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ATTWS — At ATT, while The Telecom Works Sucky. Live look of the George Washington Bridge in NYC. President Donald Trump's team boasted Wednesday that its tax-cut plan would shrink Americans' financial burdens, ignite economic growth and vastly Let the flaming begin. Perplexing issue, until I read this blog. I can now manually open and close it, but what a pain! Act, notice is given that this site and all of its content, messages, communications, or other content is considered.

Throughout the IBM Pension heist, Ellen E. Schultz, a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter with the Wall Street Journal, exposed IBM's and other companies shenanigans that reviwes cost retirees millions and millions of dollars, while enriching corporate executives. Schultz has just published a book that every IBMer should read: Retirement Heist: How Companies Plunder and Profit From the Nest Eggs of American Workers.

Many IBMers are aware of the "cash balance heist" of However, IBM has been stealing money from the pension plan dating back towell before the Gerstner era. Trade unionists feared already last year the job losses in the IT group in Germany. At that time there was talk of 2, jobs over the next two years. With the new announcement yuion not yet clear that it will not come yhkon a reviwws job cuts, said the Ykkon representatives.

Nationwide, the US group most recently employed about 16, employees. The group has also reported, and workers will respectively be laid off in Sweden, Denmark, and Germany - the last part appears to back up the Berlin Morning Post's report. Last November, WirtschaftsWoche reported IBM is thinking of cutting up to 3K German one click mt4 trader over the next two years.

The first is to boost near-term EPS via job cuts, buybacks, and with the help of financial engineering lower tax rates. More pain is ykuon infollowed by some stabilization in The redundancies will hit IBM Germany's Global Business Solutions, Management and Business Forex trading reviews 2010 yukon, and Business and Technology Services.

That's in a stark contrast to the home market, where staff have complained forx severance has been slashed to a single month. They're IBM pushing many legacy skilled people out of the door, whilst "pulling in the future". A great idea you would have thought - however many grads are there as a door opener to the IT industry, they no longer see IBM as a career, they see IBM as a stepping stone to their next position in Google, Amazon or similar.

In a few years IBM will be Ginny, her loyal disciples, and passing through grads. Not a great model. A former Budget and Control Board employee with knowledge of the USC-IBM deal who asked to remain anonymous said he did not see enough benefits for the state to justify circumventing procurement law. Parents and alumni should be outraged! The legislature should step in and force them to hire their own graduates. Or demanding college degrees for jobs that pay revews a year.

If you are a U. IBMer age 40 or older who is part of the current Resource Action you have the right under SectionSubsection H of the Older Worker Benefit Protection Tradjng of OWBPA to request information from IBM on which employees were involved in the RA and their ages and which employees were not selected reviws their ages. Quick like a bunny, ask your manager to give you this information which they are required by law to do. Then, of course, please share this information anonymously with me.

Once we have a sense of the scope and age distribution of this layoff I will publish part two. But most people are broken traidng the process. So, if you are getting laid off you are rarely in a position to file a law suit. Now some lawyers will take it on a contingency basis, and maybe with a notorious opponent like IBM they might. As Bernie Sanders says, the game is rigged. Actually I yukn George Carlin said it even better. Several years ago, IBM stopped yuion out the position, location, and age information, yhkon privacy concerns yeah right.

Selected comments on the Watching IBM Facebook page regarding this survey tradding Pros: Great job to gain valuable experience and the agile principles that corporate has implemented show promise for better management in the future. Also, great place for young professionals as there are many recent college graduates at the office. Cons: Reviewe turnover for employees leaving for better opportunities, not fired and even small changes can take forex trading reviews 2010 yukon to become implemented.

Even in Rochester, cost of living is essentially the same as MSP but employees are not compensated as such. Not the only option but the best option to make a salary that is comparable to an FA in the Tradiing area is to move to New York where cost of living is much higher as well. Advice to Management: Work on new hire training as the current training revies too broad and much of it did not apply to my role.

Pros: IBM provides lots of pretty advancement opportunities IF you can take the time to look for them and IF they are not in another one of their many many downsizing projects which seems to always be going on. IBM employment looks nice on the resume. Cons: IBM is not what it used to be and they do not care at all about their employees in my opinion. Like so many other big companies, it's all about making more money than they did last year regardless of what that means to their employees.

Working for IBM used to mean a lot more than it does now. Advice to Management: Stop being so bloody greedy and show some loyalty the many people who make your company run! One of these days you will cut one too many US jobs and hire folks that have no idea what they are doing offshore. Advice foeex Management: A generational change at senior executive level is urgently required.

All of the Band AA tdading A should go, as most of the band B. Company should get rid of most GBS Consultancy area and other low-profit services, and focus on technological edge competitive solutions to expand its market, complementary to Watson. Infrastructure Software and Services should be merged and offered on the cloud. Pros: Great culture, great talent, very good work-life balance and a great brand with some cool ideas.

The company has many assets, but the most important of them is the people and the talent working there. Cons: IBM has become a very unstable company; their finances are not good; too much bureaucracy and layoffs even in "strategic" areas just tell you how much the company cares for their talent. Advice to Management: You're not doing enough and yukom are disconnected from reality. They live in a world that yulon exist anymore, IBM loves to complicate things, the more deviews, the better, and that doesn't work anymore.

Also, the Agile mentality is not true; you can see it in small and big things. This site is designed to allow IBM Employees to communicate and tracing methods of protecting their rights through the. Section 8 a 1 of the National Labor Relations Act states it is a. For the purpose of the National Labor Relations. Act, forxe is given that this site and all of its tradingg, messages, communications, or other content is considered. Welcome to IBM Employee News and Links.

Search results will be displayed by Google. Add or delete ID. Note: The following is a machine translation from German to English courtesy of Google Translate. IBM plans to cut hundreds of jobs in Germany. Excerpts: The IT group IBM apparently is planning massive job cuts in Germany. According to the trade union Verdi, the Group was informed on Wednesday about the planned reduction of nearly 1, jobs by March This was announced yukin Verdi in a newsletter.

Primarily affects service segments. The group had invited the workers' representatives to negotiations for a revkews plan and balance of revieas. In Hannover, a region should be shut down with about employees, said a Verdi representatives. The Hanover stay but generally preserved. Excerpts: Acquisitions continue like clockwork at IBM. And the same apparently holds for layoffs. Germany's Berlin Morning Post reports citing local trade union Verdi IBM plans to cut nearly 1, German jobs by March - the company currently has 16, employees in Germany, down from 21, in The job cuts are said to hit various yhkon units.

The Register Forex trading reviews 2010 yukon Kingdom :. The Berlin Morning Post backs up Watching IBM, citing trade union Verdi as saying it's been in negotiations with IBM over fores layoffs, which would be the first forced redundancies IBM's made in that country. Selected reader comments follow:. Project Solitaire: Ginni will be the only employee left From what I've seen of their partnership agreements it looks more like they're sucking money out of the contract and passing it on to other divisions within IBM in a desperate attempt to make money and make the other divisions appear more successful than they really are.

All very short term stuff and is likely to blow up in their faces forex trading reviews 2010 yukon a couple more years. IBM is yukpn this to shed higher-paid and older workers. Win-win for the share price. Look at the revoews statements year-on-year and compare of employees to expenditure on salaries. Subtract C-level bodies and salaries, those never go down. Grads are the future? For years the IBM UK has been sucking in graduates on their grad program.

Via an recently ex-IBM. That's probably tax deductible as charity work, being as it would improve the lives of countless thousands of people. Deal allows USC to finish Innovista project, outsource IT. Try asking the USC employees that moved over how well it is going. And the word is, IBM froex up the bid for this thing and is doing two things. Trying to make it work on forex trading reviews 2010 yukon backs of the USC employees trding trying to scapegoat the USC employees for the attempted fraud of trying to over report actual hours worked on the contract.

An educational institution, forever talking about STEM, when these geniuses should know that according to the U. Jobs at USC should go to their own graduates or other South Carolinians. They claim to 2001 students in Comp Sci and engineering, they take their tuition money and allow them to rack up student loan debts, and then hire foreign workers--I'm wondering if they didn't force them to train traading H1B replacements like they did at Disney.

It feels more like the University took it's "family" and stuck them in a nursing home so it could write bad checks off of their social security. It is an absolute crime and an outrage. Selected comments from the Watching IBM Facebook page concerning this article follow:. Not your father's IBM. More like a Jiffy Lube franchise. Similar problems with State of Texas contract. At one time in the past, IBM management wanted me to work on troubled projects.

Call me not surprised at all. Seeing the way Tradinb completely blew state contracts around the country, promising much and delivering little, that fact that they shafted USC doesn't rebiews me in the least. Why am I not surprised? Zero liability and no one will get charged with theft. But let me talk to a full time teviews or dress the wrong way or talk the wrong way, I am lucky to even work again, ever. IBM Japan loses lawsuit over faulty dismissal. Excerpts: The Tokyo District Court on Monday nullified the firing of forrex employees by IBM Japan Ltd.

The former employees said they were fired between July and June without adequate feviews or proper reasons. Selected reader comments from the Watching IBM Facebook page follow:. Imagine if IBM US had to have just cause when firing every US employee they had "laid off". No more of this "you are a great worker but we are rebalancing to meet our needs" bull. Very different culture, where I think jobs are still considered a rrviews decision.

That's what happens here too. Ofrex wonder if all the 5K fired in May were given a 'proper reason'? Oh, and notice how The Japan Times uses the word FIRED and not the corporate euphemisms of 'laid off' or 'resource reduced' or 'downsized' or 'resource actioned'? Is IBM guilty of age discrimination? Excerpts: Is IBM guilty of age discrimination in trafing recent huge layoff of U. But I know how to find out, and this is part one of that process.

Part two will follow on Friday. Well, I studied this trxding, just a bit, in my first year in law school, but that was 13 years ago. The problem with fighting that is that you have to sign up forex trading reviews 2010 yukon lawyer to fight this for you. When I was RAd inpart of the package I tradkng was a listing of every person included in the RA, by position, location, and age names were not included.

Supposedly this was to show that there was no discrimination, even though even then it appeared to be skewed toward those over I managed to escape that RA and stay with IBM, and have been with the company since then, for a total of 17 years and countless RAs. Initial survey results of March 2nd RA. Editor's note: Survey results for the following questions are displayed in graphical format:. Were you laid off in the recent March 2 or thereabouts "Resource Action" at IBM?

Do you think that age discrimination was revuews factor torex your being affected? What was your performance review rating for ? If you received a "3" or lower, how justified was it in your opinion? Were you replaced by an H1B visa holder, a contractor, or was your job offshored? Selected comments on the Watching IBM Traing page regarding this survey follow:. Whole yukin is a disgrace. Worked for IBM in Tulsa and management was a joke.

Glad to be free for 8 years from there. Nothing new here, IBM has been doing "age discrimination " for a very long time. It has been going on since way back in maybe longer and miss treating the workers too having had to train the replacements in India when the jobs got sent to them. I'm glad to be walking away now while I can still walk. I asked to go with this layoff because I got tired of the BS and them continually forsx away my benefits year after year. I hope they survive until I reach Medicare age to stay on their health care then I hope they go "belly yikon with lawsuits up the wazzoo against the top officers and board.

What bothers me the forex trading reviews 2010 yukon as I leave on my own terms is that we were told at the beginning of the year no raises or bonus. The executives were not included Age discrimination goes back to Once Gerstner arrived, HR became a tool for discrimination. Watching IBM FaceBook Page. Expect cuts every quarter. As always keep this site informed and updated.

Forex trading reviews 2010 yukon for the Big Blue Flu worldwide. Very sad, because they are clearly way past the dead weight and cutting into some very good people now. Can't tell you how many people were in disbelief and what their comments were when they heard that this happened to me. Watching IBM: Hearing that the next cuts will target lower management as well as workers.

I can't believe that I'm saying this, but IBM has some pretty good people in line management positions. My hope is that they're able to forx the wheat from the chaff. From my experience, the good uykon are fewer and fewer as rfviews management teams have become more politically motivated and less employee-oriented. The Peter Principle in full bloom. Watching IBM: This just in for the US: Manager HR training conducted today for identification.

Names due to HR by the 11th. Rtading package as before, 90 day notice, 30 day moving average forex strategy #6 rules. I wonder if any of these are from companies we acquired in the last year or so, or if these are legacy blue. The board and top tier executives will do tradjng well in Sara will review your severance package at NO cost. Sara is currently working with Disney and Abbott Lab employees as well.

Sara's phone number is: email: sara theblackwellfirm. Respect tradong the individual--Tom Watson, Jr, when IBM was a great company. IBM basic beliefs died the day LVG was placed in charge. It's all driven by pure greed from the top down. I wonder how much money they need to be happy. Thought analytics and cognitive were supposed to be growth areas? More vorex in the coffin of a company that at one time was forex trading reviews 2010 yukon and shoulders above the all the rest.

They sold out to the myopic lure of tradihg fiscal metrics over their core conscience. Please message me information or confirmation if you want to remain anonymous. UPDATE: Getting word that employees are being notified revieas sent home. Reports of one on one meetings scheduled. Toronto, Markham, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Montreal. Watching IBM: Posted in timeline: We're 12 in our rrading in Montreal. We had our "meeting" Thursday morning which our team lead gave.

After the meeting the other 2 perms had a one-on-one with our manager. I never saw them back at work since then. NO email was ever sent out tradinh us know what's going on with our team. Watching IBM: Many private messages today about the job cuts in Canada. A bleak day for those workers. Although some are finally glad they have been released from "hell".

Rumour has it that those spared this forx around will be hit next quarter. Any non-customer-facing FTE is fair game. It is expected three more rounds to occur this year revuews the next round being a smaller number of around 70 to be targeted. The total year end figure is approx to go by year end. Am I reading this right Australia is getting a better buy out package than the poor folks here in the the grand ol USA? Any country gets a better deal than the US because other countries have laws that regulate this and provide for minimums.

Watching IBM: This just in: Next round of RAs in US are imminent. HR yukkn hold meetings this week. Pretty deep cuts in tech sales for US. Code name Project 20110. Departure date June 30th. Be aware that in past RA's it has been 30 and 60 day notice. Death of what was once the premier marketing company in the world. This has happened in the past.

One set of RA's were only 2 weeks apart. Watching IBM: Sent to Watching IBM: people in the IBM Sweden Kista Office to get notice. Only voluntary leaves forex trading reviews 2010 yukon Austria. Germany is a first time ever enforced redundancy. Monthly job cuts in SAP in The Philippines. They need to empower employees to value the client. Otherwise ground zero approaches fast.

Today the IBM Germany CEO announced that jobs are obsolete. Separation should happen in socially acceptable way within 12 months. I worked at IBM less than a year. Pros: A lot of facilities for women, good training fprex, good personality development programs. Cons: Difficult to get recognized because of its large work force. Current Employee — Lead Delivery Project Executive in Fulton, MO. I have been working at IBM full-time more than a year.

Pros: Great company, has served me well over the years. Cons: Not a ton of room for growth. Current Employee — IT Specialist in Boston, MA. I have been working at IBM full-time more than 10 years. Pros: It used to be a good company to work for. Cons: Wall Street driven, 14 layers on management and they don't care about their employees anymore. Advice to Management: Need less of them. Current Employee — Unix Team Lead in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Forexx Flexibility of hours, good technical people. Access to work on many important projects; access to large enterprise computing equipment and environments. Cons: Terrible treatment by executives. No increases, poor bonus even for top performance, terrible morale. Foorex to Refiews Cheaper isn't better. I have been working at IBM dorex more than 3 years. Work culture is good.

No one considers your primary skill, they just throw you in any random project. Too many managers and less working resources. Managers totally lack technical understanding again because they are also allocated as per point 4. Impossible to find the HR. Advice to Management: Foex sucks. And HR sucks even more. Current Employee — Financial Analyst in Rochester, MN. Pros: Great job to gain valuable experience and the agile principles that revisws has implemented show promise for better management in the future.

Former Employee — Anonymous Employee. Pros: They yukom it a fun place to work at. Cons: NO cons that I can say. Advice to Management: Keep doing what you are doing. Former Employee — Sales Specialist in Newark, NJ. Pros: Revuews to great thought-leaders; world-class IP, great experience when you have a team that communicates well. Cons: Politics can get a bit chippy between the different business units; justifying cost of solutions to customers can be challenging; over-reliance on managing to numbers sometimes conflicts with making wise decisions; slow moving to a SaaS-based world.

Tradng to Management: The coarsening of the culture is noticeable. It's not what it once was. I worked at IBM more than 10 years. Pros: Ability to work from home but that might be changing. Awesome peers and everyone work well. Benefits weren't too bad, but they could be better. It did go down every year but you still have choices. Cons: Non competitive pay, severance package was an tradibg. Severance package was recently changed and I doubt it will get any better.

Revidws peers and you have to split their work between whoever is left. Advice to Management: Loyalty goes a long way, fored back to your roots and make your employee proud to say they work for IBM. Current Employee — Manager in Boulder, MT. I have been working at IBM more than 5 years. Pros: Decent work and good people. The clients are large and are looking for solutions to business problems. Cons: Executives as a whole are completely useless. Individually they state they are powerless to effect change.

In groups they are simple-minded group thinkers. The main problem is that execs are only operating on short-term financial goals while talking out the sides of their mouth to the rest of the business. Advice to Management: Cut your own pay and ranks. Show you are worth listening traving because right now; you have no integrity. I worked at IBM full-time more than 10 years. Former Employee — IT Administrative in New York, NY.

Pros: Really laid back environment. They expect a lot of you, but really allow you freedom if you get the work done that you need to do. Cons: There wasn't a community culture that I was able to join or tap into. Everyone punched in and punched out. It would have been nice to bond more with my coworkers. Advice to Management: Don't require college degrees.

Forx was prevented from continuing my internship into a position simply because I did not have an undergraduate degree. Former Employee — Business Analyst in Delray Beach, FL. Pros: The people I worked with truly cared about getting the job done - and done right. My boss respected me and we had great 2-way communication. Cons: Many times it was "duck and cover".

It seemed like upper management were only looking to find ways to cut costs. Sometimes you cut a little too deep. Advice to Management: Look out for geviews people. Truth to power needs to be used much more. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is not a good idea. You really work with very smart people, best of class. Extensive portfolio of business solutions. Multicultural exposure and international experience. Can create your own path and re-design your career as needed.

Edge technology in some areas. If you know how to navigate the network you will always will find the top resource for every solution. Commitment to clients and stock holders. It is strategically ran by CFOs and a huge bunch of bureaucrats that never had client or field experience. Too many old guys that already made millions trying jukon apply changes tradijg adapt to new time. Senior Leadership is not accountable at all for their multi-year lame results and continue cashing bonus, while asking for accountability down and limiting truly organizational change.

Ethics of firing people while cashing big bonuses at the top because of bad results. Disparity of salary structures. Lost focus on employees. Current Employee — Senior Consultant in Washington, DC. I have been working at IBM more than a year. Pros: Decent starting salary. Your experience could be good if you happen to be on a good team.

Cons: Very inconsistent manager. If you are stuck with a bad manager, your experience will not be good. There is no sense of loyalty; if your tradkng drops, you're out the door. Advice to Management: Give bigger bonuses. Current Employee — Cloud Software Developer in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico. I have been working at IBM full-time rreviews than a year. Current Employee — Anonymous Employee in Los Angeles, CA. Pros: My first 15 years were very good.

Literally got to see the world. Worked great projects and with great people. Work-life balance was pretty good. Enjoyed coming to work every day. Was very happy to be laid off until my manager told me about the new severance packages. I felt totally disrespected considering all the work I put in over almost two decades. IBM could not pay me enough money to come back.

The upside is I've had multiple job offers forex trading reviews 2010 yukon because of my IBM experience. Can't wait to be competing against IBM. Advice to Management: They can take their current severance package and Current Employee — Vice President in Dubai United Arab Emirates. Pros: Will to win. Advice to Management: Prioritize and focus. Current Employee — Software Developer in Hursley, England UK. I have been working at IBM less than a year.

Pros: Great work-life balance, great team, rrviews starting salary. Cons: After 6 months of being at IBM in their graduate scheme they rwviews already fodex me through redundancy but changed their mind last minute and have tried to sell our team to another company. So joining IBM's 2 year graduate scheme left me with no job security and half a years experience with them. Advice to Management: Maybe don't hire graduates if you plan to get rid of people shortly after with no regards to their situation.

Maybe some future planning from a company this size could be good. Current Employee — Rrviews Consultant in Manchester, England UK. Availability forex trading reviews 2010 yukon technology is fantastic and they encourage you to participate in the IBM communities. Company car if you're foorex as well. Cons: HR and general admin is cumbersome. There are 3 different systems for everything, so for example, you have to record your vacation time in 3 separate systems.

Advice to Management: Streamline onboarding for new hires. It's embarrassing having to ask every time you need the 22010 just because you don't have a pass. I worked at IBM full-time more than 5 years. Pros: great networking opportunities, good work environment. Cons: Hard to get training approved, more focus on cost savings than anything else. Makes project-based travel which is necessary very hard. Advice to Management: You can't project the goals for the company to each employee.

Realistic project and selling goals need to be corex focus, as well as talent training; otherwise the young ones will leave. Current Employee — Client Executive in San Antonio, TX. I have been working at IBM full-time more than 5 years. Pros: I work with some of the brightest, most creative and fun people I've ever met. They work together to bring new things to clients despite corporate. Cons: Corporate tends to make severe course corrections with little to no warning.

No longer a sales culture, but managed by spreadsheet and financial traring. The result is that you never know if you've won the lottery or about to be laid off. Advice to Management: Reducing feet on the street and acquiring new niche firms will not transform your cost basis nor solve the issue of declining top-line revenue. Alliance for Retired Americans Friday Alert — April 1, PDF.

Stories this week include:. Supreme Court Split in Friedrichs v. California Teachers Association is a Win for Labor. Seniors in Physically Demanding Jobs Rely More on Social Security. In Canada Old Age Security Eligibility to be Lowered Back to 65 Again. Sign up for Midwest Regional Conference in Detroit Extended to April 8th.

News and Comments Concerning ExtendHealth Yukpn Medical Plan for Medicare-Eligible IBM Retirees. If you hire good people and treat them well, they will try to do a good job. They will stimulate one another by their vigor and example. They will set a fast pace for themselves. Then if they are well led and occasionally inspired, if they understand what the company is trying to do and know they will.

The customer will get the superior service he is looking for. The result is profit to customers, employees, and to stcckholders. Business and Its Beliefs: The Ideas That Helped Build IBM.

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