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It gives you a false sense of security, and then the ball is on you and it's exploding. Lee, said later, Paul Tillich was, "as a scholar, a one-man theological. Banished as soon as Tsunade is brought back to The Leaf, Naruto is at a loss of what to do. Oh the places you'll go Sign Dr. He has disappeared for 11 years. Circa [ x ] The ironclad turret ship HMS Devastation cal the Royal Navy.

She's named after today's Google Doodle tribute, R. Admiral lower Grace Hopper, who created the first computer code compiler and revolutionized the way we think of programming language [x] 'America's Flagship,' the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan CVN 76 Sails in front of Iwo Jima. Aerial view of battleship moorings at Pearl Harbor on the southern side of Ford Island, 10 Decembershowing damage from the Japanese raid three days previous.

Add'l info in comments. Designed to blow out burning oil wells. Launched in from Norway, she battled her way through pack ice until trapped by ice and sunk in The aircraft has been refitted with a Bristol Mercury XV engine and three-blade Hamilton Standard variable-pitch propeller salvaged from a Blenheim. Bush CVN underway in a tight turn to port while conducting training and completing qualifications in preparation for a deployment.

Officially known as the US Tide Predicting Machine No. Heavy cruiser USS Los Angeles CA receives vital guard mail put call option on bonds 601st a destroyer. Drawing, Colored Pencil on Paper. I'm going to ram this one. We'll see each other in Valhalla. When I worked at the int'l airport x Just a shell Well half of a shell. August 24, USS Helena CA 75 fires her 8' to cover the withdraw of The 3rd Republic of Korea Division, encircled while fighting a delaying action near Yonghae, on the east coast of Korea [x] Falklands Friday Triumph expressed in the form of a photograph.

HMS Invincible returns from the Falklands. Three Val dive-bombers would cripple USS Midway before being sunk by Japanese Submarine I on June 7th, At the time, her northernmost Korea War combat mission. Here's a test: SMS Hindenburg. The world's oldest naval ship still in commission. The battle was so embarrassing the Spanish captain asked for a letter certifying he conducted himself honorably. Steel Duquesne Works, PA, [x] 17th century merchant ship cut in half [xpx] 18 cylinder radial engine used to power the Hawker Sea Fury [x] I am guessing the location is Gibraltar.

In the background left is a R class battleship, probably HMS Ramillies. The closest destroyer is HMS Blanche HB Class. She became the first RN destroyer lost in WW2 when she struck a mine in November, The heart of the Porsche Turbo-Panzer. A twin turbocharged air-cooled, mechanically fuel injected, DOHC flat In qualifying trim the engine produced HP. This car utterly destroyed its competition in and led to the folding of the Can-Am sportscar series. I Raise You a Super Island [x] 2,pound Mark 8 'Super Heavy' shells waiting to be loaded into the magazine of battleship USS Iowa BB [1,x2,] 2.

Steel Homestead Works, Press Shop No. These tubes proved to be very difficult to use and inaccurate; however, rockets mounted on underwing pylons directly proved highly effective. Note USMC crew on quad and director in foreground. Project Akula 'Shark'. Test depth m ft. They don't make 'em like that anymore. Argonne National Laboratory c. Model of USS Hornet CV-8 with B Mitchell bombers on deck, preparing for Tokyo Raid, Put call option on bonds 601st 18, Fired from tanks, they would shower the target in a swarm of small metal darts called flechettes.

The Chinese characters read: 'This foreign person has come to China to help in the war effort. Soldiers and civilians, one and all, should rescue and protect him'. A B from the th Bomb Group going down over Monheim Germany. Can anyone figure out the date? A B in its last few seconds over Yugoslavia in A B of the 8th Air Force bombs the Focke Wulf plant at Marienburg A BG Flying Fortress and a BH Stratofortress fly in formation [x] A BG of the 96th BS, 2d BG, dropping its bombs.

A Bs Wright R engine. A BM of the th Bombardment Group, serial numberdowned by a Messerschmitt Me jet fighter A B destroying Japanese oil factory-plant in East Indies A B is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Long Beach, CA, plant of Douglas Aircraft Company, Oct A B sinks Japanese destroyer Amatsukaze off the coast of Xiamen, China, April 6th, A B's Wright R engine [x] A BJ Mitchell in flight over Alaska on its way to the Soviet Union under Lend-Lease.

A B after an emergency landing on Iwo Jima A B from the 6th Bomber Air Group that crash landed off of Iwo Jima, In the distance the right is Mount Suribachi. A B landing at Shemya AAF in May Pit stop during its cold weather testing in Put call option on bonds 601st. A B Bomber Mass-Production Factory in Fort Worth, Texas, 14th June, It was the largest and heaviest gun ever used by the British.

The Second-World-War Japanese had a larger calibre at May [ x ] A F4U Corsair crash landing on the USS Shangri La, unknown month in A F6F-5N night fighter with AN-APS-6 radar and 2 20mm M2 cannon. A Fairey Albacore foreground with folded wings and a Fairey Fulmar, on the flight deck of HMS Victorius at sea. In the background is battleship HMS Duke of York. A Goodyear built Corsair FG-1D at Duxford.

A Grumman F4F of VF-6 testing out machine guns aboard USS Enterprise CV A Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighter Goes over the side of USS Barnes CVE22 Octoberafter the pilot attempted to regain flying speed after receiving the Cut signal from the Landing Signal Officer A Grumman TBM 'Avenger', Vought F4U 'Corsair', North American P 'Mustang', and Curtiss P 'Warhawk' fly in formation while participating in the 70th anniversary of the Allied Victory in Europe 'Arsenal of Democracy' Flyover of Washington D.

A Harpoon missile launched from the Australian frigate HMAS Warramunga FFH Baltic Sea, [ x ] A Hawker Sea Hurricane is handled on the deck of HMS Argus. The He P introduced the well-known 'greenhouse' cockpit. Put call option on bonds 601st High-Explosive Anti-Tank HEAT Warhead. Photo by USS YORKTOWN CV A Japanese Kamikaze burning after it was hit by gunfire while attempting to crash into USS Vicksburg CL off Okinawa, 14 May A Japanese Kawanishi H8K flying boat hoisted by the IJN tender Akitsushima, A Japanese Navy Mitsubishi A6M2 'Zero' fighter, tail code A, piloted by Sakae Mori, takes off from the aircraft carrier Akagi, on its way to attack Pearl Harbor on the morning of 7 December A Japanese Navy Type 97 Carrier Attack Plane Kate takes off from the aircraft carrier Shokaku, en route to attack Pearl Harbor, during the morning of 7 December A Kawanishi H6K, an Imperial Japanese Navy flying boat, aflame on the water.

AKA 'Mavis' or Type 97 large Flying Boat. A Lancaster attacks the German battleship Tirpitz during Operation PARAVANE, September 15th, A Landfill illustration by Pierre Mion, c. A Leopard I tank cut in half. A Lockheed Constellation is serviced in Eastern Airlines heavy maintenance hangar. Miami Florida, Early 's. Andaman Sea, [ x ] A MK 16 in.

Fifty were produced, each ship equipped to deploy ten. The weapon stayed in the nuclear inventory until October Add'l info available in comments. On this flight, the tiny ship drew small arms and antiaircraft fire from the city which was in Japanese control at the time, ca. A Mark 9 turret from USS Louisville CA rusting away in the Nevada desert.

It once served in Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory's nuclear testing program for the purposes of a rotating radiation detector, collecting data on nuclear tests. Mark 9's were of 8' caliber is size. A Navy jet is raised to the flight deck aboard the USS Ranger CVA [ x ] A Nimrod MR2 maritime patrol aircraft passes over USS Spadefish SSN and HMS Trenchant S at the North Pole during Operation ICEX The 5, horsepower J Class could haul trains at up to MPH. This version shows the 37 mm cannon in the spinner hub, two nose mounted 0.

A P Warhawk, P Mustang, P Thunderbolt and P Lightning fly in formation during the Heritage Flight Training and Certification Course at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base Ariz. A PBY-5A Catalina patrol bomber of patrol squadron VP against a backdrop of snow-clad mountains in Aleutian Islands. A PT marksman provides a striking camera study as he draws a bead with his 50 caliber machine gun on his boat off New Guinea. July [x] A Pelton wheel being installed into Walchensee Hydroelectric Power Station.

Cheese Animatronic [ x ] A Roll-on Roll-off Discharge Facility being set up during joint US-ROK logistic training exercise off the shore of Anmyeon Beach, South Korea [ x ] A Rolls Royce put call option on bonds 601st bay [ x ] A Romanian IAR ready for a new sortie in the Eastern Front. A Royal Air Force Lockheed Hudson Mk VI AE of the Middle East Communications Flight flying over the Egyptian pyramids, A Royal Air Force Spitfire landing in Chittagong Airfield during World War II.

In the cockpit is an unidentified pilot wearing a lifewest and an oxygen mask. A Spitfire wingtipping a V1 Rocket x-post from -r-pics A Swordfish aircraft with the Royal Navy Historic Flight A TBM AVENGER and two F6F HELLCAT Aircraft warming up on the flight deck of USS RANDOLPH CV during operations in the Western Pacific A Theatre from a Different Perspective x Army BE at Hickam Air Field, after landing safely during the Japanese air raid A U.

Navy Lockheed PV-1 Ventura patrol bomber in flight A U. A USAAF CA Skytrain with invasion stripes A USS Boston CA OS2U Kingfisher floatplane returns to the cruiser after rescuing a crewman of a downed TBF bomber, during raids on Japanese targets in the Hollandia Area, 21 April A United Airlines DC-6 is pulled into a specialized maintenance hangar. Once it is in place, the elevated walkways to the left and right will drop down, allowing crews to service the engines without having to climb around on the wings.

Marine Corps fighter squadron fires a salvo of eight five-inch rockets at a Japanese position in southern Okinawa A Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane is hoisted aboard USS Missouri BB during her shakedown period in the summer of America's answer to the mechanical fuel injection systems employed by European racing teams, Webers were used on all Ford and Shelby racing cars. A Wolf in sheep's clothing. The fast attack submarine USS Seawolf SSN surfaces through Arctic ice at the North Pole.

X-post r-woahdude [x] A cross section of an under sea cable [ x ] A cross section of the Large Hadron Collider LHC [x] A crowd watches while the USS Iowa BB passes under Lions Gate Bridge in Vancouver, British Columbia [3,x1,] A cutaway of a screw compressor [x] A cutaway of an 8-speed ZF 8HP showing the major stages of a hydraulic automatic transmission: the torque converter leftthe planetary gearsets and clutch plates centeras well as hydraulic and electronic controls bottom.

A five-nation formation during Operation Enduring Freedom, April 18, [x] A flight nurse christening a new bomber while the veteran crew, who have had two other Bs shot up on missions against the Japanese, watch, Marianas, Oct A flight of Republic P Thunderbolts A flight of five TBM Avengers in formation over the ocean A formation of Bs escorted by a P over England, A formation of German Dornier Do 17Z light bombers, flying over France on June 21, A freshly modified PJ Lightning 'Droop Snoot'.

This is the version with a glazed nose, but a radar-equipped version was developed as well Britain, A full compliment of F Tomcats sits aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN date unknown [x] A futuristic hybrid wing body during tests in the wind tunnel at NASA's Langley Research Center. The patterns are formed by air movement over the fluorescent oil sprayed onto the wings.

Two pressure hulls and the ICBM section between them clearly visible [ x ] A group of Curtiss P Warhawks escorting a pair of Consolidated BD Liberators on a flight near the Aleutian islands, Alaska, A gun barrel after firing rounds [X] A gun-coupled camera aboard a British RAF Spitfire plane made this record of a German Focke-Wulf Fw fighter aircraft getting shot down in Mayover an unknown location.

AP Photo A helicopter and the giant saw it flies with. Used to trim trees along power lines [ x ] A high-end espresso machine x A huge turbo on a rotary engine. October, [ x ] A map of the distance WWII fighters can fly from the UK mainland A map of the various distances that WWII escort fighters could fly from their bases [1, x 1,] A military scientist operates a laser in a test environment.

The United states Air Force Research Laboratory AFRL Directed Energy Directorate conducts research forex reviews 24 hour a variety of solid-state and chemical lasers. The original 'Shtandart' was launched inher construction personally overseen by Peter the Great [ x ] A naked Porsche Carrera GT [x] A new B bomber is brought for a test hop to the flight line at the Kansas City plant of North American Aviation.

Photo by Alfred Palmer, Office of War Information. A part of the beam delivery system for particle therapy in Heidelberg,Germany;MIC[x] A patient being loaded into a F-5B Lightning's modified drop tank during a training excersise A peek into the wrench drawer of the Carl Edwards 19 Nascar team [x][OS] A picture of a microwaved Maxwell DVD-R [x] A plasma lamp is a clear glass orb filled with a mixture of various noble gases with a high-voltage electrode in the center of the sphere [x] A poem about the Lightning, written by a B17 gunner.

A postcard from beautiful San Diego, A purple cabbage from our garden last winter. Photo courtesy of John Cagle. A restored North American A Apache A restored North American AA Apache aircraft in flight, post-war A restored North American AA Apache aircraft in flight, post-war, note 'chin' guns and closed dive brakes. Eisenhower CVN during a live-fire exercise.

Stennis CVN passes the Arizona Memorial and arrives to participate in National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day events. USN photo dated Dec. Bush CVN 77 as it transits the Strait of Hormuz as seen from the Ticonderoga-class guided-missile cruiser USS Philippine Sea CG Most electricity is produced by thermal power stations with put call option on bonds 601st like this one. Most could sustain 43 knots and had a burst speed of 48 knots.

USS Lexington lower deck hangar with spare body planes hanging from the ceiling. On the deck are SBD Dauntless dive bombers. Unit is possible USS Lexington Scouting Squadron Two VS-2 in A very glamorous shot of HMS Rodney showing off her big 'ol frontside. They put all the guns on the front because she was so incredibly slow they figured she'd always be chasing whatever it was they were shooting at.

Xpost from -wtf A Havoc light bomber crashes after being hit by AA fire on a mission against Kokas, Indonesia in July of AA of the th Fighter-Bomber Squadron 86th Fighter Bomber Group Italy A rudder, reposted from r-aviation x A6M2 Model 21, Allied codename: Zeke, ready for takeoff from a Japanese aircraft carrier, AA fire screening against Japanese air attack.

USS Enterprise, 26th October Can anybody identify it? The pilot of a Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane unstraps his flight log from his leg after returning from a flight. The Kingfisher is on the catapult behind him. This photgraph was taken during Missouri's shakedown period in the summer of A Sikorski HO3S-1 helicopter takes off from the afterdeck while operating off Korea, 14 April The upraised green flag signifies that the pilot has permission to take off.

Crash crew, in yellow helmets, are standing by with fire hoses at the ready. Data center tech [x] Abrams' U. AEC's National Reactor Testing Station, Idaho. Portside 5' x 38 Mounts not centerlined. Eisenhower CVN 69USS George H. Bush CVN 77USS Enterprise CVN 65USS Harry S. Video in comments [x] All fingers crossed The first US launch from a steam catapult by Cmdr.

Henry Jackson's S2F-1 from the USS Hancock CVA 1 Jun [ x ] All of the parts that go into a Camaro ZL1 engine. Details in comments [x] Almost as far as the eye can see. Her Flight deck loaded with cars, returning to San Diego from a month Complex Overhaul in Bremerton, Wash. American B bomber 'Flossie's Fury' loses her starboard engine while under AA fire over Toulon, France.

More info in comments. American aircraft carrier USS Independence CV flashed the Italian Amerigo Vespucci with light signal asking Who are you? American icebreaking oil tanker SS Manhattan works alongside Canadian icebreaker CCGS Louis St-Laurent. Northern Baffin Bay, May 22, SS Manhattan was the first merchant vessel to successfully transit the infamous Northwest Passage. American soldiers watch a B Superfortress heavy bomber take off from Saipan.

The I class was designed to carry and launch up to three Aichi M6A Seiran aircraft from a water tight compartment. Early fly-by-wire system were based on the Apollo Guidance Computer. Driven by Goffredo Gorini and Francesco Bertoli in the Raid Pavia-Venezia. HD USAAF PDRE s-n was wrecked when struck by Thunderbolt HD USAAF on the ground at Chittagong on 17 November An RAF airman talks to a pilot of the 14th Fighter Group on the wing of his P Lightning at Atcham, England.

An aerial photograph of a German attack on the Forth Bridge, October An early B29 being flight tested with a B17, This is the first time three nuclear-powered submarines have simultaneously surfaced at the pole. You can see the dice cut on the wafer. Analysis of damage on HSV Swift by retired US Navy Capt. Naval Production by Type. Graphic from 'The Fleet at Flood Tide' by author James D. Shot at the Mountain View Computer History Museum. The collecting has started.

Aquitaine-class multipurpose frigate[ x ] Arado Ar. Armorers load 20mm shells in a box for their P, 'Dangerous Dan', France, Armorers loading rockets under the wing of a F4U Corsair fighter, Okinawa, Japan, Jun Armoured cruiser Pisa at high speed showing of her lines. Found lacking in their intended role as bomber, these aircraft served as glider tugs for airborne operations, including D-Day for which No. Army reinforcements disembarking from LST's form a graceful curve as they proceed across coral reef toward the put call option on bonds 601st. So here's a great photo of CV-9, USS Essex, making waves during a Mediterranean cruise in January A C-1 Trader cargo plane prepares for takeoff at the stern, while Skyraiders and Skyrays populate the deck.

Fluke A Power Supply Filter Very Securely Mounted. HMAS Sydney AMelbourne R 21Supply AO and Yarra DE Both carriers were Majestic class light carriers. A monster robotic tractor that can be programmed using a tablet. Avenger that overshot it's landing. Avro Lancaster B Mk X - KB VR-R 'Ropey' - Squadron RCAF Avro Lancaster NX 'Just Jane' in the sun, Monday 25th May [OC] Avro Lancaster NX 'Just Jane' standing proud on Saturday night.

Avro Lancaster NX ground run at sunset Avro Lancaster SR-B drops bundles of 'window' during a raid on Duisburg on 15 October Avro Lancaster SR-B drops bundles of 'window', Avro Lancaster with RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight Awesome picture of USS Seawolf. Steaming somewhere in the Pacific x Awesome picture of the USS Nimitz. My buddy works on a tug boat that helped maneuver it out of port in Everett, WA.

Awesome sharks teeth on Russian Sub [ x ] Azipod drives on POLARIS - a Finnish state-owned icebreaker built at Arctech Helsinki Shipyard, B 'Memphis Belle' and B 'Delectable Doris' nose-art photos from an airshow at St. Pete-Clearwater Airport, early-mid 90's. B Flying Fortress shot down th BG Merseburg Lutzkendorf November B Flying Fortresses from the th Bombardment Group fly a bombing run to Neumunster, Germany, on April 13, B Hel'en Hiwater with severe tail damage after colliding with another B shortly after takeoff.

Both aircraft landed safely afterwards B Memphis Belle Replica. B in heavy flak over Ludwigshafen B's in the sky during the Stuttgart raid, September 6th, B's of the 91st Bomb Group nearing the Dornier Assembly Plant at Meulan, France at dawn, Aug 13, B G 'Wee-Willie' after port wing blown off by direct flak hit over Kranengurg, Germany. Only the pilot, Lieutenant Robert E. B, 'Hang the Expense III', after being hit by flak over Frankfurt on January 24, Tail gunner story in comments.

BE Flying Fortress converted to XB with Allison V liquid-cooled engines as an experimental testbed in the event the radial engines became unavailable, BG 'Silver Dollar' is shot down in Marienfeld in BG Fortresses of the st Bomb Group in flight, Summer-Fall This is such an awesome shot. B hit by flak above Germany, June B of the th Bomb Group drops a load of fragmentation bombs on the Aidrome at Neuberg, Austria — 26 March B on fire after being attacked over Turnitz, Austria, August 23, B with red put call option on bonds 601st stripes, c.

The scale of WWII never ceases to amaze me. BD Liberators In Large Numbers Over Ploesti, Romania in BDs of 93rd Bomb Group in formation. Nearest aircraft is 'Joisey Bounce' s-nwingman is 'The Duchess', s-nand next higher is 'Bomerang' s-n BJ Liberators inside a maintenance hangar at Hickam Field, Hawaiian Air Depot, July 30, Bs of the U.

Army 15th Air Force bomb the railway yards of Salzburg, Austria, on December 27, B Mitchell assembly plant in Kansas City. B Mitchell bomber takes off from the USS Hornet's flight deck for the Doolittle raid on Tokyo, Japan [ x ] B Mitchell just after dropping its bombs on a Japanese destroyer escort o April, B Mitchell makes a simulated bombing run at an airshow B assembly line at the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California BA Mitchell medium bomber of the 34th Bombardment Squadron BC Mitchell bomber in flight over California, United States, B 'Dauntless Dotty' loading put call option on bonds 601st at an airfield on Saipan, c.

B Superfortress 'Fifi' w- bonus B 'Texas Raiders' B's of the 39th Bomb group, dropping bombs. Taken from the cockpit of another B B's of the nd Bomb Group en route home after hitting the Rangoon Burma docks on November 3 These birds were so beautiful. Bs dropping their payload over Japan. Bs release incendiary bombs on Yokohama in May, B plays 'I'M NOT TOUCHING YOU' with Soviet carrier Kiev. B25 bomber 'Jaunty Jo' on a low altitude bomb run being hit by AA fire and about to crash.

Put call option on bonds 601st flying past erupting Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, B29 in the sunshine today at IWM Duxford. Note the trailing destroyer acting as plane guard. Robert Marshall managed to return safely to Torokina, Bougainville, after an encounter with a swarm of Zeros, December Bagger a German excavator and the largest land vehicle in the world [x] BaggerAbandoned Bucket Mining Excavator in Germany buddy for scale [x] Bagger - The Largest Land Vehicle in the World [x] Bagger Bucket Excavator - Put call option on bonds 601st Largest Land Vehicle in the World [x] Balao-class submarine USS Menhaden SS underway, showing her clean hull design and upworks.

IDs and info in comments. If you wanted to know where the butcher's shop or post office is or the heads for all enlisted here is your guide. View of the battleship's forward guns and her forward superstructure, circa the early s. Officers pose with silent-film actress Dorothy DeVore, on board the ship at San Pedro, California, Lieutenant Abraham DeSomer is third from right. Collection of Lieutenant Commander Abraham DeSomer, USN. Vertical aerial photograph, taken in harbor on 2 May with three large and five smaller harbor tugs alongside and one astern.

Note the sailors on deck and the two float planes on C turret. For the first few months after Pearl Harbor she escorted convoys to Europe and served as a backstop for any Tirpitz problems. If I had to describe South Dakota put call option on bonds 601st a word I'd probably choose 'pugnacious'. On these eight ships and Ford Island, Nine men earned the Medal of Honor and 30 earned the Navy Cross during the attack.

Beautiful polished aluminium P at Flying Legends Show, Duxford Because of its large size, the C-5 Galaxy must eat twice its bodyweight in smaller aircraft per week to maintain its active lifestyle. T-class submarine HMS Teredo S38 is also present. Something about this photo is really chilling, don't know what it is. Boeing BGs parked at Deenethorpe, England.

Boeing B th Bomb Group Bombers Flying Over Mount Fuji Japan Boeing B Super fortress at flying in the sun. My favorite WWII aviation image ever. Boeing B Superfortress bomber USAAF serial after crash-landing on Motoyama Airfield, Iwo Jima Boeing B Superfortress size comparison to Convair B Peacemaker. The B went into service in Crew aboard USS John C. Stennis CVN apply gold paint on the starboard anchor.

Gold anchors put call option on bonds 601st a symbol of the Retention Excellence Award, given for sustaining superior levels of military retention. Active since [ x ] Brewster B Buffalo with 33 kills and the pilot Lt. Hans Wind, Finland Brewster XF2A-1 fighter during flight tests Bristol Beaufighter TF. X NE 'UB-E' from No. IV Free French Air Force - vintage Airfix box art by Roy Cross Bristol Brabazon under construction. The double decker, four engine British airliner proved too large and inefficient for airline use.

Mikasa was the flagship during the Russo-Japanese War. Burning Grumman F6F Hellcat after crash landing on USS Enterprise Burnt Screwhole in a 2x4, that's some serious heat! Business end of a tunnel boring machine used in Seattle [X] Business end of an Underground Racing twin turbo Lamborghini Gallardo [OC] [x] Business end of stage 2 from the Saturn V rocket, the worlds largest and most powerful rocket ever put into operation. Cs carrying wounded soldiers prepare to take off from a landing strip in France.

Cab of a US Navy K-Class blimp. Officer's quarters on the Italian battleship Roma? The girls operating them did not know what they were doing until long after the war. Can anyone ID this plane? It's probably a Dutch navy plane in Indonesia. The photo must've been taken right before the war. Can anyone identify this warship? USS Iowa Turret Two Center Gun [x] Canada Day - A pilot of No Squadron RCAF climbs into the cockpit of his Spitfire Mk Vb at Goubrine, Tunisia, in April Canada's General Fusion reactor prototype [x] Canadian Hawker Typhoon fighter-bombers prepare to take off, the Netherlands, April Canadian National train over Cheakamus River, BC [x] Canadian Pacific 'Royal Hudson' - down from Vancouver - meets Southern Pacific GS-4 at Seattle's King Street Station during the latter's tour of the United States as part of the Bicentennial Freedom Train, You read it right.

Cantilevered gradient column and high voltage head of the Van de Graaff injector, Argonne National Laboratory circa [ x ] Capt. Jeff Rogers left and 1st Lt. Patrick Applegate are ready in the lower deck of a B Stratofortress at Minot Air Force Base, N. Faurot and his P at Schwimmer Base, Laloki, Port Moresby, New Guinea in January Captured FW in Belgium, early Car paint from Detroit factory. USS Coral Sea CV underway as she approaches Naval Station, Pearl Harbor. On deck are Phantoms, A-6 Intruders, A-7 Corsairs and a couple E-2B Hawkeyes.

Twenty Reserve Fleet escort carriers. South Boston Naval Annex, Mass, May [x] Casablanca-class escort carrier USS Savo Island CVE underway in May Unloading coal from schooner Paul Palmer, Portsmouth, NH, [x] Charle de Gaules Carrier Strike Group [x] Charles de Gaulle quitting the Persian Gulf and heading back to the Mediterranean sea [ x ] Chart room on board USS Lexington as the ship maneuvers into enemy waters during a strike on the Gilbert and Marshall Islands.

The Angamos was previously the INS Reshef and put call option on bonds 601st in the famous Battle of Baltim during the Yom Kippur War. She fought an Osa-class boat. Taken at the Museum Of Flight in Seattle. Close-up view of the RSA liquid hydrogen-oxygen engine and GEM solid rocket boosters lifting put call option on bonds 601st Delta IV to orbit, July 23, [x][OC] Closeup picture of fighter pilot sersjant Eivind Mundt Hauge from N Squadron.

Closeup view of Atlas V's RD Main Engine and AJA solid rocket boosters. What are the ducks for? Colorized HMS Iron Duke - Dreadnought Battleship [ x ] Colorized photo of the first Heinkel He to be shot down, landing in central Stalingrad. Consolidated PBY2 Coronado, Patrol Bomber with total units produced. It's pretty cool Control rods inside the dummy Zwentendorf Nuclear Power Plant in Austria, taken using a snake robot [x] Convair B with experimental tracked landing gear, to reduce ground pressure for soft-field use.

Date and location unknown. Corsair put call option on bonds 601st the USS Bennington, February Corsairs being ferried through Panama Canal, Could anyone identity these aircraft? Crewmen man the rails as the USS Iowa returns to port following her deadly turret explosions. Behind them, the damaged turret is locked to starboard, still in firing position.

The explosion cost the lives of 47 of Iowa's crewmen. Navy aircraft carrier banish post-battle nervous strain by taking a swim in the warm waters of a lagoon in the Marshalls only a few days after laying siege to and conquering Roi Island in the Kwajalein atoll. Located in Hong Kong, it housed 33, people on 6. It was one of the most densely populated areas in the world until it was demolished xpost -r-charts [x] Cross section of a jacketed lead bullet striking a steel plate - simulation [gif][x] Cross section of a number of different cables.

Invented in as the first lever action rifle. It could fire up to 30 rounds per minute at much larger distances then a muzzle loading musket, which could only fire 3 rounds per minute with a skilled soldier. At the German Museum of Technology in Berlin. A renamed and re-equipped submarine that was used to explore the North Pole [x] Crowded Pearl harbor during RIMPAC The two Crusaders parked furthest forward are from VF This aircraft was shot down on 23rd Feb The photo story of its recovery from a Russian swamp is in the comments.

Curtiss P NACA Langley Field Curtiss P Warhawk undef maintenance in North Africa Curtiss PE of the 11th Fighter Squadron, rd Fighter Group Curtiss PF's of th Fighter Group passing low over the water during Operation Torch, Africa c. Navy cruiser, for recovery, circa April Custom Body Hammer [x][OS] Build in comments Cut in half Pyritized Ammonite [x] Cut-away diagram of the inch turrets on board the North Carolina class battleship.

Cut-away of Siemens' new Hail Extension II Gas Turbine [x] Cut-away of a boiler in a steam locomotive. Drawn in MS Paint and shaded in GIMP. The modified s are designed to serve as a mobile Pentagon in the event of nuclear war. Cutaway of a THAAD missile [x] Cutaway of new Russian spy sub with all the gizmos [OC][x] Cutaway of the ATLAS experiment at CERN [ x ] Cutaway of the BMW Sauber F1. This aircraft was fixed and returned to service.

Decoys launched from South Korean Incheon-class frigate [ x ] Defender and Viraat formerly Hermes [ x ] Delta IV Heavy rocket at sunrise, awaiting the launch of NROL The entire crew survived. Destroyed Ps at Metz-Frescaty airfield during Operation Bodenplatte, Found at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean by Amazon.

Royal Navy R-4 in Do X-ray photos count? Don't be fooled by the Tumblehome posts. It's actually Tin Can Tuesday. Here's a mess of Japanese Murasame-class destroyers. One sister is missing from this family photo. A walrus on an Oscar II? US cruiser in the background, potentially USS Put call option on bonds 601st CL 43 [x] Door locking mechanism in Apollo 14 [ x ] [OC] Dornier DO 17's over France, Summer Developed from the Dothe Do was found to offer no significant advantages over other types and development was limited to 6 prototypes, one of which is seen here.

Dornier Do B-2 prototype V This aircraft was an heavy fighter 'destroyer' Do B-2 variant, mounting 2 additional MK cannon in the wings and 2 L 80Gal drop tanks. V specifically included front landing gear changes, armoured windshield and DB E engines more in comments. Douglas SBD 'Dauntless' dive bomber lands on USS LEXINGTON CVduring the Marshalls and Gilberts Operation, circa November Douglas SPD's somewhere over the Pacific. Douglas TBD-1 of Torpedo Squadron Three VT-3 At Naval Air Station, North Island painted in McClelland Barclay experimental camouflage design number 7.

Douglas X-3 Stiletto - Experimental jet aircraft [x] Downed German Messerschmitt fighter BF. Found this after going through my girlfriend's grandpa's photos Drawers of screwdrivers on diy wooden rails, plenty of Wiha, and Bondhus. More pics in thread. Holmes' murder hotel-castle [x] xpost -r-pics Drill bit sharpener at the World Museum of Mining in Butte, MT [OC] [ x ] Drive put call option on bonds 601st maintenance on icebreaker USCGC POLAR STAR in drydock at Mare Island, CA, Photo by Hans Viveen.

The actual gun was removed prior to the Fall deployment. A dummy gun was mounted to preserve air flow characteristics around the flight deck. Notice the early USAAF roundel Early production G4M1s of Kanoya Kokutai with the original shape tail cones Early-model AA flown by the 58th Bomb Squadron over Oahu, Hawaii on May 29, Fingers crossed for the second option. Photograph by John Rossino [x] Employing some of the largest moving objects ever built, a lignite mine in germany. HMS Victory and HMS Dauntless, the old and the new.

Webber WPC underway offshore of Miami, Florida. Arabian-Persian Gulf, [ x ] F Raptor going supersonic [x] F's over Alaska, looks photoshopped but isn't. Photo by John Dibbs [x] F trap. An FC Lightning II catches its first arrested landing aboard USS Nimitz CVN Truman CVN 75 to conduct its first strike in support of Operation Inherent Resolve put call option on bonds 601st F-AF launches from the aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson CVN 70DDGs in the back either USS Gridley-Sterett-Dewey[ x ] F2H 'Banshee' over the battleship BB 'New Jesey' and aircraft carrier CVA 'Lake Champlain' [x] F4F-4 Wildcats testing their machine guns aboard USS Ranger CV-4 in preparation for Operation Torch - early November, [ x ] F4U Corsair after landing on the wrong carrier F4U Corsair at the Chance-Vought factory in Stratford Connecticut March F4U Corsair with Anti-aircraft fire overhead F4U and F6Fs flying in formation over the USS Missouri while the surrender ceremonies to end World War II take place on board [ x ] F4U's and F6F's fly in formation during surrender ceremonies; Tokyo, Japan.

USS Missouri left foreground. F4U-1 Corsair in VMF 'Black Sheep' squadronTorokina airstrip, Bougainville, December F4U-1D Corsair of VMF USS Bennington CV on 10 February F6-F Hellcat in flight. Truly one of the weapons that turned the tide in the Pacific Theatre. F6F-3 fighters and SBD-4 scout bombers on the flight deck of USS Essex CV-9 during her shakedown cruise F6F-5 Hellcat firing a Tiny Tim at Naval Ordinance Test Station at China Lake on November 6, F86 Sabre JetCut in half at the USAF Museum [x] FM-2 Wildcat suffers a hard landing on the training aircraft carrier USS Sable on Lake Michigan FP 'Liberator' insurgency pistol [x] FS Charles de Gaulle as a storm rolls in while at dock in Toulon.

FWs hidden in a forest. Exact The Rob Booker Forex Seminar In Atlanta and location unknown. Face-off between a Sukhoi Su fighter and a light aerobatic plane [x] Fairey Barracuda Mk III, PM N6L, of Naval Air Squadron pictured in The Barracuda was an effective torpedo bomber which served from '41 through to the mid-'50s. Fairey Swordfish from HMS Ark Royal as seen from HMS Kelvin, off Sardinia Battle of Cape Spartivento27th November Seawater spills over the fantail of USS Iowa BB during high power maneuvers in shallow waters at Chesapeake Bay, VA, 19 November Fermilab physicist Brenna Flaugher checks connections for a silicon vertex detector for the CDF experiment.

Feuma apple processing machine [x] Fiat CR. It was a British light bomber used extensively in the early days of WW II. It was one of the first British aircraft to have all-metal stressed-skin construction, retractable landing gear, flaps, a powered gun turret and variable-pitch propellers. Finnish Messerschmitt G-6 taking off Fire Hydrant [x] drawing with labels and functional descriptions Put call option on bonds 601st transport ship [x] Firepower Friday! Flight deck of HMS Argus inwith Grumman Martlet F4-F WildcatSupermarine Seafires and Fairey Swordfish torpedo bombers on deck being readied for use.

Flight deck of USS Nimitz CVN [ x ] Flight deck of the shuttle Endeavor. Britain, [ x ] Focke-Wulf Fw C 'Condor' in flight, Focke-Wulf Fw Condor captured near Stalingrad Focke-Wulf Ta German high-altitude fighter-interceptor designed by Kurt Tank and produced by Focke-Wulf. The Ta was a development of the Focke-Wulf Fw aircraft, with a pressurized cockpit and a maximum speed of mph.

Only 43 were delivered for operational use in Focke-Wulf TaA-1 'Moskito' nightfighter, with FuG 'Hirschgewei' radar antennae ca. USS Enterprise CV-6 Off Puerto Rico, July 23, Seaplane Tender Sunday, here's USS Timbalier with two Martin Mariners, ca. Former United States Navy Ship Kilauea breaks apart and sinks following a torpedo attack from the Collins Class submarine HMAS Farncomb, on the Pacific Missile Range Facility PMRF off Hawaii, during RIMPAC Rambus alert [x] [OC] Found a decently colorized picture of IJN Fusou-Fuso in drydock.

Lexus IS automatic transmission x Found this beauty on my Facebook feed yesterday. Found this pristine little guy today. Atop the turrets are mounts for 12pdr 18cwt guns some fitted. In the background are Shannon's 9. Part of VT-4 from USS Essex CV Four Trafalgar-class nuclear attack submarines together. HMS Triump, HMS Trafalgar, HMS Turbulent and HMS Tireless.

Mounted 2 engines in tandem inside the fuselage, driving co-axial propellers in the nose. IT was finally cancelled due to the available surplus of WW2 planes. French Battleship Richelieu in [2,x1,] French Battleship Richelieu sailing sometime in [ x ] French Cruiser Gloire with a unique camouflage [ x ] French D. Taken at work today. Battleship Number 43, USS Tennessee, in Puget Sound, 8 Mayfollowing her reconstruction. Fujikura FSMS Fiber Optic Splicer [ X ] Full range of 20mm cannon projectiles cut in half [x] Full size construction mock-up of the Boeing America's supersonic transport that never was.

The B was shot down in Dec by the Japanese Ki next to it. They are eplacement for the Vanguard class of ballistic missile submarines. A child plays with put call option on bonds 601st remote controlled warship as USS Halsey DDG departs Pearl Harbor, [ x ] Futuristic Netherlands, drawn in [x] Fw A-5 fighters of JG 54 Ostfront Fw AU11 with twomm, Mk cannons Fw found in the woods. USS Boxer LHD-4 takes timeout for a photo opp.

It was burned by the Soviet troops after they conquered the city in early The brick structure survived, the wooden parts have been restored, Poland [x] Gemasolar solar plant located in Seville, Spain [x] Gemtech GMTBLK suppressor monolithic cara bermain forex agea stack [x] General Motors Bison Bullet Turbine Powered Semi Tractor x Generic automobile flasher module [x] Geodesic fuselage of a Vickers Wellington George Moore's steam-powered mechanical man, c Although popularly known as a battleship it is in fact an armored cruiser, the only ship of this type still in existence.

Notice U second left who torpedoed and sank RMS Lusitania off the coast of Ireland in which eventually contributed to the entry of the United States into World War 1 [x] German Uboat U Germans testing a Messerschmitt Bf E3, Germany's secret Special Forces U-boat: Narwal [OC][x] Giant 17ft python pregnant with 87 eggs caught in Florida Everglades Gif of the internal mechanics of a Luger [x] Gigantic fake Nimitz-class carrier currently under construction in Iran, now with deck markings and model Fs.

Extremely awesome pic of ME Glass Loaf Murrine story in comments [x] Glorious brick laying machine [x] Gloster Meteor F Mark III of No. Just try and sabotage the Naval Ordinance Plant operated by the Hudson Motor Company. Detroit [ x ] Good view of how small an Essex Class deck was with late s aircraft, May [x] Goodyear F2G 'Super' Corsair. Put call option on bonds 601st flying only in July '45 and rendered superfluous by the F8F Bearcat, only 5 F2G-1s and 5 F2G-2s were built before the production order for aircraft was cancelled.

Got this cool shot of a crane on a foggy day. Grand Central Terminal - sectional view showing passageways to hotels, office buildings, etc. Xi'an, China [x] Grumman F3F-3 fighters from Fighting Squadron Five VF-5USS Yorktown CV-5 in a three-plane formation over the Southern California coast, circa Due to the successful use of fighter seaplanes by Japanese forces in the Pacific, in Grumman experimented with a new development of its F4F-3 Wildcat, in the creation of a floatplane version of this fighter.

Grumman F4F-4 'Wildcat' fighter, of Fighting Squadron 41 VF Grumman F6F 'Hellcat' undergoing maintainance on board USS Essex CV-9 Grumman F6F 'Hellcat', unknown location and date. Essex-class carrier Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighters landing on USS Enterprise CV-6 after strikes on the Japanese base at Truk, February Grumman F6F-3 Hellcat fighters on the flight deck of USS Saratoga CV-3 as a TBM torpedo plane approaches to land Grumman F6F-3 Hellcats over California Grumman XSF-1, BuNo.

Now you see why she's as massive as she is: those turbo and intercooling ducts are enormous! Holmes Murder Castle xpost from r-Art [X] H. IX V2 Ho Go prototypethe first prototype to fly with jet engines fitted in It may be distinguished from the V3 by the oversized landing gear, taken from an He John's, NFLD following a six month deployment to the Mediterranean and Black Seas, January [x] HMS ACORN, a ton British sloop launched in [ x ] HMS AMBUSH S Astute-class nuclear fleet submarine, BAE Systems, Cumbria, England, Gotta love those British names.

Albumen silver print from a waxed paper negative. She's joined by the Depot Ship HMS Medway, which has several Submarines of the O and P classes rafted alongside. Bush CVN in May, Port Adelaide, South Australia. Using a short range supersonic missile, Sea Wolf enables ships to defend themselves against aircraft and antiship missiles. Built at Kingston, she was the only Royal Navy ship of the line ever to put call option on bonds 601st launched and operated entirely in fresh water.

She was first commissioned on 5 February,and is now a museum ship in Philadelphia. She needs work but she's still around. Here's some IAR80s lined up. Harmony of the Seas's final construction phase in Saint-Nazaire [x] Harriers leave HMS Ark Royal for the last time, [x] Harriers on the deck of the Atlantic Conveyor sailing from Ascension Island to the Falklands.

You can see the container walls erected to hide the Harriers as well as protect them from salt water [ x ] Harriers over INS Viraat and a Talwar-class frigate, Jizag International Fleet Review, [ x ] Hasselblad EL Lunar Data Camera — the camera used by the Apollo astronauts [x] Having a cookout on top of a moving submarine [ x ] Hawker Hunter making insane vortices during high-G pull-up [x] Hawker Hurricane at Yorkshire Air Museum.

Excuse the sky, I photoshopped out some rather ugly telephone cables. Hawker Hurricane at the Finland International Airshow album in comments [x] Hawker Hurricane being loaded onto CAM ship Hawker Typhoon firing rockets at a railway, Nordhorn, Germany March Hawkins-class heavy cruiser HMS Effingham at anchor in a Norwegian Fjord, May 16 Heat Transfer Reactor Experiment A nuclear powered jet engine developed as part of the Aircraft Nuclear Propulsion program [x] Heavily sloped steel armor penetrated by a mm APFSDS dart [x] Heavily-armed Ulsan-class frigate and Pohang-class corvettes in Sout Korea [ x ] Heavy Cruiser USS Indianapolis CA inone of the two Portland-class cruisers.

Heavy cruiser Prinz Eugen. The two ships destroyed the British battlecruiser Hood in the Battle of the Denmark Strait. P7 M8 cutaway demo pistol [x] Hedgehog anti-submarine mortar mounted on the forecastle of HMS Westcott, Heinkel He shot down in East Lothian October Heinkel He high-speed reconnaissance prototype Heinkel He Volksjager Peoples Fighter or Salamander, ca. Heinkel He A-5 with British markings flown by Brown at Farnborough in September Heinkel He Greif was the only operational long-range bomber to be flown in combat by the Luftwaffe during World War II.

Heinkel He Uhu 'Eagle-Owl' night fighter, ca. Audible from over 25 miles away [ x ] Hemi-Powered Chrysler Air Raid Siren, loudest warning device ever sold, dB at ft, audible from miles away [x] Henry O. A US Army UH-1 Huey is pushed into position to take off from the Iowa. HMS Britannia l and HMS Hindostan r as cadet training ships, Dartmouth, England. How a Kris Vector lessens recoil x How a Type-III AK Works x-post r-woahdude [x] How a battleship's gun loads.

Dry Dock 2, Mare Island, California. How to draw a cutaway in MS Paint see comments [ x ] How well do you know your cut in half candy bars? How your food goes down your esophagus to your stomach instead of trachea windpipe thanks to your epiglottis [X gif] animated SFW How's this for a top drawer? HMS Howe 32 passes through the Suez Canal on her way to join the British Pacific Fleet, 14 July Fishing line will do.

One of the first cranes to use a hydraulic accumulator providing for greater power. Matco 4s x OC I can't seem to find a place for my new set of pliers [ x ] I climbed into the swing mechanism of a railroad swing bridge. More photos in comments [X] [OC] also posted to -r-abandonedporn I digitally painted a pair of Messerschmitt BfE4's I do not know if Imaginary - SciFi things are allowed, so hope you like it: Spaceship cross section [x] - source in comments I don't know if this counts, but I just 3D printed the USS Iowa BB Hope you guys like it.

I got a new watch, I thought it looked pretty technology-porny [x] I ground away a chestnut, revealing the embryo. USS New Mexico BB in her original configuration top and her post modernization. Photographed at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear physics [OC] [X] I know it's not much but I'm loving my new roll cart! I like American how to make profit in options trading too!

Here's a rare beast: Zil screw-drive all-terrain vehicle [x] I see your small ball bearing and raise you a smaller LED [x] I stumbled across 'The Battleship of the Future' in a Popular Mechanics issue from He details flying in with s of Allied gliders, setting up in a forest for the night, and coming face to face with Germans. I went to Shipbucket and made this to emphasize the differences between Akagi and Kaga.

Bonus water 'landing' photo. She had been bombed by planes from both the USS Enterprise and USS Hornet. Note her shattered midships structure, torpedo dangling from the aft port side tubes and wreckage atop her number four eight-inch gun turret. I would a take a PD! If you were in an AVRO Lancaster bomber cabin and look to the tail this is what you'd see Ike and entourage. Eisenhower CVN followed by the fast combat support ship USNS Arctic T-AOE 8 and USS Nitze DDGtransit the tight quarters of the Strait of Hormuz.

Air Force ground crew - Iwo Jima, [x] In Celebration Of Warspite's rd Birthday, Here She Is During The Spanish Civil War, This led to the jest 'Every Airbus is delivered on the wings of a Boeing. She was operated under charter for the UAE Army at the time. Purported video of the attack and aftermath in the comments. Note man standing by the ladder leading to the quarterdeck whaleboat. The aircraft were modified as test bed aircraft for the Allison T turboprop, ca.

Photo by Inside an RAF jet engine, put call option on bonds 601st cross-section [X-Post -r-technologyporn] [x] Inside of a gas pump x-post r-mildlyinteresting [ x ] Inside of an electric motorcycle x-post -r-motorcycles [x] Inside of the Mark 1A Fire Control Computer on the USS Cassin Young more pictures of the ship in comments [x][OC] Inside the 20mm rotating gun of a CIWS. More pics in comments [OC] [x] Integration of HIFI front-rightPACS front-left and SPIRE back instruments aboard the Herschel satellite [ x ] Intel i7 capacitors-resistors [x] Interesting infographic of a US Navy Wasp class amphibious assault ship.

French 'Undersea Cruiser' Surcouf at sea prior to its disappearance in February of Here's USS Belknap's island after a bad day. The US Atlantic Fleet, with 15 Battleships in its ranks, reposes at anchor in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba in advance of Fleet Problem VII in March of Italian battleship Giulio Cesare passing the Ponte Girevole in Taranto, On December 13,both ships were sunk by British and Dutch destroyers in the battle of Cape Bon, while carrying fuel to North Africa.

Behind a group of crewmen at berthing stations is a group of demobilized Vichy French soldiers, being repatriated after the Axis occupation of Tunisia. Ardente was lost to a collision six days later. The first two ships in the last line are apparently Zara-class heavy cruisers. The HMS Marshall Ney- a British WW1 Monitor with 15 inch guns [ x ] JET Project Tokamak Fusion Reactor [x] JET, the Joint European Torus [x] JLAIR Optical Tracking System - Shot video of the Red Bull Stratos from the ground [x] JPL's entry 'RoboSimian' in the DARPA Robotics Challenge, December [ x ] Jack-up crane vessel VIDAR installing the blades of a wind turbine.

Japanese Air Force One - kept entirely free of grime and meticulously polished - is a thing of minimalist beauty. Excellent performance and maneuverability, it was considered to be the best Japanese fighter to see large scale ops. A match for any Allied fighter, powerful armament could include two 30 mm and two 20 mm cannon increased its lethality, Japanese carrier Kaga making speed showing her some original design elements. Three flight decks and twin 7. Seen from USS YORKTOWN.

Jim and the Aquanauts - deep sea diving suit [ x ] John O'Conner flies his freshly restored FG-1D Corsair named 'Kathleen' at Airventure by Tyson V. Rininger Joined by a sistership and a pair of treaty Cruisers, USS South Dakota BB executes a formation turn across the wake of the USS Lexington CV off Okinawa on April 28, Ju88 fuselage used as simulator to train turret gunners Junior rates Accommodation on HMS Queen Elizabeth. No more man mess decks, JR's now share 8 birth cabins with communal mess squares and wash facilities.

Senior rates and Officers share 2 birth cabins. This aircraft was salvaged in and is currently under restoration. Junkers 88D1 with damaged propellers after touching the sea surface while on a mission. The crew managed to fly the damaged aircraft km back to Sola, near Stavanger, Norway. Date unknown, possibly May Junkers Ju cargo aircraft was planned as a replacement for the Junkers Put call option on bonds 601st m.

Although the Ju was a vast improvement over the Junkers Ju m, the situation at that time did not permit any disruption of the existing production lines. Junkers Ju'a Nazi Germany aerodynamic testbed built to develop the technology required for a multi-engine jet bomber. Intended for high altitude operation, with design features such as a pressurized cockpit. Introduced very late in the war, production problems along with war conditions caused few to be built.

Junkers Ju prototype strategic bomber Junkers Ju 86 German monoplane bomber and civilian airliner designed in the early s. Junkers Ju 89 prototype strategic bomber Jupiter, Kelvin Ma Kelvinsong -Wikimedia Commons, [ x ] Just finished shadowing my top drawer and plier drawer. I like good pliers. USS Independence LCS 2 demonstrates her maneuvering capabilities in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of San Diego.

Not sure of the capacity - usage but I figured it belonged here where Reddit might could explain [x] Large gun inside Watertown Arsenal, X-post to -r-militaryporn [x] Large-scale excavator at a lignite open pit mine. The pilot is about to jump out, while gear in 'down' position says 'ok, I had it, you win'. BH Liberator,'Extra Joker', in the last photo taken of her on August 23, As seen on r-pics!

These ships were versions of the British Leander-class frigates with Dutch radars. The ship would survive another torpedo hit from the same type of aircraft put call option on bonds 601st June Taken from the aircraft carrier USS Langley CV I love this stuff. Lockheed F-5 Lightning photo reconnaissance version photographed against the English countryside from the vertical camera installation of another F-5 Lightning, Lockheed P Lightning testing its guns.

Lockheed PM Night Lightning c-na former PL converted to PM standard. Lockheed YPA in Altitude Wind Tunnel AWT at the Glenn Research Center, Just outside of Anchorage, Ak [OC] [x] Longitudinal cross-section of a ship-of-the-line showing it's interior arrangement. Strategic Air and Space Museum, Ashland NE. Mark Baden lands his A-6 on the USS Abraham Lincoln CVN after the partial ejection of his BN Lt.

Luftwaffe personnal making sure the MG operates at peak efficiency. Luftwaffe poster showing the defensive armament of a B17 bomber. Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber [x] Lumia XL with custom backplate. Petersburg - a RORO car carrier with unique design meant to reduce fuel consumption. The length is meters feetmaking it the second largest ship in the world. Product of Alcoa press. Bob Kirtley stands in front of his P at Mines Field, now Los Angeles International Airport, before the 95th Fighter Squadron shipped off to Europe in WWII.

Makeshift WC on the supply and replenishment submarine U The pod had room for 1 brave photographer. Marines fire a salute during a funeral service aboard USS Honolulu Battle of Kula Gulf [x] Marines training glider, Parris Island Marshal Ustinov, first modernized Russian Navy Slava class cruiser, began day sea trials today. President Carter looking unimpressed aboard the newly commissioned USS Los Angeles. Note Admiral Rickover on the far right staring deep into your soul.

White stripes painted on B in preparation of the D-Day landings on June 6th put call option on bonds 601st Normandy. Mayflower II crossing the Atlantic passes HMS Ark Royal [x] Maz experimental heavy haul vehicletwo built, none survived [x] McDonnell Douglas F-4 Phantom x-post from r-pics [x] McDonnell XP Moonbat prototype, early Charette Selects the Unknown Serviceman of World War II Aboard USS Canberra, [x] Men of the 75 NZ Squadron posing with a Lancaster Mercedes F1 Car Deconstructed and Suspended [OS][x][1MIC] Mercedes Formula One car exploded view at Mercedes-Benz World at Brooklands [OC][OS] [x] Mercedes' new AMG, 4.

The Bf was adopted into Luftwaffe service during World War II, where it was primarily used as a personnel transport and liaison aircraft. The Komet was shot down as a put call option on bonds 601st of this action. Metric side of top drawer [ x ] [OC] Mi, world's largest helicopter, courtesy r-EngineeringPorn x MiT helicopter main rotor uncovered [x] MiG - prototype Soviet spaceplane [x] Micrometers in custom drawer inserts.

Exact moment of Yorktown's mortal blow captured on film, along with torpedo tracks, fighter-craft shadows and flak bursts. San Fransisco, March On deck are aircraft of Carrier Air Wing 14 CVW The layout is made with cadsoft eagle and the pcb-g-code script. The traces are 0. Mitsubishi J2M Raiden - such a beautiful, deadly plane Mitsubishi Ki heavy bomber a variant of the Junkers G. USS Idaho BBnow sporting better armor, new engines, tripod mast, 5-inch anti-aircraft guns, and torpedo bulges!

USS West Virgina BBin her original configuration top and her post-Pearl Harbor rebuild bottom. This time on the plane and slightly less filthy. Charles Martel French Pre-Dread Repost [ x ] Most used tool between work and home. A PBY Catalina makes a muddy landing at Amchitka in the Aleutian Islands. Multiple bullets stuck in a barrel [x-post from -r-interestingasfuck] [x] Multiple high endurance cutters at Coast Guard Island, Put call option on bonds 601st. Still runs like a top after 60 years[X] OC My th post.

The amphibious assault ship USS Makin Island LHD 8 pulls alongside the aircraft carrier USS George H. Bush CVN 77 for a vertical replenishment. What is likely the largest piece left of the greatest warship to sail the seas. The Stern Plate Of The USS Enterprise CV-6 [x] My th post!. Essex-class aircraft carrier USS Ticonderoga refuels from USS Ashtabula off Vietnam in My Grandfather's wooden spirit level [x] [OC] My Los Angeles class sub is safe and warm, unless you're a SEAL that needs to be deployed through the Seal Delivery Vehicle pod.

Let's see some tool boxes from everyone here! Not three hours after landing, he sends me this picture. USS George Washington CVN Naval Station Norfolk, 3 Jul [ x ] My toolbox! I saw one of these first-hand, and they're sweet. Naked Mil MiM under constraction for RuAF X Post from -r-militaryporn [x] Naked SpaceX SuperDraco thruster [OS] via ArsTechnica [ x ] Naked bow sonar of the USS thresher while under construction in Portsmouth Navy Yard in Naples harbour, May The fastest ocean liner ever built, she had a top speed of USAF B demonstrates low altitude flying for sailors of the USS Ranger CV Persian Gulf [ x ] Negro sailors of the USS MASON commissioned at Boston Navy Yard 20 March proudly look over their ship which is first to have predominantly Negro crew.

In just 9 days, it will finally arrive at pluto. Automotive student [x] New swiss tunnel-cleaning truck. The US Fifth Fleet at anchor within the Ulithi Atoll. March, [ x ] Nokia in half somehow they did it! The test simulated getting hit by a 16' shell fired from a U. Iowa-class battleship from a range of 13 kilometers. However this is the aircraft my father served as tail gunner on.

So you could say, this is my favorite WWII plane. Nothing like a Junkers Ju 87 laying its egg. Now THAT is a lathe. Sheffield Forgemasters shop [x] by Uwe Niggemeier Now for something different: USS Recruit, built in Union Square, New York City,as a recruiting tool. Nuclear Powered Attack Submarine USS Archerfish in Drydock, Bremerton, WA album about design and construction of these submarines in comments [x] Nuclear reactor and cherenkov radiation [x] Nuclear reactor being made in a forge, courtesy r-pics x Year and location unknown.

An unmanned rigid-hull inflatable boat operates autonomously during an Office of Naval Research-sponsored demonstration of swarmboat technology held at Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Fort Story. Battleship Number 27, USS Michigan suffered a burst barrel on her 2 turret. Not the barrel laying on her deck and a gaping hole in her superstructure. Also, importantly, notice the damage to the mid-portion of her foremast. The OmegaCAM camera lies at the heart of the VLT Survey Telescope in Chile.

The first stage of the Falcon 9 Rocket which took it to space, returned to earth and attempted to land on a barge in the ocean. It hit its target, but tipped over and exploded. This was taken just moments before touch down. She's seen here during speed trials in Yellow caulking gun for scale. The gorgeous Hawker Sea Fury.

One of my favorite P photos. The 15th Fighter Group, Put call option on bonds 601stclimbing to their objective with drop tanks. Lorenzen T-AGM and her embarked Cobra King radar system are lit by the rising sun at Fleet Activities Yokosuka. USS Midway with a captured V-2 Rocket on her flight deck. Out of the gaping mouths of Coast Guard and Navy Landing Craft, rose the great flow of invasion supplies to the blackened sands of Iwo Jima, a few hours after the Marines had wrested their foothold on the vital island.

Navy aircraft carrier USS Franklin CV aka 'Big Ben' underway at the Norfolk Navy Yard on 21 February Franklin had been commissioned on 31 January The Franklin would go on to be the most heavily damaged US carrier to survive the war. P Lightning Napalm Bombing Near Ipo Dam Luzon, Philippines P Lightning aircraft in flight during a demonstration, AAF Tactical Center, Orlando, Florida, United States,demonstrating one engine flight. P in Italy, mechanics have turned a gas tank into a toy car. P re-emerges from the sand in Wales P with one engine taken out by flak returns from Blechhammer, Germany with Bs for protection, July 7, Florennes-Juzaine, Belgium, A November PJ Lightnings 1st FG Formation Ps, many of them brand new, getting destroyed because war ended and no longer needed.

Clark Field in the Phillipines PQ as it was recovered from a Russian lake P Tomahawk belches flames as its engine starts. P Warhawk aircraft damaged in a taxiing accident with another P at Bellows Field, Oahu, Hawaii, December 8 PK 'Jinx' being camouflaged with natural jungle growth, Assam Valley, India, PK Warhawk Capt Colwell 51 Fighter Group P Put call option on bonds 601st chief guides pilot so he doesn't have to zig-zag down taxiway to see, Marianas, Jan P Thunderbold emergency landing in a minefield P Thunderbolt silhouetted by an exploding ammunition truck P as seen with additional 20mm guns mounted underneath the wings P from aboutcan't tell which model, but it looks stateside PD 'Duck Butt', FS FG, Lt.

Witters PD Thunderbolt of the st Fighter Squadron based in the Philippines and staffed by pilots from the Mexican Air Force, October, P Mustang during wind tunnel testing at North American Aviation, ca. P Mustang fighter plane in construction, at North American Aviation, Inc. P Mustang fighters seen through a window of a B Superfortress bomber, P escorts during mission over France, July 20, P headed to target carrying two lb bombs over England, P in flight over England, August P's Flying Above The Clouds On A Practice Fighter Escort Mission On 20 July PA Mustang during a test flight near the North American Aviation plant in Inglewood, California, United States, October PA Mustangs - 1st Air Commando Group - Burma, PC Mustangs Tuskegee Airmen at Ramitelli Airfield with goats by Toni Frissell.

PD and C Commando, again at Camarillo PDNA undergoes maintenance. Ober Olm, Germany, 17 April PDNA takes a test flight. Ps of the th Fighter Group preparing for the Warsaw shuttle mission. P47 engine, supercharger and exhaust system P47s stationed in Pizza, Italy during winter Guess the nation-air force they belong to! P4Y2 Privateer in civilian service as a fire bomber; PBY waist gunner mounting port side gun blister PBY-5A 'Wandering Witch', taken while getting read to board at 'Wings Over Wanaka ' airshow.

Only PBY flying the Southern Hemisphere. PBY-5A Catalina patrol plane flying past Segula Island just east of KiskaAleutians, Summer Stennis CVN 74 arrives at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam to participate in National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day events. Battleship Number 22, USS Minnesota, shows off her mine damage while in drydock, Her starboard bow took heavy damage, but she suffered no deaths and she made it back to port for repairs under her own power.

Also- creepy guy at the bottom of the picture. Up in the morning to the rising sun. Gotta run all day till the running's done! Ho Chi Minh is a son-of-a-bitch! PT on USS Idaho, s. USS Sitkoh Bay CVE underway with an assortment of aircraft destined for Korea: TBM Avengers, SNB, R4D Skytrain, JD-1 the Navy's version of USAAF's AC Invader and F4U Corsairs.

Thought I'd share it here. Painting invasion stripes on a Spitfire Painting of the USS Archerfish sinking the IJN Shinano. The Shinano was the largest warship ever sunk by a submarine [Art] [ x ] Pair of P's flying low above the runway at Shemya AAF on August 1, Possibly my favorite photo of P's ever. Here is the battleship Paris undergoing speed trials in Track of Carrier Task Force for Pearl Harbor Attack, 26 November December The main and support units comprising the Japanese fleet headed to Pearl.

Source info in comments. Two torpedo hits, port side below her armoured belt, one lb. An aerial view reveals the outline of the sunken USS Arizona BB at the World War II Valor in the Pacific National Monument. Photo courtesy of David Doubilet, NatGeo. Nasa's Forex trader of the fall High-Speed Tunnel subsonictries to hide behind a building, [x] Pelamis Wave Energy Converter in drydock - the world's first offshore wave powered machine to feed electricity into the grid.

Petlyakov Pe-8, Soviet WWII heavy bomber that bombed Berlin in '41, pictured in the USA while serving as transport for Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov between 19 May—13 June Phoenix Wire Recycling mini-plant x Photo Copier PC LOAD LETTER?!?! Sectional drawing from The long groove visible on the floor is part of a winching system to pull aircraft across the hangar without using a tow tractor. PlanetSolar: The biggest embarkation fueled by solar energy [x] Planing-semi--fully-submersible swimmer delivery vehicle [ x ] Play Taps for USS South Dakota BB as her flag is hauled down for the last time on January 31st, She would remain in reserve until when she was struck from the Naval Forex volatility pairs of synonyms and sold for scrap.

USS Missouri BB shaped canoe transiting unknown waters date unknown [ x ] Point-to-point construction pre-PCB in a Motorola VT 7' TV Point-to-point construction pre-PCB in a Motorola VT 7' TV x Portal Crane 31 at Charleston Naval Shipyard. Built by the R. Post-war photo of a salvaged turret from the Japanese battleship Mutsu. In she suffered a catastrophic explosion in her 3 turret- breaking her in two with the loss of 1, sailors.

A turret from the Mutsu is currently on display at JMSDF Etajima Naval Base. Sailor at the bottom right has their rifle trained on me. This meeting lead to the Atlantic Charter. Probably a warship, but could be for a Victory Ship [x] Propellers of The Titanic c. RAAF Dornier Do 24K A with No. Inherited from Dutch East Indies Nacal Air Service following Japanese capture of Indonesia. RAF Boulton-Paul Defiant, notice the A turret just behind the cockpit.

RAF Dakota flying through the valleys RAF Gliders and Tow Planes Head for Normandy Coast on D-Day June 6, RAF Lancaster LM of No. Most badass thing ever. Radio proximity fuze of a WWII-era anti-aircraft shell. July 8, [x] Range Rover car, the whole deal [OC] [x] Rare sight - someone just blew up two Islamist armed trawlers in Libya [ x put call option on bonds 601st Raspberry Pi X-Ray More in comments [x] Raytheon SM-6 Dual I Test Firing off Hawaii off USS John Paul Jones DDG FTM Test [x] Re-organized top drawer All the heavy hitters HMS Royal Oak in dry dock.

Clark's task group Towed across the Channel on D-Day, some had gun emplacements and living quarters. With President Herbert Hoover on board, returning from a cruise to the West Indies, 29 March Photographed by a USAAC plane from Langley Field, Virginia. Note the President's flag on the mainmast. A circular chart from Naval Shipyard Power Plant 2 used to track the boiler feed water temperature. The morning of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, it also recorded both waves of the air raid.

Looking up at USS New Jersey BB [ x ] Remote Minehunting System RMS is lowered from an Independence Class LCS [x] Remotely Operated Vehicles ROV [x] Removing the forward torpedo tubes during scrapping of a submarine - maybe Oberon class. Rininger Robots on a Hyundai vehicle assembly line [2, x 1,] Rocket With Turbopumps designed by Dr. The same engine used on the first stage of the Saturn-V Rocket.

Romanian IAR 80s all-metal monocoque fighter and ground-attack aircraft. Lutwaffe pilots found it put call option on bonds 601st be comparable to the BfE but not quite as good. Romanian river monitors on Danube river [1. Royal Australian Airforce Sqn Baltimore's bombing the rail yards at Castelfranco Veneto, Italy on 28 December Her masts have been stepped down so she can pass under bridges as she makes her way down the River Tyne after construction.

Photographed from Royal Navy Airship R9. SBD Dauntless: Battle of Midway Put call option on bonds 601st SBD-5 on takeoff roll last weekend in VA SBX Radar Platform - Pacific Missile Defense [x] SEAL Carrier SDV with LMG [ x ] SEAL caught in the act of infiltrating the Russian submarine Severodvinsk [ x ] SEALs practice water insertion techniques. Sub believed to be USS Michigan SSGN Likely older than half of us. She was sunk during the Battle of Jutland with only 9 survivors from a crew of She was part of the German East Asiatic Squadron at sea when WWI began along with her sister ship Gneisenau and several smaller warships under Admiral Maximilian von Spee.

Brown, Liberty Ship to sail from Hampton Roads [ x ] SS-N Shipwreck cruise missile in its tube after the raising of the kursk K N5 Hovercraft serial XT during British trials in Borneo - [x] Sawstop PCS professional cabinet saw with 52 in. Scale of the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carrier [x] Scaled Composites' tandem-wing Proteus testbed aircraft in flight over Rosamond Dry lakebed [x] Scene from the upcoming Dunkirk movie showing accurate underbelly color-scheme for MK1 Spitfires during Schienenzeppelin - A German high speed train from the s.

Top speed was km-h mph. Bonus photo in comments. BUSH CVN 77 during construction. It has no less than six turbocharger units attached to it. Servicing the nacelle of a turbine at Lillgrund - a Danish offshore wind farm. By January, the motor was producing between 5 and 8 pounds of thrust for up to 44 seconds. The Caltech program later became known as the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Severely damaged De Havilland Mosquito FBVI, MM 'SB-J', of No. The aircraft was hit by AAA attacking a V1 launch site in the Pas de Calais on 21 Feb '44, but made it back to the ELG, testament to the strength of the 'wooden wonder'. Shanxi Chinese Type 17 handgun. Photographer: Seong Joon Cho. The ship's hull must line up precisely with the blocks that will support the ship as water is pumped from the dry dock. North Korean Patrol boat on the Yalu River [ x ] [OC] Shivalik class frigate of the Indian Navy infographic [ x ] Shock and Awe.

USS Iowa BB fires a broadside from her 16' guns. No Sqn Sunderlands destroyed 6 U-Boats during WWII as well as engaging in many battles with Jus in the Bay of Biscay story in comments. Sailor on the USS alabama BB holds up a 40mm clip for the camera. Behold the mighty and venerable USS Long Beach! Mind if I join?

The tests apply heat equivalent to 1, suns to spacecraft shields. Soldiers inspect a crashed Messerschmitt Solved: Those things aboard USS New Orleans are carriages for early Nordenfelt multi-barrel machine guns. From a souvenir 15th USAAF Book of my Dad's. Some P51's escorting a B Not sure about the date or location, but this has to be one of my favorite photos ever. Some of the 24 double ended Scotch class boilers of the RMS Titanic [ x ] Some of the only B bombers produced on the assembly line in Fort Worth, TX.

Other are built around the cannon. Or around the armor. This one is built around the turbo-supercharger. Someone designed a Rocket Propelled Chain Saw [ x ] Someone from r-abandonedporn suggested I put call option on bonds 601st pictures of a vault in my apartment building's basement. A wider shot of the door is in the comments. Source and year unknown. Top speed 32 knots. Designed to challenge the Junkers Ju 88, put call option on bonds 601st Tu-2 proved comparable.

The Tu-2 was one of the outstanding combat aircraft of WW II and it played a key role in the Red Army's final offensives. Soviet Typhoon class SSBN TK under construction in Severodvinsk, USSR ca. Based on the hull of the 'Kirov' class missile cruisers. Not a happy ship - story in comments! Photo taken on a shipyard during the utilisation. EST and touched down about 10 minutes later. Photo by Michael Seeley [x] Spanish Flag used by a Ship of the Line in the Battle of Trafalgar [ x ] Speaker driver cut in half [x] Spektr - A Russian Mir module that collided with the Progress spacecraft in orbit [x] Spent shell casings from a naval gunfire support mission by HMS Cardiff D on the night of 5 June,as part of the Falklands War.

Clutch pencil then Rotring ink pens. Spitfire mk Vb-trop under maintenance Split Apple Rock, Kaiteriteri, S Island, NZ is a geological rock formation in the Tasman Bay made of granite. The cleft to produce 2 sides of the 'apple' was a natural occurrence. Not sure if it's rare or not, but the only confirmed existence of it onine are eBay postings, so I figured I'd share it with you guys! Colors are shifted, all lines not yet doubled-up and the gangway already has personnel coming aboard.

Taken by my Dad Stratified Lunch Delivery System [OC] [x] Straw tracker chamber of the NA62 experiment at CERN [ x ] Streaked with rust after months at sea- HMS Hermes enters Portsmouth Harbour on return from the Falklands War, [x] Streamline Tow Truck, circa Sub is dead today, so here's a dead sub. USS H-3 wrecked on the California coast, January Didn't get much attention, hopefully it does here.

I took this photo about a year ago on the USS Texas. Sun isn't put call option on bonds 601st, but guns are anyway - first public appearance of the Zumwalt's mm AGS barrels leading up to the commissioning ceremony in Baltimore [x] Sun simulator that simulates the harsh environment of space [ x ] Sunrise at the Put call option on bonds 601st Large Array - Magdalena, NM [OC] [x] Sunrise over the USS Ronald Reagan off the coast of Japan [x] Sunrise over the fo'c'sle, USS Lassen DDG [ x ] Sunset on board of the Egyptian Navy Mistral 'Anwar El Sadat' [x] SuperDraco engine from SpaceX's Dragon.

Each engine produces 16, pounds of thrust. A rather fetching view of Piotr Velikiy lying at anchor. Task Force 77 in formation off North Vietnam, March Shown after striking at Japanese forces in the Philippines. From front: USS Langley CVLUSS Ticonderoga CVUSS Washington BBUSS North Carolina BBUSS South Dakota BB and four light cruisers. This was a tiny fraction of the entire group. Italian missile boat-hydrofoil Sparviero showing off in the Mediterranean.

Note the smoke producer on the control top. The MeV Cyclotron control room at TRIUMF, Canada's national laboratory for nuclear physics [ X ][OC] The 8. An FEF-3, she put call option on bonds 601st built in and featured state of the art steam technology. One of these technologies were the lightweight tandem connecting rods, made of alloy steel.

The big wheels and lightweight reciprocating motion were good for mph [ x ] The H. Duesenberg V geared aircraft engine, c. Pearl Harbor [ x ] The BG 'Lovely Julie' of the 8th AF th BG st BS which was damaged on a bombing mission over Cologne, Germany, on October 15th, The B 'Extra Joker' bursts into flames after being attacked Fws over Turnitz, Austria on August 23, The BH Liberator 'Pegasus' landing at Attlebridge, Norfolk England using parachutes to help brake after the plane's hydraulic system was shot out during the bombing mission ca.

She was sunk 73 years ago today. The Bombe, an electromechanical device used by British cryptologists to help decipher German Enigma-machine-encrypted secret messages during World War II [ x ] The Brazilian dreadnought Minas Geraes fires what was then the heaviest broadside ever fired fro a warship. Seen from the bow. Air Force in honor of the 70th reunion of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders.

The Closest USS blueback SS came to being nuclear. Contest would ultimately be burned. The Cosmics Leaving Put call option on bonds 601st Droplets CLOUD experiment [ x ] The County Class Destroyer HMS Glamorgan D19 and the repair ship HMS Triumph A underway in the Atlantic, Opened as a science museum in The Exceptionally Thin Sony VAIO X Notebook ca. The French Fleet at Cherbourg, France. Photographed by Gustave Le Gray. Albumen silver print from a glass negative. Historical info in comments.

A 'bored at work' creation. She made it back to Japan for repairs by steaming backwards. Underwhelming performance led to a thorough redesign, which resulted in the F4F-3 and follow-up variants. The Guided Missile Cruiser USS Horne DLG steams through San Francisco Bay in Junebound for Hunters Point at the completion of a shakedown cruise. Studley Tool Chest [x] The HAWK-I Instrument at the Very Large Telescope [ x ] The HAWK-I instrument mounted on the Unit Telescope number 4 of ESO's Very Large Telescope [4, x 2,] The HMS Rodney, downfall of the Bismarck.

With 36, examples of the Il-2 produced during the war, and in combination with its successor, the Ilyushin Il, a total of 42, were built, making it the most produced military aircraft design in history. The Imperial War Museum posted this picture to advertise for their upcoming put call option on bonds 601st Air Show'--but what kind of plane is this?

She is designed as an armed escort for plutonium transports from Europe to Japan. As such, she is uniquely armed with AA radar, twin 35 mm, and a 20mm Vulcan. She also enjoys a range of 20k nmi- long enough to make trips to Europe without resupply. The MUSE instrument on the Very Large Telescope: equipped with 24 continuous flow cooling systems [4, x 2,] The MareNostrum supercomputer housed in the elegant Barcelona Supercomputing Center [ x ] The Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity and it's sky-crane landing system, all packaged put call option on bonds 601st and ready to go before launch in [ x ] The Matter in Extreme Conditions experimental station at SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source X-ray laser [ x ] The Mechanical Galleon is an elaborate nef or table ornament in the form of a ship, which put call option on bonds 601st also an automaton and clock.

It was constructed in about by Hans Schlottheim in southern Germany. It develops BHP without the use of forced induction and revs to RPM. The legendary Japanese pilot Saburo Sakai claimed that it was the fastest airplane he had ever flown, and that it could easily outperform its American counterparts. Only eight of these were ever built. The Molecular Beam Epitaxy System used to grow the crystal structure of the 1. Adams Incline - Cincinnati, Ohio. But a P kicking up water on a super low pass?

How can you beat that? The Plusjack Walking Harvester - [x] The Polaris missile tubes of the Italian cruiser Giuseppe Garibaldi CEurope's first guided missile cruiser Nicknamed Chaika 'Seagull' because of its gulled upper wings, more than 1, Ibis fighters were still in Soviet use during the German invasion when the biplane was employed in the ground attack role. Norwegian FS Marjata[ x ] The SGTH gas turbine, built by Siemens [x][OS] The STAR detector at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider RHIC of Brookhaven.

Notable for being almost entirely wrong. She was extremely expensive, built from Titanium and the fastest attack sub ever, reaching a top speed of Put call option on bonds 601st - the first plane to complete a non-stop solo crossing of the Atlantic Ocean. The detector was designed to detect solar neutrinos through their interactions with a large tank of heavy water. Picture from Science Museum. Driven here by Patrick Depallier. The smaller front wheels were an attempt to remove the wheel's profile from the airflow over the car.

Navy Gato-class submarine USS Tunny SSG launching a SSM-N-8 Regulus I missile in Navy attack submarine USS Dallas SSN in floating dry put call option on bonds 601st USS Shippingport ARDM-4 at New London, Connecticut, on 25 March Navy battleship USS Iowa BB during an underway replenishment with the Danish frigate Peder Skram Fleft, and the West German destroyer Rommel D during the NATO exercise 'Northern Wedding '86', on 1 September Navy seaplane tender USS Salisbury Sound AV with put call option on bonds 601st Martin P5M-1 Marlincirca Still get a kick out of seeing such a large plane be lifted by a crane [ x ] The U.

Navy's only forward-deployed aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan CVNunderway in the Philippine Sea. Visible are three Independence-class light carriers, four Essex-class carriers, USS Enterprise CV-6a South Dakota-class battleship, and two Iowa-class battleships. Indiana, her deck lined with Sailors and Marines, as seen from the Golden Gate Bridge, returning from the Pacific Oct.

Built in as R99 for the Kriegsmarine, between and she served with the German Minesweeping Administration as 'Algol'. Two Pegasus Class fast attack patrol boats showing their hydrofoils. Album and links in comments. This was the first piece of the International Space Station, and was launched on November 20th, [ x ] The absolutely massive Arecibo Observatory radio telescope measures m wide [x] The advantages of wheels not being attached to the wings The air cooled, Flat Six cylinder engine of a Porsche rebuilt by Singer Design [x] The aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.

Library of Congress [x] The construction of the Thames Embankment, [x] The controls of a VERY small steam engine [OS] [x] x-posted -r-SteamPorn The core of the LISA Pathfinder mission - designed to test technologies needed for the Evolved Laser Interferometer Space Antenna eLISAan ESA gravitational wave observatory planned to be launched in [ x ] The crew of a B Marauder outside their plane, nicknamed Ginger, The crew of the USS Bennington CV spelling out a tribute to the USS Arizona BB as they pass the sunken ship and the platform that served as the original memorial on Memorial Day, HM Submarine Vanguard S28commissioned in August, It is outfitted with two 4.

One of the very few examples of an opposed cylinder engine. More in comments [ x ] The evolution of US nuclear attack submarines [GIF][x][OC] The ex-USS Oriskany goes down by the stern May 17, Seaslug was a first generation surface-to-air missile for use by the Royal Navy, with the Mark 1 entering service in Make mortise and tenon joints super quick and easy; very unique.

Higher-res photo and info in comments [x] The first production of usable nuclear electricity occurred on December 20,when four light bulbs were lit with electricity generated from the EBR-1 reactor [x] The flagship technically the only ship, so we'll call it a flagship of the Mongolian Navy, Sukhbaatar III, is a tugboat manned by 7 men, only one of whom knows how to swim. Ford CVN 78 is completed with the addition of the upper bow.

The bow weighs metric tons and brings Gerald R. Ford to 96 percent structural completion. Sailors from the John C. Stennis Strike Group are participating in a sustainment training exercise SUSTEX to prepare for future deployments. Put call option on bonds 601st 5 inch mm guns are ready while inboard 20mm anti-aircraft crews are ready to act. The hidden power of US Navy during WW2, the Liberty-class naval cargo ship.

This Delta IV Heavy is being prepared to deliver a classified satellite into orbit on June 9, Circa [ x ] The ironclad turret ship HMS Devastation of the Royal Navy. FD Tomcats stage to depart USS Roosevelt CVN for the final time before retirement, [ x ] The last fighting sailship: The SMS Seeadler 'Sea Eagle' runs before the wind.

Ford was lifted into place yesterday. It visited all 4 of the outer planets, finally reaching Neptune in It's sister craft, Voyager 1, is now entering Interstellar space. The bow and Union Jack of fleet oiler USS Lackawanna AO is visible to the far right. Stennis CVN 74 [ x ] The long green mile. Battleship Number 40, USS New Mexico, passes through the Panama Canal, returning to the East Coast for eventual scrapping in Note the sailors all over the ship, enjoying the leisurely cruise.

USS Mississippi EAG exBB firing a SAM-N-7 Terrier surface-to-air missile during at-sea tests, circa It will attempt to reach a speed of mph in a South African desert in - [x] by Stefan Marjoram The newly commissioned USS Zumwalt DDG churns up the Chesapeake as she makes her way out of Baltimore bound for her new homeport at San Diego. The first of a planned member class is due for delivery in More details in the comments. Duluth MN [OC] [X] The prototype Blackburn B20 flying boat. The prototype for the de Havilland Hornet fighter The radioisotope thermoelectric generator aboard Cassini [1, x 2,] The rear of a Ford GT40 replica showing its famed 'Bundle of Snakes' V8 headers.

The restored HMS Gay Archer P [ x ] The running gear and electrical equipment of a Pennsylvania Railroad DD1 electric locomotive. There were five more in the air and they were all brought down safely in these conditions. Off Scotland, 14th November She outran all pursuers, reaching This is where the tug that pushes the barge fits in to. Duluth, MN [OC] [X] The suction head of a 'snorkel' dredge in all its rusty, confusing glory.

Water is pumped through the nozzles and cannons at high pressure to liquify the mud and is then sucked up through the cage. Can't help imagining it with guns-chainsaws for hands. Jeppson, and Paul W. Tibbets, sit in their seats in the Enola Gay cockpit after 60 years. The top of the W block from a Bugatti Veyron. The world's only Magnetohydrodynamic drive powered ocean vessel; the Yamato - 1 [x] The world's second nuclear submarine, USS Seawolf, being launched in July [ x ] The wreck of a P Lightning serial number of the 20th Fighter Group that crash landed at Sudbury, home of the th Bomb Group The yacht America, pictured in America won the first ever America's Cup in She was also a sail training vessel for the US Naval Academy after the war.

Kuznetsov, Charles de Gaulle, Eisenhower and Wasp. There there, it's not so bad - consoling a morose Sea Sparrow on DD 'Shirayuki' [x] There's not nearly enough love for the Gator Navy on this sub. So, I give you the USS Iwo Jima LPH-2lead ship in her Class of Amphibious Assault Ships. Sevier Lake playa, Utah. Bonus photo of nearby evaporating salt pond x This Croissant [ x ] [X-Post from -r-food] This P miraculously managed to land after sustaining damage which resulted in large part of the aircraft being covered with oil.

This Typhoon seems to have had a malfunction with one of its missile tubes. USS South Dakota BBfitting out on January 1st, All sorts of fascinating details in the picture. Osebergskipet, viking era, circa AD [x] This machine is used to shape fenders for classic roadsters by Cooper Technica, Inc. Elon Musk has named that barge 'Of Course I Still Love You', in honor of science fiction writer Iain Banks, whose books helped inspire him.

The crayons on top of the aerogel are protected from the flame underneath, and are not melting. Explanation of labels in the comments. The Bf Gs are possibly from I-JG 27 This sub isn't dead! We can salvage it Album in the comments. Photo from the 11 June launch of NROL [OC][x] Three Astute-class nuclear attack submarines in the build hall together. Three Navy Grumman F4FA Wildcats of Fighting Squadron VF-5 from USS Yorktown CV-5 flying in formation, circa The battleships, in an anchorage protected by anti-torpedo nets, are from left to right : USS Idaho BB ; USS New Mexico BB ; and USS Mississippi BB I usually use the ' and was sick of checking which end to use.

IIB AK - GA O, a No Sqn RAF machine, pictured in North Africa in The squadron was the first in the RAF to use the shark's mouth, from mid onwards. Tomahawk tubes are a no pedestrian area aboard USS Florida, SSGN, [x] Tool Panel [ x ] x-post organizationporn Tooth showing the effect of a cavity forming [x] Top Gear Russia Magazine Accidentally Published An Image Of A Classified Submarine [x] Top drawer industrial-automotive diesel tech.

January 22nd, [ x ] Track of Carrier Task Force for Pearl Harbor Attack. Photo from the Metro Transportation Library and Archive [x] Tree cut in half reveals a golf ball cut in half x Tucker Sno-Cat, Commonwealth Trans-Antarctic Expedition, November-December Two Fairey Gannet AEW3's of D Flight, HMS Eagle.

Marine Corps CHE Super Stallion helicopters receive fuel from a KC Hercules while transporting Humvees over the Gulf of Aden. Navy Curtiss SB2C-4 Helldiver dive bombers of Bombing Put call option on bonds 601st 83 VB fly against the backdrop of ships of Task Group Two famous ships in one shot: HMS Vanguard and Queen Elizabeth. Sank by an RAF Bomber inshe is one of only four German WWII submarines in preserved condition in the world.

Now a major tourist attraction in my town, Birkenhead, England. Fleet moored in Pearl Harbor on 3 May [ x ] U. Navy Sea Shadow IX [x] U. Sight shop, big gun section. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force ships are underway x U. Photographed from USS South Dakota BB as the sun set behind Mount Fuji's distinctive cone. S West Virginia giving direct fire support with its 16' guns during the landings on Okinawa [x] U.

Enterprise CVN 65 haulin' ass, U. Porter DDG 78 and Cole DDG 67 keeping up during exercise Bold Alligator off the Virginia and North Carolina Coasts. Launchedserved in TG throughout the war in several major engagements earning 9 battle stars. USS Somerset LPD can be seen in the background. Located another photo of the crash site. USAAF Liberator Attacked With Japanese Phosphorus Bomb While Bombing Truk USAAF bombers flying over Mount Vesuvius Italy, Designed to service nuclear powered bombers.

She operated out of Devon, England during the invasion. Stockham T-AK bathed in sunlight as she sits alongside USS The Sullivans pier at Stapleton, Staten Island. Sitting in Mobile Bay. Putting a baby up for adoption in arkansas lakes and salvage efforts of Turrets 3 and 4, Feb. Here she sails alongside USS Essex in Wait, that's not an Essex class aircraft carrier!

That, of course, is a relative term. Her nickname was the 'prune barge' and was about as fast as one. But she could look fast with that clipper bow! Date not certain, possibly Oct Painting by the late Tom Freeman. Photo taken from USS Francis Hammond DE in plane guard position. Devastator is participating in U. Mine Countermeasures Exercise Eisenhower and Charles de Gaulle in operation against ISIS [ x ] USS Elrod FFG Guantanamo Bay, [ x ] USS Enterprise CVAN Flight deck carnage following the January Zuni-rocket explosion off Hawaii; seen here soon after the fire was extinguished and before flight operations resumed.

A Zuni rocket detonated and ignited jet fuel. Sometime in the 's. Arabian Gulf, x-post r-Militaryporn [ x ] USS Franklin listing alongside the USS Santa Fe. The put call option on bonds 601st had been hit and set afire by a Japanese dive bomber during the Okinawa invasion [ x ] USS Franklin, CV, on the East River, heading to the Brooklyn Navy Yard for repairs of bomb damage, 28 April [x] USS GAMBIER BAY CVE straddled by Japanese shells and falling behind the rest of her task group, during the battle off Samar, 25 October [ x ] USS Gallup PF The only remaining Tacoma-class put call option on bonds 601st in the world.

Bush CVN underway in the Atlantic conducting training prior to her upcoming deployment. A Ticonderoga-class cruiser is visible off Bush's port bow. Bush CVN 77 sails in some rather interesting Atlantic waters [x] USS George H. Bush conducting flight operations, date very uncertain [x] USS George HW Bush CVN launches an XB drone during carrier qualifications, May [x] USS George Washington CVN 73 transits the Atlantic Ocean conducting carrier qualifications with FC Lighting II carrier variants [x] USS George Washington CVN and USNS Yukon T-AO conduct UNREP, Coral Sea, [ x ] USS George Washington CVN maneuvers past Mt.

Surabachi on Iwo To island, formally known as Iwo Jima, on 7 September Fuji in the background. Ford CVN showing off its tremendous size. Ford is a beautiful carrier [ x ] USS Growler Diesel Sub with Regulus 2 missile launcher [ x ] USS HALSEY DDG 97 stands out of San Diego at sunset. She was a Pegasus-class missile hydrofoil, armed with a 76mm OTO and two quad-packs of Harpoons.

Foil-borne, she could dash at 48 knots. Source for this pic is the cover of a Boeing brochure uploaded to foils. She gets a notable and distinctive appearance in the movie Hacksaw Ridge. The forward mast of USS Massachusetts BB is visible directly behind Indiana. In the distance is most likely the USS Quincy CA due to her Measure 22 camouflage.

BB had crossed the bow of USS Washington Put call option on bonds 601st in the dark on February 1st, Not shown was the extent of the damage done below the waterline- her starboard propeller shaft was severely damaged as well. I took this picture from a cruise ship a couple years ago. Meyer and USS America in the background. Kennedy CV 67 pulls into the port of Valletta, Malta [x] USS John F.

Kennedy CV rusts in Philly [OC] X USS LCS as she appears today at Mare Island. Over of these foot craft were built, each kcapable of 16 knots while carrying a full company of infantry. Two months later she would be totaled in an act of arson. From virtually the same point of view, but taken 20 years later! Underway at three knots in Puget PDF Policy Portfolio Selections Using the TD Ameritrade, Washington, 13 July She is painted in Camouflage Measure 32, Design 6D.

The six projectiles are visible in flight at upper right of photo. USN Photo courtesy Getty Images. Navy and Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force JMSDF as part of the annual bilateral Guam Exercise GUAMEX. Happy Thanksgiving to all our WarshipPorn crew. USS Ommaney Bay would be sunk in this battle. Foster DD turns away after an attempt to replenish fuel from USNS Rappahannock T-AO The seas were too high and conditions too rough to safely execute a scheduled replenishment at sea RAS.

Ramage is named for Vice Admiral Lawson P. Ramage, a notable submarine commander and Medal of Honor recipient in World War II. Lee DD, right and USS Nicholas DD, left hard aground following the Honda Point disaster, 8th September Roberts DE'the Destroyer-Escort that fought like a Battleship', an epitaph earned for engaging an enemy fleet consisting of 4 battleships, 6 heavy cruisers, 2 light cruisers, 11 destroyers, including the Yamato.

Note the destroyer keeping pace to starboard. Excellent view of how compact her hull was. Note the difference in size. East Coast on 28 March Photographed from a Squaron ZP blimp at an altitude of feet. Ship's camouflage is Measure 33, Design 3d. Guess where the reactor is [ x ] USS Washington BB loading supplies in Iceland mid [ x ] USS Washington, BB, at anchor in Puget Sound, 10th of September, Note collapsible stations and railings aboard California and the quick-release gun tampions on her 14' guns.

USS Yorktown CV-5 lists heavily to port after being struck by Japanese bombers and torpedoes at the Battle of Midway. The ship was armed with a single 15' gun that fired a 1, lbs shell to a range of 21, yards. ITT Artic Services, Inc. Franklin was heavily damaged by Japanese bombs off Okinawa in March ' Navy infographic [ x ] Virginia-class attack sub USS Illinois SSN conducting sea trials.

The boat, Barents ran out of fuel in rough weather in northern White Sea on 9 June [x]. Vought F4U Corsair under maintenance Vought F4U Corsair, parked at Duxford Air Show, 16th September Vought F4U-1A 'Corsair' fighter BuNo of fighter squadron seventeen VFon Bougainville in February Vought F4U-1A 'Corsair' fighters fly in formation during a mission in the Solomon Islands area. Vought OS2U Kingfisher floatplane, of Observation Squadron One VO-1 Taxiis alongside USS Arizona BBafter a flight in the Hawaiian Operating area, 6 September Vought SB2U Vindicators over the Sierra Nevada range near Mt.

Whitney Vought V Flying Pancake. It made its first flight on November 23, This one is probably in Dutch New Guinea. A Phalanx close-in weapons system fires during a live-fire exercise aboard the amphibious assault put call option on bonds 601st USS Boxer LHD 4. USS Normandy CG60 and HNLMS Evertsen F conduct operations off African coast, [ x ] WWI German submarine washed ashore at Hastings, England x from -r-MilitaryPorn. Battleship Number USS Kansas reaches her design maximum Note that the ship's 7-inch broadside guns have not yet been installed.

In honor of this, I am reposting the first image I ever submittied to this great subreddit: 'USS Niagara, Oliver Hazard Perry's Flagship at the Battle of Lake Erie, in Toledo [x][OC]' Water King Amphibious Excavator in Anstruther Harbor, Scotland [x][OC] Wavelength shifting 'SciBar Fiber' [1, x 1,] We clearly need more AA. HMS Sheffield F96 salutes HMS Diamond Rock, likely in [ x ] Weapons of a Slava class cruiser [x] Welcome to the Aerotrain.

Who Called My Bond?

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