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Posted by: Andreas Clenow. It should try to quantify or visualize a concept that makes sense and is easily explainable. Mostly I use very simple indicators. The most basic of indicators can be very helpful if used rightly. This is not news to anyone who studied this field. The money is in the fat tails, the run-away success trades that make up for many small losing positions. Losing most of the time is simply the cost of doing business as a trend follower.

But, what if you could exploit this phenomenon? Think about robert hill metatrader 4 quadrant a classic trend following model works. Try to find weaknesses to exploit. Look robert hill metatrader 4 quadrant the points that cause pain to trend followers. Why are we talking robert hill metatrader 4 quadrant trend following kryptonite? Getting stuck in the trenches like Apple vs. Most approaches have valid elements and you can construct profitable trading strategies from many starting points, so why limit yourself to one approach?

There are still pure trend followers around, but they are becoming an endangered species. Sure, most of the returns in the billion dollar CTA industry comes from trend following. Most CTA funds however incorporate multiple systematic strategies, always looking for new alpha and models qusdrant low correlation to the existing portfolio.

So when do trend followers suffer? On sharp trend pullbacks of course. But what if we could metatradef and measure trend following pain? Perhaps we can find a way to enter trades just as many trend followers are forced out? Most trend following models are very metartader. The source code and rule set might appear different, but they all tend to buy and sell around the same time. Those of you who bought my book know how such a system might look.

You did book my book right.? Oh come, just buy it! Sorry for the spoiler. The stop logic is key here. What if we made an indicator that measures how many ATR units we are from the recent peak? What kind of mehatrader name is The Clenow Day trading forex live review for an indicator? The input numbers can of course be changed as you please.

When the reading is around 3, many medium term trend followers are exiting. The most obvious way to use the Plunger is for entries. At least not in this post… This indicator can be used for entries into both counter trend and trend models, depending on how you want to handle your exit strategy. Note in these charts how the Plunger spikes up during pullbacks, just as it should. It measures the extend of the pullback on a normalized basis. In essence, it measured trend following pain levels.

This can be traded in a few quadrajt ways of course. Having a good entry point is only part of making a complete trading model. I might have mentioned before that I now publish a weekly futures analytical newsletter. Apart from covering a wide range of cross asset futures markets every week, I also do a special issue once a month. I create basic Metastock formula but there are no color changes. Could you please help me where can I find Hikl formula of this indicator with color changes?

Or could you have a very simple trend following system that IS absolute, with a profit taking or counter trend module with a relative feature set without over fitting? Try to keep is simple in concept. Sometimes you need a complex method of implementing a simple concept. One thing you can do to reduce complexity is to use multiple trading models, designed to work together. Instead of one model that scales in and out, trades trend breakouts, reduces on overbought etc, you can use different models for different things.

A few simple models that together accomplish the same thing. Then you can keep the logic simpler and analyze every component by itself. I found that the real alchemy with this kind rovert entry is how you pair it up with a given exit strategy and filter. Could this be termed a mean reversion model as well. Seems counter trend and mean reversion go hand in hand sort of. Yes, you could call it mean reversion if you like. Getting Started with Python ihll Finance.

Why I Left a Comfortable Management Career. Roberg Started with Python Modeling — Making an Equity Momentum Model. A Very Different Kind of Trend Model. RightEdge Automation and Reporting. A good indicator is based on sound logic. The Plight of the Trend Followers. Turtle is not amused. Beware of the plunges. It's really quite simple. Current ; Andreas Clenow.

Previous: A Counter Trend Concept Next: Plunge Entry Models. As ever, thanks for sharing. Does anyone have this indicator built in the metastock format that they could share. I am interested in Fx markets and try some systems which I find useful. I found Amibroker formula of your Clenow Plunger indicator. Thanks for your interest…. As ever, it all depends on stuff. Is it good enough?

Secondly, can this concept be applied to the stocks too? The indicator works well for stocks too. Stocks on the Move. State of Trend Following. Looking forward to meeting there, Rob. I've just arrived here in NYC. Sign up for the FREE Clenow Research Newsletter! Current ; Remember me.

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