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Notice how the 1-minute shows less information. This is the perfect time to give you and your family the perfect Halloween treat that is designed to deliver higher financial returns for the rest of your investing life. Once I was introduced to trading, there was no other option. Five Option Plays for Any Market Condition. Get live updates as we prepare to enter and then exit the trade. That there are unknowns is absolutely true.

Current Plays and Ideas. CBOE Index Settlement Values. Economic Calendar Option Pros:. Users tagged with 'Options Pro' flair have demonstrated considerable knowledge on option trading. Some have professional experience, but the tag does not specifically mean they are professional traders. Lately I've been day trading weekly options on the SPY, and I'm trying to better understand some of the basic indicators: RSI and MACD. I'm using the spy options day trading king chart.

Today, I waited until the RSI dipped below 30 and for a bullish crossover in the MACD lines, and then bought I thought that the combination of those signals meant the SPY was ready to move up! Spoiler alert: it didn't. As I look at the chart now, the MACD lines keep crossing over but staying under the 0 level, and the RSI rises a bit up to around 40ish and then falls back towards Can someone who knows what they're doing tell me how I am misinterpreting this?

I'm trying not to end up living in a cardboard box on some street, but if that were my goal, I'd say I was off to a good start! If the RSI went below 30, and the corresponding MACD crossover happened, why wouldn't I see a gradual increase in the RSI until it hit 70 and was ready to come back down? If anyone could 1. Tell me what I'm doing wrong, and 2. Give everyone here a free ride on my future yacht, or at the very least, invite you to my cardboard home for a cup of rainwater.

So you're more likely to go shopping cardboard at STAPLE any time soon. They're good for an estimate, but for your day trading activity, I don't know what your past performance looks like. RSI is entirely dependent on the duration you're looking at. I don't know how reliable they are when you squeeze into 1 minute. Do you have any recommendations for other indicators that might be helpful here?

My goal here is to develop a strategy that depends more on the short-term activity minutes than the overall trend of the stock for the week. I'm also trying to get my feet wet. A few years ago I geeked out pretty hard on chart reading and everything. I never actually used it, but after so much studying it started to feel like a science. Is it possible you have done the equivalent of studying all putty cmd options quadrant right plays in single deck blackjack as well as how to count cards, then went to a table and waited for that perfect moment for the big bet, and the cards still came out shit?

Everything got smacked down a bit today. Good you're using TV, it's amazing. Now, you are using regular RSI and MACD which are two of the most basic TA ones. Not saying they are useless, but they are not very effective. One of the problems with regular RSI is when it enters oversold or overbought, it doesn't tell you anything besides the fact that there is a lot of bearish or bullish pressure, respectively.

The RSI can cross 70 and then go to 80, 90, and stick there for HOURS. If you enter a short once RSI breaks 70, you will get fucked. Now, some say to enter the short when RSI enters 70, and then breaks again. The same problem is for when RSI is oversold. MACD is pretty good, but the standard settings TV gives are the standard settings everyone recommends.

I don't like those settings. You can experiment and see what you like. Personally, I think you should add the, 50, 20 and 10 SMA on your chart and use that instead. Learn how SMAs work, and how trade signals are formed MA crossover, price crossover, MA stacking, etc. I'm new af to this. You are not misinterpreting it. You spy options day trading king getting FALSE positive signals from TA, which is very common.

It'll work sometimes and sometimes it won't. This system will give too many false positives. I would suggest using stoch RSI for sure over regular RSI. Stochastic momentum index is good but nearly the same thing as stochastic RSI. Learning how to use SMAs is KEY for trading SPY, in my opinion. This will come from only experience.

Also, look into multi-leg options strategies such as spreads and condors for SPY income generation. Limited risk, but also limited reward. This will not work for swing plays - using fundamentals is better there. Sometimes if I'm not confident in a trade, I'll put in a trailing stop loss very rare. If you can't be profitable with 1D then you are only going to be loosing money faster on intraday. By signing up, you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy and Content Policy.

Log in or sign up in seconds. You won't spy options day trading king able to vote or comment. SPY Weekly Options help self. RSI, in my opinion, is not a reliable indicator, let alone together with MACD. My experience tells me that 3 months is the best you can ever get close to the trend. Five minute chart is king. Watch 1 and 3 min to time entry however. I don't think trading SPY just on RSI and MACD is effective.

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Introduction to Day Trading SPY Options

SPY Indicators Day Trading the SPY using Calls and Puts. With the price of the vertical so low, we don't use stops. Basically the price of the option is its own stop. Learn how to day trade SPY weekly options Join us and see how we’ve averaged over 82% weekly return Day Trading SPY weekly Options . Friday Option Trader. SPY Weekly Options help Lately I've been day trading weekly options on the SPY, Five minute chart is king.

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