Terrorist attack put options strategies

By helping reduce potential losses and downtime in the event of a terrorist attack or other disaster, business continuity plans reduce the impact and severity of any business disruption, potentially making the difference between business survival and closure. What we can say with confidence is that none of the measures adopted by the U. A particular design problem for this system is that it will face many uncertainties in the future. Their transactions were unremarkable and essentially invisible amid optiobs billions of dollars flowing around the world every day. Democracy is optiions antithesis of terrorist tyranny, which is why the terrorists denounce it and are willing to kill the innocent to stop it.

In every instance where we noticed unusual trading before the attack, we were able to determine, either through speaking directly with those responsible for the trading, or by reviewing trading records, that the trading was consistent with a legitimate trading strategy. This finding is consistent with informed investors having traded options in advance of the attacks. This suggests that owning a put was a valuable investment and those who owned them could sell them for a considerable profit before the expiration date.

Without elaborating on the detailed explanation of the mathematical and statistical method which the scientific trio applied during the examination of the put option transactions on the CBOE for the period terrorist attack put options strategies andI summarize some of their significant conclusions.

These findings support the results by Poteshman who also reports unusual activities in the option market before the terrorist attacks. They added the emphasis that in no way the profits gained with the put options to which they point atrack have been achieved due to sheer fortunate coincidence, but that in fact they were based on prior knowledge which had been exploited. The response of the SEC to my inquiry was … well, to make a short story even shorter: there was none.

Thus, the issue remains pretty much unresolved — and should be treated in the field of research as a dramatic gap in the official narrative of the event going forward. Connected to this question is also the case of William Bergman, a former senior financial market analyst at the Federal Strategis. Related to an investigation that I am conducting I became aware of this anomaly in USD currency terrorist attack put options strategies in the summer of Blue, ; Red, 5-year average May I ask you on behalf of the Federal Reserve for an official explanation, please?

May I also ask you why William Bergman was fired as a Federal Reserve economist after he atfack this anomaly? The response of the Federal Reserve in Washington DC equaled the Arabic number of zero. Apparently, most of this anomaly occurred at the NY Fed. Terrorist attack put options strategies Yes, I do. WB: Other explanations could certainly include a blooming banking crisis in Argentina in In a declared national emergency or time of terrorist attack put options strategies, assets can be frozen and seized in banks and other financial institutions.

So there is an incentive to take assets out of places they are at risk of seizure, if you know something is coming. Lars Schall is a German financial journalist. Copyright Lars Schall Published at ASIA TIMES Optipns here on September 13, There are a couple of unresolved issues when it comes to the terror attacks of September 11, More than a few people must have had advance warning of the terror attacks, and they cashed in to the tune of millions of dollars.

Yet, the SEC concluded that this never happened. So I forwarded three weeks ago past forex trading newsletter this article the following inquiry to the SEC press department: Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, my name is Lars Schall, I am a financial journalist from Germany for Asia Times Online, Hong Kong. However, there are three scientific papers that come to very different conclusions:.

Wing-Keung Wong, Howard E. Please let me summarize them for you just briefly. In a new version of their study that was published on September 7,the authors stuck to their findings from April Thank you for your attention! Kind regards, Lars Schall. It can go up because people withdraw cash out of their bank accounts. In the seasonally adjusted terrorixt data adjusted for seasonal monthly trendsAugust was the third fastest growing single month in the plus months terrodist World War II, trailing only December Y2K, along with other relevant things and January the onset of US military action in Iraq, as well as an important enforcement month in the BCCI money laundering scandal.

WB: Well, not exactly. Startegies I had also noticed that the Federal Reserve Board had issued a non-routine supervisory letter to the Reserve Banks on August 2,urging them to continue to scrutinize suspicious activity reports. This letter attaco during the surge in currency shipments related to the data above, as well as a spike upward in the number of suspicious activity reports being filed by depository institutions.

Terrorism and its financing were not mentioned specifically strateiges the letter, but they were known to be part of the realm of suspicious activity. In a draft primer I was writing on money laundering, I asked why the Board issued this letter, and was asked to answer the question. LS: What happened to you afterwards? WB: The call was shorter than I expected.

A week later my money laundering assignment was terminated, and I lost my credentials for access to confidential information. A month later my position in the bank was eliminated. On August 28, I wrote for this article the following media inquiry to Michelle Smith, a senior spokesperson for the Federal Reserve Board in Washington D. Dear Ms Smith, My name is Lars Schall, I am a financial journalist for Asia Times Online in Hong Kong. Federal Reserve notes in circulation aka US dollars ; change over weeks preceding September 11, Blue, ; Red, 5-year average May I ask you on behalf of the Federal Reserve for an official explanation, please?

The response of NY Fed was zero as well. So I asked William Bergman, who is now the Strategirs of Research at the Institute for Truth in Accountingthe following additional questions for strategiess article:. LS: What is the official explanation for the staggering increase in USD currency in circulation stated by the Fed? LS: What could be other explanations? This case is valuable of its own accord, and also highlights a broader issue.

LS: Thank you William Bergman. In the second half of the show Max talks to independent journalist, Lars Schall, PoteshmanCBOEFederal ReserveHoward E. ThompsonKweehong TehLoriano ManciniM1 Money SupplyMarc ChesneyNY FedOption MarketsPaul ZarembkaPut OptionsRemo CrameriSECUS DollarWilliam BergmanWing-Keung Wong. The Business As Usual Behind The Slaughter. With Max Keiser renko divergence trading Paris.

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9/11 Insider Trading Revisited. could be no dispute that speculative trade in put options warnings of a heightened risk of a terrorist attack. Vehicular Terrorist Attacks: Strategies for Safety themselves and their loved ones during a vehicular terrorist attack. to allow yourself options for. Options Trading: How much deep OTM optios can make you good profits? numbers of an American being killed in a terrorist attack. I have put the probability.

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