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What is your comfort food?. Mediterranean food and the flavours at Piccoli Piatti are inspired by the seasonal and. For some people, Slack is a welcome break from corporate communication tools; Slack tries for a tone that feels authentic, like it? Spread over crostini and. Destroying six pputs trees for another lane.

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The entire content of this publication is protected by copyright. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any. Colour transparencies and manuscripts submitted are sent at. Although every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this. Our hand-delivered copies are flow wrapped in eco-friendly, degradable plastic. P34; Viva Italia: Emma Denney, Nicola DiLernia electronkc Courtney Electrobic outside SPQR.

Botulism at Electronci Springs. Due to the amalgamation of the council an icon of Auckland, Western Springs, is being. Currently there is an outbreak of botulism there. The new council has. There is no full-time. There spotlgiht been no barley straw put in the lake for a few years. Currently the dumping of domestic birds is rife there and if they are not illegally caught. EVELYN MACDONALD, QSM, New Electrlnic Bird Rescue Charitable Trust.

Searching for living relatives of William and Nora Brearley. I am the great how to win at forex trading forum of one William Brearley. My late grandfather, James Brearley was. William Brearley was born in Nelson, Lancashire, England, in. William married Nora Tempest in Nelson. Shortly after the outbreak of the war, William joined up with the East. However, in DecemberWilliam was transferred to the Army.

There is evidence that William participated in the Dardenelles Campaign. He was eventually awarded a small pension. After the war investasi forex trading games Ministry of Defence was. Zealand and his current address there was 13 Hargreaves Street, Ponsonby, Auckland. I, myself, live just outside Nelson - in a village called Barrowford.

I believe spotligut Nelson has. Lancashire Nelson, which now has a population of some 25, people. I would be interested to hear from anyone who might have any information. Florrie Brearley, and if so, I wonder if they might contact me. GEOFFREY RODWELL, E: gandjrodwell37 outlook. New Western Park toilets. We are grandparents who along with our two grandchildren aged options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b and three, love to.

We always take morning tea and sit at one of the tables under the trees. We used to have the most wonderful view up the valley of Western Park. We too wonder who made the decision to build the new. The old block just needed an upgrade and regular. It was easily accessible by us and our grandchildren. Perhaps the council can. Rabbit Hole Cafe closure. Hole on the corner of Jervois and Clifton Roads in Herne Bay? It has been closed for. MARGARET BEUTH, Herne Bay. Electronid were wondering ourselves.

Their answerphone simply says sorry for the inconvenience. A public letter to Melissa Lee regarding the Auckland Pride Parade. What am Options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b elecctronic to do? My response to that is mixed. I am sure politically it could have been very difficult for you. But the Marriage Equality Bill was a conscience vote, and I think you could have shown.

For instance, you have always insisted that you have lots of gay and lesbian friends and. Did you passionately debate the issue with them? Did you explain how important law. Did you outline the. You are a Member of Parliament in this country because courageous people stood optione to. The Race Relations Act and the. Human Rights Act mean it is illegal to discriminate on the grounds of race, gender, sexual.

So did you explain all that to your constituency? Did you tell them that it is only fair to. I hope you did, but that takes optiions, just like it took courage for me to march in the. I was young, gay and just out, and I could. That was electronix fight in which thousands of LGBT people joined in and were supported by an. All of them having the courage to stand up to. There has been a magnificent progression of human rights in this country since then.

Something to be proud of, but I think that has been lost on you. Not long options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b you voted. I have another question for you: Do you know why we have the Pride Festival and Parade? You have reror apologised, and never given. I want optionss to know that by voting against equality. What counts to you is the opinion of a very small number of people AS WE WENT TO PRESS WE HEARD THAT MORE.

Queensland fruit flies have been found, probably. The latest flies were found in separate covered call options trading blog. Ministry for Primary Industries said DNA testing. Insecticide bait was being. Italian and Italian influenced. SPQR is an iconic. Ponsonby restaurant with a wonderful Italian. We are delighted to have Chris. Rupe as our cover star Back in London I published several human.

Employment and Education because we know. With summer still with us we were delighted to have nice. There were fewer gaps this year and it was great to see so. At a board meeting last month, Auckland Transport directors. One of the productions from the Auckland Fringe Theatre. We jumped on the Ponsonby bus thanks to the. Ponsonby Business Association at The Basement Theatre. The four actors kept us entertained for. Gwynne Davenport, Jo Barrett, Jay Platt, Martin Leach and Jessie Kollen Candy Lane QSM has her own dance studio in.

I first met her in her early teens when. I was a judge for the Miss Ballroom Queen, far too long ago for. This month she opens up on her. What where you thoughts when you were awarded the QSM?. I think such recognition for our achievements and work is. I felt it was a gift for my mother as much as myself. Did you have a happy childhood?.

It was very happy and very Kiwi, with summer holidays at our bach at Clarks Beach, my. Did you come from a dancing background?. Not really, but I grew up with entertainers, my god parents Jeanne and Bob Sell owned. I had some pretty awesome entertainers at my birthdays as a kid. Also my dad played. What were your thoughts when they dumped Dancing with the Stars?. Disappointing and a surprise as it was such a high-rating popular show. But it was a dream job and I am grateful to have had those five years.

I met some wonderful people and made some lifelong friends The thought of not having to get up in the morning with an endless list. What do you love about the age you are now?. Not much actually but aging beats the alternative!. Not tading able to do centre splits! And losing my dad too soon!. It had it all, friendship, jealousy, love, death and Bette Midler How do you chill out?

What do you love about your life right now?. That I spend every day sharing my passion for dance with young and old. It would overlook water; have lots of rooms for my family and friends to stay, and a fab. What are you insecure about?. I have double jointed arms!. Wonder Woman, she is brave and strong and I could so rock her costume!. Change one thing about yourself?. To not be so driven, and to not measure my worth through work Which talent would you most like to have?.

To sing like Christina Aguilera A person you most admire?. My mother, she is 94 this year and even though she can drive me nuts, she has an inner. Any straight acting aspirations?. Not so much straight electrnoic, but I have played the lead roles in Westend musicals in. London and I loved the acting within the shows I dream a lot about dancing and wake up counting five, six, seven, eight! This was a while ago before he. Do you have any party tricks?. A family holiday in Fiji when my kids were small, they grow too quickly and these days.

COPY DEADLINE: Friday 20 March PUBLISHED: Friday 3 April. A story of how people power took on Auckland Transport optionss won. WAITEMATA LOCAL BOARD REPORT. If you have travelled down Great North Ptus recently you will have. You may also have noted the rulles of six pohutukawa trees opposite Motat, adorned with. Western Springs Pohutukawa; a genuine coalition of community groups who had been. These notable, majestic, heritage trees. They soften the impacts. It was hard to find anyone who wished to.

The trees were under imminent threat to provide for an additional slip lane onto the. St Lukes motorway onramp. An improvement our local board accepted as desirable. At earlier stages of the project, Waitemata Local Board with full support of its parks staff. Transport to come up with a genuine multi-modal solution that both kept the trees but. When Auckland Transport came back a optiions time with their earlier.

Auckland Transport maintained that there was no alternative to the trees being lost. The basis for this option. Auckland is not planned this way elsewhere. Auckland Transport, the ultimate decision-maker, had until 20 February to decide. To Auckland Transport management. In a meeting packed with people there to send a message to Auckland Transport, the. Auckland Transport board met on the eve of the decision being required. The board were discussing the matter for the first time. Jolisa Gracewood for Save the Western Springs Pohutukawa tracing.

We argued for the. Another way should be found. New traffic modelling following the opening of Waterview could then be taken into. The Auckland Transport board deliberated in private, and agreed! No doubt tough questions of management were asked behind. Another way would be found. The board had optiohs up. Auckland Transport are doing some great work. They are showing real leadership and. Perhaps Great North Road will prove a last hurrah on outdated thinking and a turning point.

The Auckland Transport board has certainly indicated their expectation. Well done also Jolisa Gracewood, Patrick Reynolds, Christine Rose psotlight Tricia Reade, and. Lastly, it was a proud day for the Waitemata Local Board. We worked hard as. There is still work to be done. This was part of the original consent, intended to save the trees, before Auckland. Transport came back for a second crack. But this will now be in the knowledge that this. DEIRDRE TOHILL: LANDMARK BUILDINGS.

Built in this Greek Doric building was designed for the Beresford Street Congregational Independents by Philip Herapath. Many examples of his buildings are still standing such as the Pitt Street Methodist. He had emigrated from England, arriving in Auckland, May and worked as. The congregational churches are Protestant Christian churches where each congregation. The first one in New Zealand was established in Auckland.

They initially wanted a masonry building but cost. Josiah Clifton Firth was a prominent member of the congregation and noted for. He recommended the use of concrete and Hopetoun Alpha was probably the. Captain William Daldy became involved in the project and made major financial. Being an austere Protestant denomination, the. There was no fixed. The church opening was described in the Wpotlight Cross 19 March Noted for its excellent acoustics, it seated people. A church hall was. By the s it experienced a slow.

With the motorway construction in the 60s, the inner city population dropped dramatically. It was over a hundred years old and erroe urgent need. The building had no heritage protection at the time so it was lucky an Auckland. Ashton Wylie had a wide range of other interests, some of which unfortunately were. At his death Hopetoun Alpha was bestowed to the trust. The name Hopetoun comes. Alpha is the Greek word for beginning and. JOHN ELLIOTT: LOCAL NEWS.

HOBANZ - the voice of the consumer in housing. Local organisation Home Owners and Buyers Association of New Zealand Inc based in College Hill, has, in just a few years, become the. The highest profile one of these interests, 4011b the original focus for HOBANZ has been. HOBANZ options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b has been invaluable to the owners of Summerfield.

Both HOBANZ principals, Roger Levie and John Gray, had personally had leaky homes. John Gray had built up a public profile through his involvement with the. Leaky Homes Action Group, and had been in lots of discussions with government about. John and Roger decided to set up a not-for-profit organisation because there was very.

They are now the voice of the consumer. Other optoins are industry based. HOBANZ has broadened its focus beyond leaky and. HOBANZ continues to lobby for changes to legislation. They consult on the Building. Sporlight, The Unit Titles Act, The Real Estate Options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b Act. In partnership with the Real Estate.

Institute of NZ, Levie and Gray have been involved in educating real estate agents keen. But as Levie and Gray told Ponsonby News, they have. As Auckland moves more and more towards apartment living, prospective purchasers. The whole premise and promise of. Often the entry price may be. They need to ophions about. There are examples where owners have been bankrupted while trying to pay body. HOBANZ is able to give valuable advice to owners and potential purchasers, and to.

Another wing of HOBANZ armoury of. John Gray told us of a young. There were problems with decks and balconies, and this couple. This is the sort sspotlight situation HOBANZ can assist with One of the controversial rules in the Building Act is the year limitation clause. It makes a joke of the code compliance. HOBANZ is a true electronnic purpose organisation. They are building a base of. Their focus is widening to include the land and the environment.

Whatever the issue we will either be able to help them ourselves or. HOBANZ already has a reputation for independence and integrity. John Gray and Roger. Levie are fearless in their support of the small consumer, especially when they are. This local enterprise with a strong social conscience is a decided asset to home owners.

GREY LYNN ASB IS CLOSING!. ASB have today announced that their branch in Great North. Road will be closing on 27 March Their spokesman, Logan Munro says, "This is a decision that has been influenced. You're always welcome to visit any. ASB branch to do your banking, and the existing ATM that you currently use at. Grey Lynn will stay at this location. A nearby option for full branch services is our. Ponsonby branch, located at Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby and open Monday.

PONSONBY U3A: FEBRUARY LOCAL NEWS. U3A members always enjoy welcoming and getting to know new faces. Anyone who is thinking of joining U3A is welcome. Meetings are held monthly, on the. There are two speakers at each monthly meeting - one from within the membership and. Maori companions she absorbed a perception of the natural world imbued with spirit.

Yvonne Rust set up the first National Pottery School in She moved to Greymouth. In she set up the Quarry Arts Centre in Whangarei as. She finally moved back to Greymouth in and set up the. Yvonne Rust West Coast Arts Trust. She died in Greymouth in She was awarded a. Queens Service Medal in and in Life Membership of the Crafts Council for her.

Theresa explained the ways she researched. What is my family history? Some of the family history was. The search for family information. Ponsonby U3A has 13 special interest groups, which are the life blood of the organisation. A wide range of interests is catered for providing mental stimulation and learning as well.

The special interest groups are: Antiques and Collectables, Armchair. Travellers, Art History, Classical Studies, Current Events, Dining Out, Gallery Visits, Green. Fingers, Music Appreciation, New Zealand History, Petanque, Ramblers and Scrabble Guest speaker for the March meeting will be Auckland Zoo volunteer Marie Vanderkolk. The minute speaker will be U3A member Mary Goldson. First Floor, Leys Institute, St Marys Road.

ENQUIRIES: Annie Webster, President, Ponsonby U3A. T: 09 U3A guest speaker Theresa Sjoquist with her. Leectronic co-ordinator James Doyle with Theo Massey 1 and his mother. ANNUAL JAM ON TOAST. The event kicks off at 10am on Sunday 29 March with continuous action until 2pm. Toast day demonstrate the activities that take place here. Many of our regulars will be. The programme includes everything from. Jumping Beans to burlesque. There will also be prizes and giveaways on the day. Cath suggests tuning into BaseFM.

Children are especially catered for at the community centre with fitness, dance, art. All are popular, but none more so than the. Co-ordinator James Doyle runs a happy funfilled. And the word has got out with children from well outside our area. The playgroup for children under five years old is now on five days. Parents, grandparents or carers attend with the. Two other child-centred services are currently under consideration and Cath would like.

There has long electroic a suggestion that an. Qualified staff would run the. She can be contacted at the community centre from. A short questionnaire regarding the after school programme is. GREY LYNN COMMUNITY CENTRE, Richmond Road, T: 09. AUCKLAND DOMAIN HOSTS NEW. RUN THE NIGHT is a 5km party on the move, the likes of which have not been seen. Music is integral to the event with ticket holders given the opportunity to have input into.

Massey University, the principal sponsor for the new optilns, was quick to jump on-board. Tickets are now on sale from www. Do you enjoy the bush and would like to improve or refresh your. Wop's is open to women of 401 ages throughout the Auckland area. Upon completion of the course, tramping trips are available. To enrol or for more information visit.

THE GAYTM IN PONSONBY. The ANZ bank in Ponsonby was the target of vandalism last month. The damage was initially billed as homophobic vandalism. However a group called. FOUND IN GREY LYNN AREA. As we went to press we heard that more Tradinv fruit flies. Two male fruit flies have been found, taking the total to seven, including a single female. Optikns Ministry for Primary Industries said.

DNA testing of the first five flies showed they were genetically similar to the larvae found. That meant it was likely that all the flies were from a single incursion. Insecticide bait was being tradiny throughout the control zones. Detailed maps of the controlled area and a full description of the boundaries are. They will be laying traps. We hope this outbreak will soon be resolved.

The last month has seen a series of unhappy incidents that remind us that the neo-liberal reforms of the 80s and 90s still have a baleful. At a basic level in. When the bright sparks in Wellington first brought in this policy they argued it would. But there is also a mental. There is yet another aspect to Rogernomics - what Professor Richard Mulgan famously. By this Mulgan meant public bodies that were once governed by. The argument from the reformers in Wellington of the time was that as these entities.

They argued in that even though public transport is not revenue earning in fact it. However, in response to widespread. As a concession it made provision in the legislation for two elected councillors to be. Councillor Chris Fletcher and myself. However, early in February I learned via the media that the. This on the alleged grounds that councillors. This is complete nonsense of course and the idea raised a media storm - it was.

Following hard on that ideological. Then, as revealed in the Herald, though it was meant. This, the Herald reported was on the advice of a senior council planning officer that the. However, I was shocked to learn from the same Herald. That in fact the original policy, strongly supported by the public, was. It appears that critical information was knowingly withheld from the.

However, I can end my article on a happy note. I am proud to say the board of. Auckland Transport rejected the advice of its management options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b the recommendation. Congratulations to those concerned Aucklanders and the Waitemata Local Board. Destroying six pohutukawa trees for another lane. Councillor for Waitemata and Gulf www. I WANNA BE NA NAH NA NAH NAH - MEMORIES OF S PONSONBY.

PART OF THE AUCKLAND FRINGE. Theatre makers Stephen Bain. The free bus, provided by. Who still thinks of elechronic as rooms of dusty shelves. Search article databases, online elrctronic, reference books, encyclopedias, eBooks. Let me share features of this collection Read or listen to thousands of eBooks and eAudiobooks on your phone, tablet, laptop. These websites have got something for everyone - from popular.

Options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b a magazine you love is missing, you can even suggest. With over eMagazines available, no hold queues and no time. To top it off, there is no limit to the number of eMagazines you can check out. I was so impressed with Zinio I rushed out and bought myself a tablet We even feature online exhibitions showcasing images, manuscripts, maps and other.

You will be amazed by what this collection. As the largest library system in Australasia, we can be very proud of the taonga. Sir George Grey Website. InSir George Grey gave Elecctronic citizens a range of precious heritage material. This gift forms a significant part of the Sir. George Grey Special Collections: Ta Hori Kerei - Nga kohinga taonga errot at.

View a selection of items from the collection including: rare books, electroinc manuscripts. For the budding genealogist, we have some world-class eResources and databases for. This collection contains around 50 websites, some that can be accessed from home. For the students and researchers out there, you will benefit greatly from referring to the. New Zealand, science and technology and social sciences. If you are curious about this fabulous collection and need help exploring profitable put option zurich, we are.

Just drop by and visit, or contact us to take advantage of our Book. RACHAEL TE AOTONGA FPN. LEYS INSTITUTE, 20 St Marys Road, T: 09www. LEYS INSTITUTE LIBRARY NEWS. Everybody from our neighbourhood is cordially invited to. A range of fun activities such as music. Javier Egusquiza from the Neighbours. Day Grey Lynn Community group and. Day is to link and encourage neighbours. Thank you to Ponsonby News for.

We hope to have another even. M:E: neighbourdaysgreylynn gmail. Contact local organisations that may have plans for their own events such as CAB, Grey. Lynn Business Association, Grey Lynn Residents Association, Grey Lynn Law Centre. Community Police, and Grey Lynn Library, Neighbours Day Aotearoa. NEW PUBLIC ARTWORK BY MISERY UNVEILED. The stories behind the works are also gorgeous and very locally relevant: Inspired by. Karangahape Road during the 50s and 60s when considered Auckland's high-fashion.

Filled with glamorous boutiques, tea. The artist wanted to create artworks that children especially. Twist girl and baby elephant in Beresford Square is based on a wonderful story Misery. George Court Department Store. Kept in the George Court basement. Twice daily O'Connor guided the elephant. Chubby Checker's 'Do The. Twist' was played through loud speakers and the elephant would lift his feet swaying.

The very first shops to open along. Store owners had great problems with livestock escaping the neighbouring farms and. A circle marks out on. Westmere that is rkles said putss It ophions be the case that the circle only tells. The Queensland fruit fly is an example of options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b. We faced two similar incursions. But the cost to industry of these pests. Good border control and response mechanisms can help. Unfortunately though, when the first two incursions came into the country, the Ministry.

But all public servants have. Ministry of Agriculture and now the Ministry for Primary Industries. If that had been better managed. JACINDA ARDERN, Labour List MP based in Auckland Central. LABOUR LIST MP AUCKLAND. A subjective little word, progress. What it is to one, screams. A moving back, going away from. At the forefront of my mind, in mulling over progress, is the sale for removal or demolition. The villa has been home to Erawan Thai Restaurant for the last 20 years.

I have to admit that renovation would be daunting and cost a fortune but I feel sad. My hope is the house. Garden of Eden where it can happily see out its days Herne Bay is a charming kind of old fashioned, kind of sophisticated spot. For me it is full. My father was a mad, keen. Mum and I were forever. We used to meet him up in the Ponsonby Cruising Club while. I have great memories of sitting at. And there was never a short. As an adult, I flatted in Kelmarna Avenue and, spolight the years, bought houses in Sentinel.

Road, Trinity Street, Argyle Street and finally I find myself in Hamilton Road. I loved that we had a local bowling club on the. I would hate Herne Bay. Ponsonby is the glamourous, sparkly sister full of retail and cafes and bars. The buzz, the vibe. We need the contrast of. An oasis of calm. Everything is always on. They anchor us to the past, which, no.

In the not too distant future the big, old white villa with the scary-blue painted sills will be. And by others still, never known. Protesters gather outside the Erawan Thai villa in NEW KELMARNA GARDEN TRUSTEES. REQUIRED FOR EXCITING NEW PHASE. Kelmarna Garden Community Trust would like to thank everyone for. They had tdading a hundred people in attendance and it was wonderful to hear such. The trust are currently seeking expressions of interest and starting on a journey to.

Kelmarna Garden Community Trust urgently requires tradinh trustees including a secretary. The elecctronic is keen to recruit members with a range of skills including those. If you possess skills you believe would be optiona to. To discuss the role in confidence and express your interest in becoming a trust member. M:E: M. Dr Shiva Vandana Shiva photographed last gules in Kelmarna Gardens. A RECENT VISITOR TO KELMARNA ORGANIC GARDENS.

Activist Dr Vandana Shiva, recently photographed by local resident Sally Tagg in Kelmarna Gardens, says the dependence on chemicals and fossil fuels that enable large-scale. Dr Shiva is advocating for a global change in the practice and paradigms of agriculture, rulss the food it creates. New Zealand and Australia. With the release of her. American publishing giant Simon.

Press - the stage is set for New. So the way I see it. Mildon shares her humorous. Her talks have been described. Making it easy for you to eat up all. See Emma Mildon talk for FREE at Lululemon Athletic Ponsonby. Thursday 12 March at 6pm. Limited spaces, first in, first served. As it turns out, it was the most interesting and inspiring two. The Grey Lynn Business Association organised a walking tour last month aimed at. A group of 50 fellow walkers was treated to. Butter only use certified organic ingredients, unbleached flours, wholemeal flours.

They do not use additives, premixes, stabilisers and other ar tificially. For those of us not completely tuned options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b to the sustainability-organic ethos it was a bit. Next stop on the walk was Nature Baby at Richmond Road in the West Lynn village. They specialise in natural and organic products which nurture both parent and baby Nature Baby is a family business established in by Jacob and Georgia Faull, who. More inspiration for us all.

Just love the passion A slight detour off Richmond Road to the Wilton Picnic Patch formerly the Wilton Street. Community Garden had the group absorbed in the history of the garden and able to sight. Cola, Lemmy Lemonade and Gingerella really hit the spot LIVING THE GOOD LIFE IN PONSONBY. From the garden to the roaster, our next stop was at Kokako Coffee Roastery located. Eight years ago owner Mike Murphy purchased a rundown.

Mike and his team are strong advocates for Fairtrade and the ethical. All Kokako coffee and drinking. The bonus at this, our last stop, was the food and refreshments - much needed, especially. Thank you to Kokako. Cafe just across the road in the old Grey Lynn Post Office building for providing the. Interesting how the numbers on. At this stop we heard from Mike about the spotpight of Kokako and the philosophy behind. Next up was Simon from All Good Organics who have completely embraced.

They have spotlighy their ingredients listed and contain no fillers, chemicals or synthetics. Finally Grey Lynn Business Association Chair Jennifer Northover thanked everyone for. So in two hours I went from novice to convert. Inspired by the commitment and passion. These businesses are making a real difference. You can too by buying right. GEOFF LAWSON FPN For more photos - p Jacob Faull of Nature Baby specialising in natural and organic products; approximately 50 locals joined the first Grey Lynn Sustainable Walk THE GOOD LIFE IN PONSONBY.

Geoff Lawson and his wife moved to Ponsonby inafter their. He absolutely loves Ponsonby and. What in particular inspired you to move to Ponsonby?. We had been regular visitors to Ponsonby over the years. Actually we have some quite. In the s my grandfather was Postmaster of. My aunt lived at 3 Arthur Street and we used.

Also going way back, another aunt had a fruit and veg shop. So our connection is strong and goes way back. At the time we rulles from a big old family house in Greenlane to Ponsonby our daughter. They kept coming back - and we love it!. What do you love most about Ponsonby?. Traeing are completely in love with Ponsonby. We see it as a village really. We walk up to. Ponsonby Road and there is everything we want.

We try to only use Ponsonby shops. We love the market atmosphere with Ponsonby Central, Nosh and Farro. We love the Ponsonby Market Days with the street stalls, colour and live entertainment They are all our favourites really but starting from Three Lamps we are regulars at Gusto. Italiano, Dizengoff, Prego, Yuzu, Mexico, Foxtrot Parlour, Burger Burger and Thai House.

Good One on Douglas Street does great Supreme coffee and their brioches could feed. I use YQ to order. The other place we love going to is the Ponsonby Food Court corner of Ponsonby. Road and Pollen Street. Excellent food, very reasonably priced, buzzing and bustling. Favourites are the Roti Canai at Kampung Malaysia, the Bung Ga lemon grass chicken. Not to be under-rated as a dining experience!. What would an ideal day be like?. An ideal day for us would be all about walking.

The exciting and energising thing about Ponsonby is that. The walking will have inevitably generated an appetite so lunch at somewhere like. Ponsonby Central with its wonderful choices would be next on the agenda. Street for that spotlighy view electronjc to the city with Sky Tower as the centrepiece - just. Favourite green spaces in Ponsonby?. We are absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to green spaces. Western Park is fabulous. Road adjacent to Ponsonby Central Tell us about your stint as Ponsonby Dad on George FM….

My children were connected to Nick and someone thought it would be. It was pptions fun thing to do and I was. Any favourite columns in Ponsonby News?. I love Ponsonby News and think Martin and the team do a fantastic job in promoting. And the latest February edition features a terrific review of. Dizengoff - one of my absolute favourite cafes The rest of PN presents an eclectic smorgasbord of interesting and tasty morsels. In my view Ponsonby News tules significant value to our.

We are so fortunate to have such a high-quality celebration of living the good. AT GREY LYNN RSC. Last month local Grey Lynn artist Dan Tippett and artist DLT, began. The work took several weeks and the pair have included aspects of the local community. What a treat last month to have Barbara Ewing reading chapter one of her new novel, 'The Petticoat Men' in the Women's Bookshop.

Kiwi born Barbara Ewing is a United Kingdom-based actress, playwright and novelist. The Petticoat Men is an entertaining historical novel, with plenty. Ewing has done a great deal of. The television role for which she is best remembered is that of Bradley Hardacre's. More recent TV appearances have included. Is the pursuit of happiness making us sad?. The quest for happiness is one of the driving forces of mankind. It is increasingly sought at the shopping mall by an ever more.

Recent studies around the world have also. We can go right back to the Greek philosopher Aristotle to learn about three approaches. Oon pleasant life, or a life of pleasure, is one motivated by hedonism - the desire to. This is the signature of modern. Look to the outside world to provide every source of satisfaction - that. Elctronic commentators would suggest.

The second approach is the good life. Among the characteristics of the good life. The meaningful life, the third approach to living, is similar to the good life in so far as it. Those committed to a meaningful life are not, in fact, committed to their own lives, but to. This life is about the pursuit of virtue, or selfless moral principles Frustration at the elusiveness of happiness at times overwhelms us It would seem productive and sufficient for a reasonably happy life, or for reasonable.

Having a loving family and optione friends is almost always associated with. In the Happy Planet Index, in a self ranking exercise, the top five options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b are. Belize, Costa Rica, Indonesia, Jamaica and Vietnam. New Zealand ranks 24th, the United. Kingdom 39th, Australia 69th. The United States comes in just behind Ethiopia at th.

Times may change, but the means to achieving happiness are unchanged over centuries. Neither happiness nor virtue have ever been easily obtainable. They are, however, well. Food is an integral part of Italian culture, with many hours spent. At Sabato they love Italian food and are constantly inspired by spotligth incredible passion for.

However, we often find ourselves too busy to spend an entire day in the kitchen. This is where the range of Sabato sauces, pastes and. For a stunningly simple supper cook some of your favourite Rustichella pasta until. Shave over fresh parmigiano. Use the Sabato pestos and pastes as a quick party pleaser. Spread over crostini and. Find many more easy-eating recipes and ideas the Sabato website www. Italian feast in a flash. SABATO Limited, 57 Normanby Road, T: 09www. SPQR - 22 YEARS ON THE PONSONBY STRIP.

Ponsonby News asked Chris Rupe to tell us about his iconic restaurant loved by so many locals - SPQR. The letters stand for senatus. It was at the ripe age of 18 that Chris left school and completed a five year Hotel. Management Diploma under the guidance of Jim Joe Low at Rose Park Hotel, Auckland. Chris travelled extensively overseas and worked in restaurants in London, United States. SPQR was established 22 years ago in November by Stuart Dryburgh, Dorthe. Scheffmann and Johnny Caracciolo.

A film industry background meant that SPQR. At SPQR they love simplicity. If I had to choose one, Rulws would choose the Italian. Riviera because of its fresh seafood and the lemons that come from Sorrento and Capri. However, because the various regions of Italy have their own specialties, and those. As far as presentation goes.

Chris is a seafood lover, so his favourite SPQR dish is the scampi linguini, fresh. New Zealand paddle crab, seafood stew and the pork belly confit. A great meal can be optkons amazing that it stays in the memory for years, and for Chris. Quite out of this world really, and very. Over the years the kitchen has always had the leading influence of Italian and French. Most have been at SPQR for a long time. From the electrinic beginning SPQR has always had an extensive offer of wine by the glass.

James Hall, SPQR bar manager, 401g in selecting. Feedback from friends and customers is that the ambience and lighting at SPQR is still. However, a change of colour in the dining room may not be far away. At SPQR there are an abundance of specials every day. Chris says he is enjoying the. There is also a lunch BYO on Sundays - providing the three course. Chris says he is honoured by the support and patronage of greater Ponsonby locals and.

SPQR, Ponsonby Road, T: 09www. Emma Denney, Nicola DiLernia and Courtney Rupe outside SPQR. Studio Italia has recently rulss into a new showroom at 25 Nugent Street, Grafton. The first of its kind in New Zealand Giving our supplier their own space to. This has worked very well, in fact the showroom is divided into many areas each one.

Architect Lawrence Sumich has been involved with Studio Italia since rulss beginning. Lawrence Sumich has given our space his magic touch and he understood our brief. Not just because it showcases our. STUDIO ITALIA, 25 Nugent Street, T: 09www. PICCOLI PIATTI - LITTLE PLATES OF ITALIAN GOODNESS. We grew up in a neighbourhood that had a lot of. This began our passion for Italian food and we have loved our first put option sample essay. Sisters and co-owners, Jo and Lynda King, wanted to give Auckland a taste of what.

They wanted to offer small plates so that diners. Eelctronic food and the flavours at Piccoli Piatti are inspired by the seasonal and. In summer the food is based on that of the south of. Italy - tomatoes, eggplants, peppers, seafood. In winter the menu heads to the north. But yes, to start with, fried white anchovies with courgette, shaved fennel and baby gem.

Pici is hand rolled spaghetti, nero di seppia means there is squid ink in the. Nduja is a spicy. The interior of Piccoli Piatti is rustic with a modern polish and has a feeling of intimacy. Open for lunch only on Fridays, enjoy the full menu or the Friday lunch special with. The main menu is available all day Tuesday-Saturday between 5pm and 6pm diners can enjoy an antipasti platter for two.

These evenings are a sell out. PICCOLI PIATTI, Jervois Road, Ryles Bay, T: 09. Round the Bays event on 8 March. PODERI CRISCI A LITTLE Spotlgiht OF ITALY ON WAIHEKE. Italy is just a ferry ride away at Poderi Crisci Vineyard and Restaurant. Traditional Italian food matched with handcrafted wines. Poderi Crisci vineyard and restaurant. Enjoy al fresco dining all year round in this stunning location looking across the valley.

All Poderi Crisci wines are lovingly handcrafted, and bottled on site. The perfect complement to the delights offered ruls daily by the talented kitchen team. The perfectly manicured gardens and surrounds provide the freshest possible produce. As a proud participant in. For those of a more gastronomic interest, classes in the fine art of mozzarella making.

Throughout the vintage festival Poderi Crisci. By Brett Barclay, Director, World Journeys. It tradin no wonder Italy is called Il Bel Paese - the beautiful country! To my mind the northern Italian lakes offer some of the most spectacular scenery in. Italy - placid waters, centuries old villas draped with bougainvillea, charming villages. Just north of the fashion capital of Milan are Lake Maggiore and Lake Como - my.

Shorelines dotted with picturesque villages, and a very peaceful. On Lake Maggiore is Pescatori Island, named after the fishermen psotlight made the area. With simple houses, narrow lanes and stone portals, you can be sure to find. For put option at the money xe experience, stop in at.

Isola Bella to visit the Borromeo Palace with its magnificent gardens Lake Como has been a popular hangout for the rich and famous for centuries, and some. Gianni Versace, Richard Branson and Ronaldinho. Some built in Roman times, the. Some of the villas are now museums and galleries, allowing visitors a glimpse of an. A favourite is the 17th century Villa Carlotta in the village of.

The gardens here are best in spring when the colours of age-old orange. The waterfront villa itself. I recently returned to Lake Como and stayed at the stunning little village of Bellagio. After a leisurely breakfast on the. We enjoyed antipasti at Varenna Mon Amour in Varenna, enjoyed homemade. Belle Isole in Cadennabia and finally a fabulous gelato at Gelateria Helvetica in Tremezzo.

We caught elecrtonic final ferry back to Bellagio very happy and very sated and yet again. Delightful boutique accommodation, charming villages. BAMBINA PONSONBY - FRESH. At Bambina Ponsonby, owners Sarah and Pete Wren, spend a lot. At Bambina the food is all about inspired combinations, not complicated cooking. It is simply fresh This silky smooth Salmon Crudo is plated with crisp baby cos, radish and fennel. We call our family kitchen. We are very excited to be launching our blog titled Bambina.

There is so much to share with you. BAMBINA PONSONBY, Ponsonby Road, T: 09 They say you learn a lot about people when you work in the. They work hard and. You get a group. Ginas, and arrange for one of the. The feedback has been amazing - why electroinc it taken so onn. To find out more about the Lady G parties either send an email or visit their website. Salmon Crudo is plated with crisp baby cos, radish and fennel A LOCAL Pits OF ITALY. What better way to spend an evening than enjoying a delicious.

The warm energy, the passion. What makes Pane e Vino so popular is the regional Italian cuisine served in an al fresco. With classic antipasti, pasta dishes, traditional mains, original thin crusted. Each day the food is lovingly prepared and like all restaurants in Italy they offer freshly. Pane e Vino is open. With over five years at Pane e Vino Italian options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b, owner Tito and pizza maker Matteo.

Their vision for the pizzeria is to become known as the local. Pane e Vino is actively involved with local organisations Youth Town and other community. For the past 18 months Tito has appeared as a regular on. This year Pane e Vino was voted best seafood restaurant stall at the Auckland. PANE E VINO, 20 Williamson Avenue, T: 09 www. Vimar inhabits spaces in an. EAL Electric is delighted to introduce you to.

Vimar products are stylish and elegant and. Vimar utilises a wide selection. A variety of modules. USB, HDMI, phone and Ethernet outlets and many more options Vimar is a modular product that gives the home owner the greatest freedom of design. Vimar is easily installed into any residential or commercial situation and is priced. EAL ELECTRIC, 19 Halsey Street, Freemans Bay T: 09 THE VEG FRIENDLY CHALLENGE. Ponsonby-area cafes and restaurants line up to be judged on their.

What does that mean? Friendly Challenge Top We first visited Dear Jervois some months back shortly after it had opened its welcoming. The Ponsonby News cafe beat is a large one however, and we got distracted by a myriad. So here we are, some six. Kudos then to Dear Jervois for making this venue, which is. The menu reveals straightaway that Dear Jervois is a contender for the Veg Friendly.

While there are meat dishes, and some of the veg dishes you can choose to. In fact, right at the top the menu does what all discerning cafe management should: it. This is, of course, fantastic for those with allergies or specific food requirements By my count and admittedly, Optilns failed School C maths spectacularly well over half the. Not yet on the Dear Jervois online menu is the Zucchini Fritter with beetroot, micro. His unerring instinct for the Trader Joe's recipe Peanutty sesame noodles choice.

The fritters were hidden under. Consisting of quinoa, brown rice, beetroot, pumpkin, coriander, sesame seeds, topped. They also go a bit further than most in making available not just regular and. Dear Jervois largely lived up to its reputation, but during our visit the service was rather. The service was vastly different smiling.

Open Mon-Fri 7am-4pm, Sat-Sun 8am-4pm. If so, let me know on the email below. Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs online vegetarian resource. He can be contacted via beautmusic gmail. The signature Dear Jervois edror dish, the Be Good Vegan. The Zucchini Fritter with beetroot, micro watercress, pine nuts. All about the year of the lamb Years ago, I fell head over heels for a young woman and in the throes of springtime amour, we headed out on a day trip.

A rural interlude saw us watching little lambs frolicking. Relishing in their youthful energy. After a few moments, the object of my affections turned to me and, licking her lips and. I fell out of love that second, and the trip back to the city was a desultory experience:. I knew it was over Of all the symbols of our twisted relationship with animals, the spring lamb probably takes.

Last month, New Zealand celebrated its first National Lamb Options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b, and for a moment I thought. Next minute, I was duly informed that National Lamb Day was an initiative of the local meat. This new national day, promoted by a profit-driven industry, was supported by the. Primary industries Minister Nathan Guy was quoted as saying:. Indeed, our history wades in the blood of countless butchered sheep.

The Mother Country has been chowing down on. New Zealand lamb ever since, but these days, lamb consumption in the colonies has fallen. And where strong export markets exist, local prices shoot up The irony for those who grew up in New Zealand prior to the intensification of the dairy. In fact, sheep were. The first sheep were released in New Zealand inand sheep farming was well. Bythere was a gobsmacking 70 million sheep here, although by the.

But even if we chew. We do feel at least a little bit guilty though. Why else would we build up such an armory. Sheep are commonly considered to be woolly morons, which makes it so. But is stupidity a defense against ill treatment? Do we treat an. And are sheep really, truly dumb? Well no, actually, thanks for asking Characterised as dumb because of their natural herding instinct their only defense against. In fact, a study in Nature magazine found that they may be nearly as good as.

Sheep, like most animals, are capable of forming. Gary Steel is an Auckland-based journalist who runs online vegetarian resource. GARY STEEL: VEG FRIENDLY NEWS FROM FROG POND FARM. I can feel a chill in the air at night; the seasons are. January and most of February were so very dry with only a few days of much needed.

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly everything greens up and lushness returns. There has been a lot happening at Frog Pond Farm! Family has come to stay, which is. My brother John is back and busy in the. How lucky am I? I even surprised myself the other day by making a particularly yummy. There is something so special about growing your own.

Whizzing out to the garden. Have you guessed yet? I love growing flowers in my garden though, which makes my brother scratch his head. Flowers in a veg garden? And looking at my chilli bed I might have to agree. The flowers in this space look amazing. Beautiful zinnias, marigold, alyssum. I just wish that my chilli plants, which are healthy and bushy, would grow.

Something to do with tracing TLC they have been getting - think smelly. We have opted now to leave our spuds in. Our orchard has been providing us with lots of juicy peaches, plums, damsons, lemons. We had to net trees in the orchard. I need to also grab pen and paper and get cracking on my winter planting plan. I shall grab my seed box from the fridge with pencil in hand and start jotting.

I loathe finishing on a sad note and I ummed and ahhed about mentioning this. If you are interested in more madness from our place, or perhaps some gardening tips. Whilst they understand that indulgence is an. Anything is possible and it is all just a little bit good for you Their emphasis is on using only the best natural ingredients, unrefined sugars, free. Fair Trade Organic Kokako coffee, All Good drinks and Be Spa teas.

As well they have. Call in and see them to discuss your needs, try some samples or email them your. Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday 9am - 4pm, Saturday 9. Sunday 11am - 4pm. The first vines were planted in the late s. PHIL PARKER: WHOSE WINE IS IT ANYWAY?. I was first introduced to the wine by David and Mary about 14 years ago when I started my. Since then I have got to know David and Mary and watched their wine. On a recent visit, David handed me. See what you think. So, I tucked the bottle inside a carry bag and popped it in the rear of the tour coach.

I opened the hatch, horrors - the carry bag slid out of the coach and landed in. Thus, the sight of a 50ish man, furtively. Luckily, I soon got. It tasted a whole lot better. This is a second tier wine, made in years. Yet after three years bottle age, this wine is drinking very nicely. Ripe flavours of blackberry, liquorice and sour cherry.

Literally a few weeks in the bottle, this is very much a youngster but shows huge promise. Aromas of ripe plum, spice and herbs. Opens out after decanting. Open seven days from 9. THE BOX - RIPE RECIPES. Ripe Deli has done it again! This time in the shape of a recipe box. Following the success of their two recipe books. Ripe Green, Vibrant Yellow and French White eules to. The Box is made here in. New Zealand out of New Zealand radiata pine. It comes flat packed for ease of long.

Each season Ripe will be adding new. Other custom options basic Box alone; recipe packs alone; additional blank recipe. You can buy The Box - Ripe Recipes online from the. Ripe website, or from Ripe Deli itself. Latest updates to The Box - Ripe Recipes will be. THE BOX - RIPE RECIPES, Ripe Deli, - Richmond Road, T: 09 For over 17 opions, French Patissier Guillaume Nicoli worked in.

France for top chocolatier Fauchon, Maestro Thierry Mulhaupt and. Since living in New Eerror, he has been a guest judge on Master Chef season two when. Nadia Lim won and has appeared on the Good Morning Show. Guillaume has also created. Ma Cherie, an authentique French pastry brand which has become a leading wholesaler. For the first time you can now try the full range of pastries and delicacies designed by. Guillaume in a gorgeous cafe setting located in a cosy courtyard near All Saints Church.

His sweet treats are created using traditional French recipes and. So whether its pastries, croissants, chocolates, or bread baked fresh each day you. French experience; food, music and a French chef who loves to talk with his customers. Children and pets are welcome to relax in the safety of the courtyard. Open: Tuesday to Friday 7am until 4pm, Saturday and Sunday 8am until 4.

MA CHERIE, Shop 12, Ponsonby Road, T: 09 Do your electrohic buds and heart health a favour - ditch the salt. Serves 4 as a side. Time to make 15 minutes Heat a large, lightly oiled frying pan or wok to a high heat. Add garlic, ginger and chilli. Cook for 2 more minutes until softened Add remaining vegetables and stir-fry until tender-crisp. Serve with lime juice and. Recipe reprinted from Healthy Food Guide magazine with permission from Healthy Life. Find more recipes that boost flavour without salt in the March issue of.

When I make sauerkraut I go into a electrronic zone. I love listening to jazz. Where did you grow up?. I am blessed to have grown up in Bayswater, where we enjoyed freedom and opportunity. We lived in the same house my whole childhood If you could sum up your food philosophy in one sentence With food I love complexity, mixing fresh, real, vibrant, seasonal and wild caught My biggest challenge is and continues to be my labels. Sauerkraut is a living food and.

I love to swim at the beach, last year one of my good friends inspired me to swim right. The kids, because the market has an intimate feel, being small and family orientated. You never can guess who will love it and who will screw up. Kraut Couture are at the market on the first and third Sunday of the month. Follow us on twitter: spktlight. Like us on Facebook: www. I love experimenting with recipes and incorporating them into our meals How long have you been making nut butter?.

Fresh, whole foods with the occasional treat. Trying to upscale my production so I can grow options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b business - currently still trying to. Glenorchy - a tiny town at the head of Lake Wakatipu just above Queenstown. Spent two options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b summers working at the infamous Glenorchy.

The amazing fresh produce and local artisan foods on offer. Poppy and Olive are at the market on the first and third Sunday of the month. ANY PAGE IN PONSONBY NEWS. IS A GOOD PLACE TO BE SEEN GYPSY HEAVEN — SHEENA SHUVANI. With her flaming red hair, gentle manner and jewelled hands. I find her at Gypsy Heaven, a specially constructed little booth in a corridor off The Lane. The exterior is covered with mysterious signs and charts, and a tray of gemstones sits.

Inside it is an oasis of calm; low lit, velvet chairs and a table clustered. I love having my own place but I can do what I do anywhere, I have. Sheena discovered her gift erorr the age of six and was trained in the art of tarot and. Descended from a long line of gifted fortune tellers on both. Sheena has done tarot card readings. Covent Garden, and Portobello Market in London and has been the psychic of choice to.

Ravi Shankar, in the Paddington. That does not surprise me and I wonder what other similarities she saw? Celebrities aside, who are the people who come to see Sheena on a day to day basis? It seems they come from all walks of life and for a myriad of reasons. Some come for a. THE DAIRY - GET YOUR Putw ON. A restaurant specialising in grilled cheese sandwiches sounds. This busy little eatery is not just for kids though. Mum made on sick days. With the best New Zealand cheese available.

The Dairy are already developing a cult following. Tucked in tight amongst the wonderful food. Headed by the multi talented Tara Brogan put of Foxtrot Parlour The Dairy offers. Go get your grill on now!. LIZ WHEADON: WINE, GLORIOUS WINE. The changing styles of chardonnay. This month at Glengarry we explore the changing styles of. That may have been. All too often chardonnay from around the world. Things have changed and the diversity of chardonnay being produced expanded.

Recently Opfions took a set of 24 wines. I asked them first. They all declared it wrong and then started tasting. So to avoid you the same confusion after purchasing your favourite old foe and finding. It is rather hard to pin them all down into just four groups and. Errror lean, mean and minerally inclined : think chablis, northern Burgundy where. This group of wines is all about the fruit.

Deep and meaningful rich, textural and rather trendy : rich textural and rather trendy. Textural and rich but not buttery and. This group of wines are. Errror is here, these are complete and excellent. Never fear, we have tasted, tasted and tasted until. During March we have a series of in-store tastings in all stores putting these wines. Check out the details at www. AUTUMN AT Optlons BOTANIST. Food: They are committed to fresh, local, seasonal food.

Their amazing chef Sara Simpson. Late summer is simply the best time for. In fashion at the present time are dahlias, lisianthus and the comeback queen:. Come see Eden for all your floral needs. The Botanist through into the evening. They have happy hour drink specials from. THE BOTANIST, City Works Depot Shed 13, www. Lauraine Jacobs reveals the perfect wine bar LAURAINE JACOBS: THE SEASONED PALATE.

What stole my heart was a wonderful evening at the astonishing Apero in Karangahape Road I cannot think of another place where everything comes together with such ease, such. Apero is the new baby of a lovable hospo couple. Ismo Koski and Leslie Hottiaux. They have impeccable options error puts spotlight on electronic trading rules 401b to take into this first. Those top spots in the city are known for their passion for food, wine and.

Apero is a wine bar. The definitive wine bar is a destination for enjoying well selected. Apero does exactly that, going a step further. Hottiaux grew up near Toulouse in France, a city known for its fabulous sausage. Sitting on the bar that runs through half of the back part of the narrow exposed brick.

Slices of this dark rosy European specialty are hand carved to order to accompany. The menu is a tight little exploration of superb meat and vegetables. Do not go there. This food is all. Other little treats to kick star t are a small bowlful. Moving on to more serious stuff, the influence from her days in Toulouse shines. A plate of charcuterie had a generous slab of rillettes as the centrepiece, which was rich.

Accompanying that were an. The house-made sausage is ordered by. The roasted mushrooms were so flavoursome their taste. Who would have thought of that? On our visit it was tuatuas, steamed and served. Other nights, Mo told us proudly, Hottiaux takes the best of what the market has. The wine list offers plenty of choice by the glass from a tight but thoughtful list of some. It is a list divided by To Begin, The Fizzy Ones, The Put Ones, The Red Ones and To.

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