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What is your email? True True or false? More thanEAPs Employee Assistance Programs have been established in the United States. False True or false? Part-time employees are much more likely to use alcohol and marijuana than full-time workers. Cultural factors account for how drug use behavior develops from the physical surroundings in which the drug is taken. All of the above are correct. Studies continually show that the majority of young drug users come from homes in which drugs are liberally used.

Asians have the second highest rate of illicit drug use. Alcohol High blood pressure, arrhythmia, and cirrhosis are symptoms for the chronic use of what drug? EAP or Employee Assistance Program was designed to remove individuals who posed a threat to the stability of a company because of their addictions. Taking drugs without a prescription to treat a health problem or illness, such as the use of amphetamines by truckers, is termed illegal recreational use.

The main stages of drug dependence include relief, dependency, and addiction. Panpathogen refers to the widespread use of a drug. Holistic self-awareness approach emphasizes a healthy balance among mind, body, and spirit. The four principal factors affecting how a drug user experiences a drug include: pharmacological, cultural, social, and contextual factors. MDMA is a designer drug known to have both stimulant and hallucinogenic properties.

Deviant behavior Which of the following is not a characteristic of substance dependence? Laboratory animals would prefer to deliver direct stimulation to the pleasure center of the brain in place of eating, drinking, and engaging in sex. Physical dependence is the mental inability to stop using drugs. Users believe it improves work performance.

Which of the following is not a major reason why people use drugs? Labeling Theory This theory emphasizes that other people's perceptions directly influence one's self- image. In sociology, charismatic leaders are perceived as possessing status and power that is distinct. A criminal record is a public record and can be acquired by employers and other community members. Females from divorced families whose parent s have remarried often have higher rates of drug use.

Drug users are less likely to participate in social organizations and engage in team sport activities. Millions use or even occasionally abuse drugs without compromising their basic health. Freud said that drug use fulfills insecurities that stem from parenting inadequacies. Any type of delinquent or deviant behavior associated with drug use usually occurs before one has experimented with drugs.

Introversion largely refers to how drug-induced behavior is outwardly manifested. High-risk drug choices are responsible for developing attitudes and values that lead to habitual and addictive drug use. Character traits that often lead to options trading delta neutral yellows abuse such as insecurity and vulnerability may be genetically determined. Education about drug abuse based on scare tactics is not likely to dissuade adolescents from experimenting with drugs. The least addictive and least regulated of the substances are classified as Schedule I.

Use of methadone prevents the cravings options trading delta neutral yellows severe withdrawal routinely associated with breaking the heroin habit. The Narcotic Drug Import and Export Act of intends to eliminate the use of narcotics except for medical and other legitimate purposes. Inoculation is a strategy that attempts to decrease individuals' tendency to use drugs, with emphasis on reformulating values and behaviors.

Drug courts are designed to deal with violent, drug-abusing offenders. Normal dietary consumption of pastries containing poppy seeds is sufficient to cause a positive urine test for the narcotic, cocaine. Testosterone Which of the following is most similar to the anabolic steroids often abused by athletes? Adrenaline is classified as an anabolic steroid. Select the incorrect statement concerning the adrenal glands. Dopamine Which of the following neurotransmitters is metabolized by the enzyme monoamine oxidase MAO?

Anabolic steroids are compounds chemically like the steroids that stimulate production of tissue mass. Norepinephrine and epinephrine receptors are separated into the categories of alpha and beta. Anabolic hormones have negative CNS effects. Association cortex What part of the brain has developed most in the evolutionary process? Neurons usually communicate with each other by releasing hormones. Drugs that are agonists keep the receptor from being activated.

Select the incorrect statement concerning receptors in the nervous system. Dopamine Which of the following neurotransmitters is classified as a catecholamine? High doses of testosterone have been proven to increase muscle size and strength. The amino acid tyrosine is converted into serotonin in the brain.

According to the degree of their medical effects on the body. The word hypnotics comes from which Options trading delta neutral yellows God? The Greek God of sleep, Hypnos. True or False: A larger dose of a sedative may have a hypnotic effect? True What is the difference between a sedative and a hypnotic? The dosage Put the effects of depressants in order of dosage. Sedation, Hypnosis, Anesthesia, Coma, and Death. Inadvertent overdose Why does coma or death ensue if the dose of a depressant is increased?

Because the CNS becomes so depressed that vital centers controlling breathing and heart activity cease to function properly. As a group, continuous use of a CNS depressant can cause what? Tolerance Users who become tolerant to a CNS depressant begin to do what? Dependence When a chronically dependent use of a CNS depressant is suddenly stopped in abstinence, what can result? Sever withdrawals that include life-threatening seizures.

Why are not all CNS depressants created equal? Some have wider margins for safety; others have a greater potential for non medical abuse. Name eight types of CNS depressants. Benzodiazepines, barbiturates, Options trading delta neutral yellows Hydrate, Ethchlorvynhol, Glutethimide, Methypryion, Methaqualone, and antihistamines. Which drug brands can contain benzodiazepines? Xanx, Halcion, Ativan, and diazepam. What was the first benzodiazepine?

Librium which was developed for medical use and marketed around What other drug that was introduced at the same time as Librium is still one of the top 20 drugs prescribed in options trading delta neutral yellows US? What classification are benzodiazepines and why? They are a Schedule IV because of dependence issues. Name some of the medical uses for benzoiazepines. Anxiety, lower-back pain, induction of sleep, relief from withdrawal symptoms associated with narcotic and alcohol dependence, and it is used for amnesia for very uncomfortable medical procedures.

What does benzodiazepine act on in the body to take effect? Receptors for the neurotransmitter gamma-aminobutryic acid GABA. A inhibitory transmitter found in the limbic system, the reticular activating system, and the motor cortex. How many benzodiazepine compounds are available in the US? Short-acting drugs may last for a few hours with little side effects while long-acting drugs can last up to two to three days.

What are the side effects of benzodiazepines? Drowsiness, lightheadedness, lethargy, impairment of mental and physical activities, skin rashes, nausea, diminished libido, irregularities in the menstrual cycle, blood cell abnormalities, and increased sensitivity to alcohol and other CNS depressants. REM sleep the restive phase of sleep associated with dreaming Paradoxical an unexpected effect What are some of benzodiazepines paradoxical effects?

Nightmares, anxiety, irritability, sweating, and restlessness. Rarely included are the effects of hostility, paranoia, and rage. What is the theory of why paradoxical effects occur in in some benzoidezpine drugs? That the drug masks inhibitory centers of the brain and allows expression of antisocial behavior that is normally suppressed and controlled.

In how many countries has the benzoidezpine drug Halcion been banned? Withdrawal of the drug can mimic the condition for which the benzoidezprine is given. The physician may suggest resuming the drug treatment without realizing that the patient has become drug dependent. What are the life-threatening withdrawal symptoms of using high doses of benzoidezprine drugs for a long period of time?

Depression, panic, paranoia, and convulsions. Describe the symptoms of withdrawal for long-terms users of benzoidezprines who stop taking the drug abruptly? If they had a history of drug abuse. Otherwise it is not common for a patient to exhibit such behavior. What percent of alcoholics use benzoidezprines chronically? Barbituric acid was synthesized by A. Bayer of the aspirin in Germany in What first barbiturate was used medically and when?

Barbital Veronal in Why are the named barbiturates end in an -al? Because of the chemical relationship to barbital. Name the pattern exhibited by barbiturates that is similar to the effects of alcohol. A state of acute or chronic intoxication, loss of inhibition, euphoria and behavioral stimulation. What are the side effects of barbiturates?

Delirium, nausea, nervousness, rash, diarrhea, trouble thinking and making judgments, emotional instability, un-coordination, and difficulty walking and slurred speech. Describe the unnatural sleep caused by barbiturates when used for their hypnotic qualities. The user awakens feeling tired, edgy, and quite unsatisfied. Why does the person taking the barbiturates for hypnotic purposes experience unnatural sleep. Most likely because the drug suppresses the REM phase of sleep.

List the effects of barbiturates on the body and mind in level of dosage ranging from low dose to high dose. Decreased anxiety, relaxation Trouble with coordination Amnesia Sleep Depressed breathing Brain introducer broker forex 4x Coma unconscious and cannot be awakened Depressed blood pressure Death What barbiturates are considered a Schedule II drug?

Pentobarbital and secobarbital What barbiturates are considered a Schedule IV drug? Phenobarbital What are the pharmacological actions of barbiturates on the body? They depress the nerves and skeletal, smooth, and cardiac muscles, blood pressure, heart rate, urine flow, and impact the CNS in several ways ranging in how high the dosage is. Describe the action mechanism of barbiturates. Barbiturates do not seem to act at a specific receptor site.

Describe the elimination process of barbiturates. Barbiturates are eliminated through the kidneys at varying rates. The rate of removal depends primarily on how quickly the barbiturate is metabolized in the liver to a fat-insoluble metabolite. Excretion of barbiturates is faster when the urine is alkaline, which can be manipulated to treat barbiturate poisoning. What is most likely to happen if a barbiturate is higher in soluble fat? What are to two types of tolerance to occur when barbiturates are taken repeatedly at short intervals?

Enzyme stimulation increases metabolism of the barbiturate, which means an increase in the average does is required to achieve the same pharmacological effect. Neurons in the CNS adapt to the barbiturate; this response can also result in cross-tolerance to other CNS depressants and causes barbiturate addicts to become resistant to other general depressants, including alcohol. How long does it take to become physically dependent on a barbiturate?

How many daily milligrams of phenobarbital or secobarbital can be taken for a year before physical dependence occurs? Blues, blue heavens, and blue devils Nickname for Pentobarbital Nemutal Nembies, yellow jackets, and yellows. Nickname for Phenobarbital Luminal Purple hearts Nickname for Secobarbital Seconal Reds, red devils, red birds, and Seccy. Effects of Amobarbital Moderately rapid action; duration of hours; takes minutes for effect.

Effects of Pentobarbital Short acting; dose of mg is usually sufficient to induce sleep; for true hypnosis, as littke as mg is sufficient for hours of fretful sleep without much hangover; will cause euphoria and excitation at first, so it is abused. Effects of Secobarbital Short acting with a prompt onset of action; usally lasts under 3 hours and is commonly abused to produced intoxication and euphoria by blocking inhibitions. Effects of Tuinal Results in a rapidly effective, moderately long-acting sedative; sedative dose is around 50 mg; hypnotic dose is mg.

What kinds of OTC products contain CNS depressant actions? Cold and allergy medications Why are non-barbiturate drugs called non-barbiturate drugs? Non-barbiturate drugs act like barbiturates. They include several drugs that are unrelated but produce CNS depressant effects. Non-barbiturate drugs are classified as what schedule? Knock-out drops What reputation does Chloral Hydrate have? Of being a Emini Stock Index Futures Daytrading Course that is slipped into a persons drink to make them unconscious.

What is the name of the combination of alcohol and Chloral Hydrate? Mickey Finn Give the brief history of the "Mickey Finn". The history of the Mickey Finn began on the waterfront of the Barbery Coast of San Francisco. The name came from the local bar, Mickey Finn because unsuspected men would fall victim to having a friendly drink only to wake up to find themselves made sailors on a outbound freighter ship to China.

It is metabolized to trichoroethanol; an active hypnotic agent. What are the side effects of Ethchlorvynol? Facial numbness, blurred vision, nausea, dizziness, gastric upset, and skin rash. How much of Ethclorvynol can cause death? Doriden Name the side effects of Glutethimide. Similar side effects to Ethclorvynol plus, it induces blood abnormalities in sensitive individuals such as those with anemia or especially low white blood counts, What side effects does Glutethimide have on children?

Paradoxical excitement What effects does Glutethimide have on those taking it regularly on moderate doses? Nausea, fever, increased heart rate, and convulsions. What has occurred during untreated symptoms of Methyprylon? Death Give a brief history of Methaqualone. It is a barbiturate-like sedative-hypnotic that was introduced in India in the 's as an antimalarial agent. What is Methaqualone known as in the US?

Quaalude, Meguin, and Parest. How is Methaqualone classified? Schedule II Since when has Options trading delta neutral yellows not been manufactured in the US? Ludes, Sopores, and 's. Which countries import methaqualone? Columbia, Mexico, and Canada. What are the side effects of Methaqualone? Fatigue, dizziness, anorexia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sweating, dryness of the mouth, depersonalization, headache, paresethesia of the extremities pins and needles and hangover.

How much of Methaqualone can cause a coma? Death; alcohol; sedative-hypnotics What effects occur in severe overdoes case of Methaqualone? Delirium, restlessness, muscle spasms, and convulsions. What withdrawal symptoms occur with Methaqualone? Insomnia, abdominal cramps, headaches, anorexia, nightmares, and grand options trading delta neutral yellows convulsions.

Drugs used both on non-prescription and prescription medicines. How are antihistamines commonly used? To relieve symptoms associated with the common cold, allergies, and motion sickness. Anticholinergic Antagonizing the activity of acetycholine receptors Wat are the annoying side effects of antihistamines when being used to treat allergies and the like? Dry mouth, constipation, and inability to urinate. Decreased alertness, slowed reaction time, and drowsiness.

What are the paradoxical side effects of antihistamines? Restlessness, agitation, and insomnia. Three, month period Briefly state the criteris for "substance dependence disorder". Needs an increased amount of the substance. Withdrawal encourages continued use. Consumed larger amounts over longer time period. Unable to decrease or options trading delta neutral yellows use. More time spent obtaining substance. Daily activities revolve around use. Withdrawal from daily activities.

Continued use despite medical problems. What may cause someone to abuse CNS depressants? Personal emotional stress and underlying personal problems. For exhilaration and euphoria. To counteract side effects of other drugs. Detoxification Elimination of a toxic substance When is detoxification determined to be the next step on abstinence? Only after sever dependence has developed. What is the general objective of detoxification? To eliminate drug dependence in a safe manner while minimizing discomfort thereof.

What is the best approach to treating severe dependence on sedative-hypnotics? Substitution What supportive measures are included in detoxification? Vitamins, restoration of electrolytes, and prevention of dehydration. Antihistamines are generally considered safe drugs True Low doses of CNS depressants can cause sedative effects and relaxation True Antihistamines are commonly used as OTC sleep aids True The effects of the CNS depressants tend to be dose dependent; therefor, a high dose of a sedative has a hypnotic effect True Antihistamines are sometimes used as sedatives True Benzodiazepines do not significantly interact with other CNS depressants False During the 's and 's, approximately twice as many women took depressants as men True Barbiturates can distort mood and impair judgement and motor skills True Most people that become dependent on the benzodiazepines get them illegally True It usually is best to rapidly withdraw benzodiazepines from persons who have become physically dependent on these drugs False Because of the potential for GHB abuse, this substance has been scheduled by the DEA True Amnesia is a state of deep depression of the CNS, and is characterized by controlled unconsciousness False Many individuals who are dependent on depressants acquire them by prescription True All sedative-hypnotics can produce severe physical dependence True Benzodiazepines and barbiturates are sometimes used to treat seizures True On rare occasions, benzodiazepines can produce paradoxical effects such as anxiety or bizarre behavior True In high doses, some CNS depressants can cause anesthesia True Some side effects of benzodiazepine-type drugs are drowsiness, nausea, and diminished libido True Phenobarbital is sometimes used in the treatment of severe dependence on sedative-hypnotic True Sympathomimetics are usually the active ingredient included in OTC sleep aids False Dependence or abuse rarely develops when using antihistamines True GHB has been used in Europe to treat alcoholism True Short-acting benzodiazepines are suited to treating persistent problems such as anxiety and stress True A person who is physically dependent on barbiturates can experience seizures if drug use is stopped abruptly True Prolonged use of hypnotic doses of benzodiazepines can cause insomnia if the drug is stopped True incorrect statement?

Cough suppresant which of the following statements concerning benzodiazepines is incorrect? Bayer a CNS depressant often used to relieve anxiety is a sedative drugs administered using which of the following methods can enter the blood almost as quickly as intravenous injection inhalation what drug is most commonly combined with heroin? Compulsion Preoccupation with a behaviour and an overwhelming need to perform it Obsession Preoccupation with a behaviour and an overwhelming need to perform it Loss of control Inability to predict reliably whether a particular instance of involvement with an addictive substance or behaviour will be healthy or damaging Negative consequences Physical damage, legal trouble, financial ruin, academic failure, family dissolution and other sever problems which do not occur with healthy involvement in any behaviour Denial Inability to perceive or accurately interpret the self-destructive effects of an addictive behaviour Habit A repeated behaviour in which the repetition may be unconscious Codependence A self-defeating relationship pattern in which a person helps or encourages addictive behaviour in another Enablers A person who knowingly or unknowingly protects an addict from the consequences of the addict's behaviour Process addiction A condition in which a person is dependent on addicted to some mood-altering behaviour or process, such as gambling, buying or exercise.

Exercise addict A person who always works out alone, following the same rigid pattern; exercises for more than two hours daily, repeatedly and when sick or injured; focuses on weight loss or calories burned; exercises to the point of pain and beyond; and skips work, class or social activities for workouts. Drugs Nonfood, non-nutritional substances that are intended to affect the structure or function of the mind or body through chemical action Drug misuse Use of a drug for a purpose for which it was not intended Drug abuse Excessive use of any drug Neurotransmitter A chemical that relays messages between nerve cells or from nerve ends to other body cells.

Dopamine A chemical neurotransmitter Prescription drugs Can be attained only with a prescription from a licensed physician or dentist OTC drugs Can be purchased without a prescription sleep aids, cold medicine, diet pills Recreational drugs Generally, these mostly legal drugs contain chemicals which help people relax or socialise. Positive expectation Genetics and family history Previous substance use Mental health problems Unhealthy social network Why don't some students take drugs?

The combined use of these two drugs may be a major factor in drug related problems and death in emergency rooms. TRUE Everyone does NOT respond the same to a given dose of a drug. TRUE Hormones are regulatory chemicals released by glands. FALSE The limbic system in the brain helps to regulate emotional activities and memory. TRUE The principal forms of drug administration include which of the following?

TRUE The two principal systems that help human beings maintain homeostasis are the nervous system and the endocrine system. TRUE The unpleasant effect that occurs when use of a drug is stopped is called: withdrawal What kind of drug effect occurs when one drug cancels or blocks the effect of another? Includes the brain spinal cord and all the neurons that connect to organs and tissues of the body. Axons extension of the neuronal cell body along which electrochemical signals travels Receptors special proteins in a membrane that are activated by natural sub.

Drugs abuse that influence this neurotransmitter are LSD, ECTASTY Acetycholine Neurotransmitter that has excites and inhibits, causes mild euphoria, excitation, insomnia, and drug abuse that influence this neurotransmitter are tobacco and nicotine Endorphins Neurotransmitter that inhibits and causes mild euphoria and block pain. Reticular activating system is an area of the brain that receives input from all sensory systems and cerebral cortex. It is found at the junction of the spinal cord and brain.

Suppress RAS activity and causing sleepiness ex. Modulation of basic hypothalamic functionsand activities such as mating, procreation and caring for young. It speeds up both h. Companies were required to file applications with the government showing that new drugs were safe. Drug labels had to list all ingredients as well as provide instructions regarding correct use and warning about its dangers.

Also, drug labels had to list all ingredients as well as provide instructions regarding correct use and warning signs george fontanills options trading house its dangers. True True or false - The amended Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires that all new drugs be registered with and approved by the FDA Preclinical Research and Development Initial synthesis and animal testing take place during which regulatory step for new prescription drugs?

Clinical research and development This regulatory step for new prescription drug has 3 phases 1 Initial clinical stage 2 Clinical pharmacological evaluation stage 3 Extended clinical evaluation Initial clinical stage Options trading delta neutral yellows numbers of volunteerstypically healthy people but sometimes patients are recruited to establish drug safety and dosage ranges for effective treatment and examine side effects Clinical pharmacological evaluation stage The effects of the drug are tested to eliminate investigator bias and to determine side effects and effectiveness of the treatment.

A few patients with the medical problem the drug is intended to treat participate in these studies. The FDA can allow the drug to be marketed under its patented name. Prescription Drug User Fee Act of This law requires drug manufacturers to pay fees to the FDA for the evaluation of NDAs. Congress required the FDA to use these fees to hire more reviewers to expedite the drug review process. Use must have been relatively high during the time it was used by prescription 3.

If a person abuses a drug should he or she be treated as a criminal or sick person, how is the user distinguished from the pusher and who should be harshly punished, are laws and associated penalties effective reasons to reject drug or abuse and how is their effectiveness determined What are the three principal issues influencing laws regarding substance abuse?

If a person abuses a drug should he or she be treated as a criminal or sick person, 2. Are laws and associated penalties effective reasons to reject drug or abuse and how is their effectiveness determined Supply reduction, inoculation, demand reduction,drug courts What are 4 strategies for preventing drug abuse? Supply reduction A drug reduction policy aimed at reducing the supply of illegal belajar forex mb trading trailing and controlling other therapeutic drugs.

They hold offenders accountable for their actions and provides them with support and tools necessary to rebuild their lives and become productive members of the community Drug courts A process that integrates substance abuse treatment, incentives, and sanctions and places nonviolent, drug involved defendants in judicially supervise rehabilitation programs. Experimenters, compulsive, floaters chippers Experimenter drug users Peer Pressure What is the principal federal agency responsible for enforcing drug abuse regulations?

Drug Enforcement Agency DEA What are common communicable diseases that spread through contaminated needle sharing? Accommodation workers, food options trading delta neutral yellows workers, and construction workers what are the factors that cause the change from drug use to abuse? Motive options trading delta neutral yellows drug use is what changes from use to abuse along with amount What proportion of drug users work full time?

Pleasure, stress relief, forget problems, relaxation, relieve pain, fit in with peers What is tolerance? Need for increased usage Compare the moral model and disease model of addiction Poor morals options trading delta neutral yellows lifestyle leads to bad choices such as drug addiction Disease model is a belief that addiction is both chronic and progressive, and that the drug user does not have control over the use and abuse of the drug.

What risk factors especially apply to adolescent drug use? Options trading delta neutral yellows in the body that transmit signals from neurons to target cells How does the American Psychiatric Association classify severe drug dependence? As a form of psychiatric disorder What are extroversion options trading delta neutral yellows introversion? Drug use is a learned behavior. The people you surround yourself with influence you as well as the environment you put yourself in.

Repeating behaviors until they become habits or established Describe Sensation Seekers These individuals continually search for new or novel thrills in their experiences, and are known to have a relentless desire to pursue physical and psychological stimulation often involving dangerous behavior What are primary factors responsible for drug use?

Pharmacological: affect on body, ingredient interaction with body and nervous system Social: reason why drug is used self-medicating, etc. Contextual: physical surroundings affect drug use Cultural: societal views, customs and traditions Describe psychological theories vs. Initial clinical stage- small group of people test effective dosage ranges and establish drug safety Clinical pharmacological evaluation stage- eliminate investigator bias determine side effects and effectiveness of treatment Extended clinical evaluation stage- thousands of patients are given drug through clinics and physicians what is the Switching Policy?

Changing a prescription drug to an over-the-counter drug, drug must have been used as prescription for at least 3 years, high use while a prescription, and side effects low and not dangerous What is the Fast Track Policy? Applied to testing certain drugs for rare cancers, AIDS, etc. Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act of What are the controlled substance schedules? Cutting off or destroying supplies of illicit drugs What is a demand reduction strategy? Reduce the amount of demand for a drug what act allowed the manufacturer to determine whether a drug was to be labeled prescription or nonprescription?

Durham-Humphrey Amendment to the Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed in response to what even? Killing of people with Elixir Sulfanilamide What is the Durham-Humphrey Amendment and what did it establish? Part-time In chapter 1, which of the following is not a factor specifically listed as affecting how a user experiences a drug? TRUE In contrast to centuries ago, today's drug dependence mainly refers to only psychological preoccupation.

Homeostasis Select the incorrect statement concerning receptors in the nervous system drugs that are agonists keep the receptor from being activated Select the incorrect statement. For the most part, drugs of abuse decrease the activity of the dopamine in the limbic system Select the incorrect statement concerning the hypothalamus. Because it is isolated, drugs of abuse are less likely to affect the hypothalamus than other brain areas Which of the following effects is least likely to be caused by a sympathomimetic drug?

Slowed heart rate Least likely to be caused by abusing anabolic steroids sedation and mellowing of temper Hormones are chemical messengers used by neurons to communicate with each other FALSE Natural chemicals produced by the body can cause the same effects as narcotic drugs TRUE Both major activity and mental state are usually altered by drugs that affect the neurotransmitter dopamine TRUE Limbic system in the brain helps regulate memory and emotional activities TRUE Which of the following could contribute to individual variability in drug responses?

Which of the following terms best describes this phenomenon? Duration of action of drugseverity of dependence, nature of drug Many individuals who are dependent on depressants begin using them under the supervision of a physician. TRUE Some side effects of benzodiazepine-type drugs are lethargy, nausea, diminished libido, and skin rashes. TRUE Not all sedative-hypnotics can produce physical dependence. FALSE Withdrawal from long-acting CNS depressants is less intense than withdrawal from short-acting.

Excessive weight gain Incorrect statement alc contains more calories per gram than fat Sometime in their lives, almost 70 percent of all Americans will be involved in an alcohol-related traffic accident. Drunken component Which of the following statements are true? TRUE Disinhibition refers to the depression of cerebral cortex functioning, resulting in a suspension of rational or thoughtful constraints on behavior.

TRUE Illicit steroids are most commonly smuggled from abroad, produced in the U. Disease model, character or personality predisposition model, double wall of encapsulation What are four major models of addiction? Moral Model Poor morals and lifestyle; a choice; Ex. The belief that people abuse alcohol because they choose to do so Disease Model A belief that addiction is both chronic and progressive, and that the drug user does not have control over the use and abuse of the drug Ex.

Labeling theory, subculture theory, social learning theory Structural influence theories theories that view organization of a society peer group or subculture as directly responsible for drug use Control theories Believe that if people are left without attachments bonds to other groups family, peers, social institutions they have a tendency to deviate from expected cultural values, norms and attitudes Socialization the growth and development process responsible for learning how to become a responsible functioning human being Structural influence theories Macroscopic theories-how elements in the organization of a society, group or subculture affect the motivation and resulting drug use behavior how the organization of social structure affects drug use Control theory Explains how influences outside the self affect drug use and the importance of maintaining bonds to members and groups in society.

If people are without bonds, the tendency is to deviate from conventional societal values and norms Containment theory Socialization process either creates strong or weak internal and external control systems Low risk drug choices Developing values and attitudes that lead to controlling the use of alcohol and drugs - self monitoring your drug use behavior and abstinence High risk drug choices Developing values and attitudes that lead to using drugs both habitually and addictively - ex.

TRUE An essential feature of substance dependence is continued use despite significant substance-related problems. TRUE At various times, drug dependence has been considered a an all of the choices Because of its similarities to mental illness, the American Psychiatric Association has classified severe drug dependence as a form of psychiatric disorder Drug abuse is influenced by multiple factors that could include: all of the choices Drugs that are said to initiate one into a drug culture and lead to the use of other, "harder" drugs are often referred to as gateway drugs Hallucinogens often affect the sense s involved options trading delta neutral yellows all of the choices High blood pressure, arrhythmia, and cirrhosis are symptoms for the chronic use of what drug?

TRUE Physical dependence is the mental inability to stop using drugs. FALSE Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of substance dependence? Puerto Ricans Which of the two popular views best reflect the long established relationship between drug use and crime? Criminal behavior develops as a mean to support addiction B. HIV, hepatitis Which of the following is not a common test for drug use? Legal recreational Which of the following is not classified as a narcotic drug? Seven Which of the following is not one of the phases of addiction?

Demand reduction strategy The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was passed in response to which of the following events? Durham-Humphrey Amendment of What drug was used in Europe as a sedative for pregnant women? Switching True or false? The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act divided substances with abuse potential into categories based on the degree of their options trading delta neutral yellows potential and their clinical usefulness True True or false?

Homeostasis Anabolic steroids have been classified in which of the following schedules of the Controlled Substance Act? III Select the incorrect statement for the most part, drugs of abuse decrease the activity of dopamine in the limbic system Select the incorrect statement concerning the adrenal glands. Neurons Which of the following brain regions is most likely to directly regulate the endocrine systems? Rebound effect Which of the following interactions best describes the analgesic effect when aspirin is combined with acetaminophen?

IV Phenobarbital is classified in which of the following Schedules? Delta Which of the following occurred because of Prohibition? Alcohol diminished the first 2 or 3 yrs B. Enforcement of law was thwarted by corrupt law enforcement officials C. Jefferson's Which of the following would have most likely been a promoter of the temperance movement?

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