adoption was the best thing to do for him.

We have used Rescue Me for previous adoptions, and have never had any issues with any of the parakeets or cockatiels we have adopted using the site. We highly recommend using Rescue Me for adoptions or putting up any type of animal for adoption. We will be making a donation to Rescue Me to assist in their worthwhile cause. Thanks again to Rescue Me for making this adoption possible. I'm so happy I found this site!

Because of you guys from Rescue Me, my two Quaker parrots are living in a great home with a beautiful family with two kids. They sent me pictures and looks like they all love their new friends and enjoy each other's company. I was sad to let them go, but I'm so so so happy that they will have the company and attention, I couldn't give them. Thank you guys so much! Rescue Me, helped my bird, a ring neck white dove, by helping find a new home. Thank You, Rescue Me and Isabel, for such a successful adoption.

Your birds will be loved and cared for beyond your expectations. Soda was adopted by a retired vet who had previously adopted a self-plucked, crazy, scared Sun Conure who now is a free flight, basketball player! He also picks up trash, puts pennies in his piggy bank and shakes hands as well as many other adorable tricks. He obviously adores his 'mama'.

Soda will enjoy an outside adoption daughter i put up gutter on warm days with his new BFF, and will probably be learning new songs to sing and tricks to amaze and amuse his new friends. Thank you to all of you expressing interest in Soda. And a huge thank you to the wonderful folks at Rescue Me that make this process possible!

May God bless you all! Our new mommy will be getting us this weekend. We are super excited. She loves birds and promises to take good care of us, and we will sing our hearts out to the radio going to our new home. Thank you to our old mommy for finding us a place that will give us all the attention us girls need. I adopted this cutie along with a sweet little one-legged female cockatiel yesterday! I'm so happy to include them in my flock!

Their previous guardian was great and even met me halfway. I love Rescue Me, and appreciate Jeff's efforts to keep the site clean and free from scammers! I am so thankful to the Rescue Me organization. They have made it possible for my pet to be seen by many many people. I received an email through them offering help. Thank you once again for being a champion for the ones who can not talk. Adopted this cockatiel this past Sunday along with another cockatiel her mate.

I took a nine-hour round trip to adopt her and her mate. The owner could not keep her and her mate for personal reasons, and did the right thing by putting them on Rescue Me. We have used Rescue Me for other adoptions in the past and have never had any issues with any of the birds we have adopted. We highly recommend Rescue Me for adoptions of any animals and if you have to give up any animal for adoption. We will be making a donation to Rescue Me to assist in their worthy cause.

Thank You again, Rescue Me. When I posted our Macaw on Rescue Me, I really did not expect much response. In reality, I could have adopted out several birds. I was quite pleasantly surprised, and most of the respondents were actually serious 'bird people'. He has gone to a good home, where I am sure he will adjust and be happy. Thanks to all those who inquired about him, and those who also offered advice.

I will certainly continue to utilize this space when I am looking for any kind of a pet in the future. This was an AWESOME site to post my Dove! She had a new home in just a few days. Not only did she get a new home, but I made a new friend. The gentleman that adopted her had a un-assembled aviary. I helped him put it together and my Dove now lives in a 20' L x 10' W x 10' tall home, all to herself.

I could not have asked for a better home for her. I even have visiting rights! Rescue Me really works. Rescue Me was the best resource and choice I could have ever made. I just want to say how thankful I am to have found Rescue Me! I had a white bellied Caique who I had been fostering for two years. I wanted to keep him forever, but my living situation is changing and I knew I wouldn't be able to take him with me.

I knew this was going to happen so about a year ago I really started looking for the perfect home for him. I tried and tried and tried and couldn't find anyone I trusted with Mr. I was told about this site and thought 'well, it's my last resort so why not'. Within a day of posting, I got so many wonderful responses from loving, experienced people who wanted to adopt him.

After a lot of thinking I decided on a fantastic family who was missing their bird that recently moved out of state with a family member. I had many conversations explaining that it may take a while for him to transition to his new adoption daughter i put up gutter, etc. Well, after a bittersweet goodbye, I am getting regular updates on how well Mr Jingles has adapted! He loves the boys and his new mom. He sits on their shoulders, he has a mansion of a cage with lots of toys and gets a lot of out of cage play time!

I couldn't have found him a better home! He is a funny bird who was rescued off the street, dehydrated and almost dead. He deserved to have the best life and now he has it! I did find a home for our little Conure. I was so thrilled to find George! He said he's going to keep our Conure. He loves these birds so much. He is so knowledgeable about birds, and how lucky are we that he wanted to come get the little guy!

Our bird came with a huge cage, and I was stressing about how to get him and this cage to a new home. But George said he has a big truck that he could use, and volunteered to come down. This was a win-win situation for everyone. I'm impressed by your follow up, too. I just can't tell you how relieved we all are. He's a great little conure, and now hopefully he has a forever home!

Re-homing our beautiful Sun Conure, Sunny, was a very hard choice to make. We wanted to be sure she went to someone who understood the time, commitment and love it takes to own a bird. We met Cassie through Rescue Me and after emailing back and forth, we knew she was the one for Sunny! Sunny was very nervous when Cassie arrived on Saturday and they didn't get off on the best foot, but I know that once they get to know each other they will be great friends.

I'm happy I found this site and can be confident that Sunny is in the best home possible with her new Mom. I adopted a cockatiel on Sunday. The previous owners had a medical issue in their household and could not keep the Tiel in their household any longer. It was approximately a three hour round trip for us to get him. We have adopted other birds parakeets and cockatiels using Rescue Me and have never had any issues with any of the birds we have adopted.

We highly recommend using Rescue Me for any adoptions or putting any animal up for adoption. Will be making a donation to them to help in their worthy cause. I adopted this Parrotlet that I found through your website. The whole process was so simple, and I'm very impressed with what I've learned about Rescue Me! This little fellow and I adoption daughter i put up gutter thoroughly bonded He wants a lot of attention, and because I work from home, I am able to give him that.

Thank you so much for providing the service that connected me to my new family member. Wonderful experience on this site. Others get curious people more than people who really want to adopt. I'm going to always use Rescue Me if and when I have an animal to be adopted. I have recently been pulled back into the bird world and foresee having others to be adopted. I want to make sure they have homes from people who realize what a commitment it is to own a bird. Jethro, my Blue and Gold Macaw, found the perfect home thanks to Rescue Me.

I am so excited for him and his new owner that they will have a new wonderful life together. Thank you for making it so easy to find a suitable home for one of my many rescues. I will definitely post another rescue right away. It is amazing what you are doing to help the many animals in need. I was impressed at how many responses I received. Very happy that my Sun Conure found a nice new home in less than one week.

Our pet cockatiel was recently adopted to a lovely couple as a mate to their current pet cockatiel. I feel blessed that we found her a loving, forever home. Within a few days of posting on Rescue Me, I was able to place two parakeets in a wonderful home with a new bird lover who will care for them nett than I can. I am so grateful for the service that made this possible.

I had the Grey's home ready with fresh water, veggies, pellets and seed so that when we arrived, he would feel comfortable and explore his environment. I left the cage door open for several hours. He stood at the cage opening I am always seated adjacent to the cage I extended my arm and he stepped up and sat with me for the rest of the day. We are bonded now and he affectionately regurgitates his adoption daughter i put up gutter in my hand. This happened after only one day. He is my companion.

My baby cockatiel found a great home. Was very easy to re-home him once I knew he was going to a great home. Last night, my new BFF, Albert, came over to take me to my new home. Albert found me on Rescue Me and thought I'd enjoy an open cage home with four other bird friends. Today, he sent a picture to my mom of my new friends and me on top of his blinds. I guess I was in demand! She wanted to be sure I went to a good home since she was feeling a little bit of angst about letting me go.

I think I'm going to really like it here! My first adoption daughter i put up gutter I stayed in my cage because I was a little nervous about venturing out. But today - yeah! I got to use my wings and fly around the room! I'm going to miss the Johnsons! But I adoption daughter i put up gutter do like Albert so far. My two boys were taken by a wonderful bird owner who has a heart big enough for two more little guys.

It broke my heart to see them leave, but luckily for them, there are angels who have the capacity to care for 'more'. Information about Rescue Me was given to me by my vet, and I consider it a Godsend. I found the first bird I wanted, his name is Ike. I kept in touch to show the progress I've made with him. He had another bird named Waldo, and I drove almost eight hours the first time.

He met me half way the second time. Thanks to Rescue Me and him for making our forever home complete. Nic and Sunny have found a forever home with a wonderful woman that we met today. I was very skeptical when I posted on Rescue Me, but I was desperate. The local rescues were not coming up with any foster homes and I needed to find a home within a month of heading to our winter home where our upstairs neighbors had made it clear from their complaints about minor noise from our ceiling fans!

So, I very sadly had to put my birds that I have had for twelve and eight years up for adoption. Their new mom is great, she is a true bird woman, very experienced and they have already settled in well. I feel so good that they have gone to a good loving home where she will spoil them rotten. I have donated to your very wonderful organization, it is so needed. And I have already started looking for a smaller, quieter bird breed parakeet or cockatiel on the site near our winter home for the future.

Thank you, Jeff Gold, for your wonderful Rescue Me site! My parrot was adopted by one of the persons who responded to the post on Rescue Me. He is in a bird loving home and I am able to visit him when I like. Thank you for this site. It helped my broken heart to find a good home for my friend. It was a pleasure working with Cynthia to adopt this little girl.

We couldn't get together until after I got off work, and I drove an hour. She was more than willing to meet and make this happen. Pearl was a little scared, as can be expected. My wife stayed home this morning to be with adoption daughter i put up gutter a little longer. I didn't get home with her until last night. My wife just called to tell me Pearl is singing and whistling and came down to eat and drink.

We are so happy to have her. Our daughter was very excited to see her this morning. Big thanks to this organization, Rescue Me. I wish we could help with other birds as well, and who knows, maybe in the future we can adopt once again. Through Rescue Me, we were able to find Bubu a new home. I'm blessed to have been contacted by Deb. The best part of this story is that she has Macaws! Bubu is adjusting very well. We surely do miss him, yet, we know this is the best thing for him!!

I had been searching for a new home for months without success. Rescue Me was the best resource! Should Adoption daughter i put up gutter ever get a new pet, I will use Rescue Me to adopt. Thanks for the great service! I needed to adopt a companion for my parakeet, Tinkerbelle, and I found Skye on Rescue Me. His kind human wanted him to have a companion as well. Now I have two beautiful parakeets, and we are all very happy together. Thank you Jeff Gold for providing such a great service!

Thank you to everyone who responded about Charlie. There are a ton of you who are interested in African Greys and have great experience in providing good homes for them. Charlie and I connected with a special 'flock' and he has migrated happily. Having visited with his new family, I am confident he is somewhere where he will be mentally challenged, well nourished, and happy. What a great experience for me and Charlie. Rescue Me is an awesome service. I filled out the information on Rescue Me, and it seemed like within 10 minutes I had a reply.

I called the person and we talked and she is driving to pick up Molly. She seemed like a truly wonderful person, and I feel blessed to have found my little Molly a loving home so quickly! After my female parakeet died last year, I decided not to get another bird. But the male whom I'd rescued off Craigslist three years ago seemed lonely, adoption daughter i put up gutter though he chirped happily when I was near or on the phone.

I'm gone a great deal, so someone suggested I try Rescue Me. I had a response within two hours. I was a little apprehensive, but took him to the person's house and was delighted with the set-up, two cockatiels and two parakeets. There was space between their two cages for Chirps to get used to all the new sights and sounds in his own digs for a couple of weeks.

The new owner is clearly experienced and loves birds, so even though I miss him already, I know he'll be happier there. Thank you for connecting us! Rescue Me is amazing. I found a bird I was interested in, messaged the owner and they brought the bird to me within a week! Thanks to Chris for giving me the opportunity to adopt my new beautiful Parrotlet, Pierre. I sadly had to look for a new home for my JoJo.

A delightful Sun Conure. Unfortunately, the company my husband worked for closed its doors and he took a different job with different hours. JoJo was left alone for several hours a day and did not get the attention that Sun's really need. This situation was not going to change anytime soon, leaving us feeling guilty for not spending more time with him.

With the help of Rescue Me, we found a new home for JoJo within a week. The family he went too had two children, one of whom I understand loves to watch JoJo dance and bob his head. The process was easy and quick as were the results! Took a five hour trip to adopt two, young,sweet parakeets. One is a male,the other is a female. The previous owners were having difficulty caring for these two parakeets due to medical issues within the family.

They did the best they could and these two parakeets were well cared for considering their circumstances. The trip was well worth our time and effort. They are acclimating very well to their new surroundings and have other feathered friends to coexist with. We have adopted other parakeets and cockatiels using the Rescue Me site and have never had any issues with any of the birds we have adopted.

We highly recommend the Rescue Me site for those who have to give up an animal or are looking to adopt a animal of any type. As usual, we will be making a donations to the Rescue Me organization to assist in their endevenors. Thanks again, to the Rescue Me group. I am disabled and retired. My youngest daughter lives with me.

She suffers with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and is mostly home bound. Annie has had finches and parakeets for the past twenty years and they have been a wonderful source of companionship and peace. We went and purchased two baby parakeets and they have brought her the most joy, however, with the progression of her disease it has been more and more difficult. After a long talk, we decided to post them and all their supplies on Rescue Me.

Through Rescue Me, God has sent us the nicest couple, and as much as this experience has brought sadness to Annie. It has also brought her a special peace knowing they are going to the nicest of homes. Thank you Jeff and all who make Rescue Me available. Lido has been at Bird Haven Rescue and Sanctuary for quite a while as he would not take to anyone but me.

Well a week ago he went to his forever home with a young man who he fell in love with. He is doing well and getting lots of attention and love. Just wanted to say thank you to Rescue Me. My birds got adopted to a very good home! I had just about given up hope, and all of a sudden I got a call from a very nice man. He came over and looked at the birds, and we had a nice long discussion. I felt very comfortable that they were going to a very good home.

Thank you again for this site, I am so happy and relieved that they could go to a good home, I am confident that they are being well adoption daughter i put up gutter for. This is a very secure site with a lot of security and safety protections in place. I would use it again if I ever need to place an animal. Friday night, I found one of our parakeets, Cielo, lifeless at the bottom of the cage. After we mindfully removed and buried her, her friend Pana began calling out.

This continued the following adoption daughter i put up gutter and I was torn between continuing to support the bird mill industry and taking care of sweet Pana. Twenty-four hours later, Ghost and Volare joined Pana in the large, spacious cage. Irene told me she had gotten the birds as a gift as was allergic. Pana and Ghost quickly became close often leaving Volare off to the side alone.

Now I'm adoption daughter i put up gutter if we need to adopt a friend for her! I recently acquired two beautiful white male and female doves. I was not able to care for them with time and the space they needed. I posted them on Rescue Me and found a darling couple with a small sanctuary for birds. They now have plenty of space and love from their new owners. I adopted these three cockatiels today.

The previous owners had to give them up for adoption due to allergy issues in the family. They are a very nice family who took very very good care of these 'tiels. It was approximately a 6 hour round trip, and was a very worthwhile trip for us. They will fit in perfectly here with other cockatiels I have adopted using Rescue Me. We have used this site in the past for other bird adoptions and have never had any issues with any of the birds we have adopted.

We highly recommend this site to anyone who must give up an animal for adoption or is looking to adopt an animal. As usual,we will be making a donation to help support their cause. Thanks again, Steve M. Our Green Cheek Conure, Perry, was recently taken in by a rescue. Your site is amazing and very helpful. The rescue that took him has other birds and they are truly amazing people. They know what they're doing with them!

Thank you, thank you, Rescue Me. I had a cockatoo that I couldn't keep. I used Rescue Me and it was wonderful. My family was sad to see Zeus go, however we all knew it was the thing to do for him. The new mommy and I emailed back and forth, plus telephone conversations. I plan on using this organization again when it's time. I believe it is better to adopt than going to breeders or pet stores that's my opinion.

My Umbrella Cockatoo, Phoebe, was adopted by a wonderful family. It took a little while, but we finally found the right family for her. Many thanks to Rescue Me! Thank you Rescue Me. I was able to find a good home for my bird quickly and made a great trade. Adopted this very nice cockatiel today Sunday The previous owners had to give him up due to family issues and did the right thing by putting him up for adoption. He was well taken care by them and I have no issues with the care they gave him.

We have used Rescue Me for other adoptions cockatiels and parakeets and have never had any issues with any of the birds we have adopted. I met the most beautiful parakeets, gently trained and used to humans. It is easy to look after them, and I am very grateful to the previous owner who spent time to teach me how to be a good bird parent. I'm so glad my mom didn't buy them in the shop, not only to offer these birds another house, but also because they are such wonderful animals who are so sweet and funny.

They have made me so happy with their good manners. Thank you Rescue Me, and thank you Mr. Helios and Cronos were both adopted by a lovely couple who were both bird knowledgeable. I am very comfortable, albeit sad, that they will have a great new home. We had a surprising and overwhelming response from people interested in my two birdie babies.

Thank you Rescue Me! I posted on Rescue Me late in the evening and the next morning had many emails from people expressing interest in my two online instant messaging services. We made our decision thoughtfully. Four days later, they are on their way to their new home. We couldn't be more delighted and comfortable that they have found a GREAT new home! I received an email last week from a woman that lives hours away from me that showed interest in my seven year old, fancy parakeet.

We emailed back and forth and finally she said that she would take Jack and a companion bird I had not posted without seeing a photo of them. She came to my home over the weekend and was thrilled to see the birds. They just had such a positive response to the birds and were already planning how to care for them clipping wings, etc. I have already emailed her and she loves Jack as much as I did. He sings to her and sits on her fingers already and is becoming quite acclimated to his new environment.

I am so happy that I posted the bird with Rescue Me and that someone who truly loves birds took mine to her home. Birdie, the cockatiel, was successful adopted about a week after we posted her for adoption on Rescue Me. The process was quite easy. The lady who adopted Birdie made a donation to Recuse Me to help the organization continue helping people who need to re-home birds.

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