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Foran Conduct and Practices Handbook Seminar. Advisors take the Canadian Options Course, which only includes information on options regulations and trading. You must be logged in to comment. Certificate in Banking Management. Are a graduate of the Derivatives Fundamentals Course DFC.

To write and trade options for clients, you need to get licensed. So consider an options license, which is administered by CSI. To get that license, you can either take one comprehensive or two shorter courses. We talked to two advisors who each say they got their options licenses so they could offer more complex investment strategies to clients. They also wanted to understand how and why newer structured products use derivatives strategies. He did so in in response licenss demand from accredited clients, including one long-time investor who wanted to hedge his gold exposure.

Before Wong could tradding options, that client used gold warrants similar to call optionswhich give investors the right to purchase shares at a fixed price. But the Canadian market for warrants is small, lixense the client wanted to generate more income through an options strategy. The derivatives fundamentals courses provided more detail on common financial theories and formulas, says Wong, adding that the technical analysis and commodities courses offered more practical information.

He found the commodities course most helpful, since a large portion of the TSX is made up of resource-related kicense. Completing the certificate took nearly two years and more than hours of studying, he adds. Meanwhile, Nicholas Aristeo, a discretionary portfolio manager and vice-president at 3Macs fundamentals of options trading license Montreal, Que. He had both his options license and CIM by I think everyone should have an options license. And, in this very competitive market, you have to differentiate yourself.

Fnudamentals strategies are risk-mitigating. But the main point he explains to clients is that call options allow them to hedge positions and increase yield. Several years ago, he bought shares of fashion accessory company Coach, Inc. And, while the stock stayed down at lower levels, we kept writing [calls] against our position. By doing that for six to seven months, we recouped all of our losses through premiums.

But when we make mistakes, we explain what happened during annual reviews. But with the options strategy, we wrote and wrote call options, and managed to recoup the losses through premiums. He uses the methodology he learned to provide informed opinions on markets. Colleagues, says Wong, have been appreciative while existing clients offered several referrals.

Then, fundaemntals has to write, trade and monitor options fundamentals of options trading license. He has a team that helps, consisting of him, his partner and an assistant. Plus, investors can earn extra yield on more volatile holdings. If [that stock] gets to the top of [its] range, we write a call. So, he plans to bump up his fundxmentals in the next two to three years.

In Canada, there has always been a separate course and exam to get an options license, says Marshall Beyer, senior director of academic standards at CSI Global Education. Advisors take both the Derivatives Fundamentals Course and Options Licensing Course. Regulators decide that those getting options licensed should understand all derivatives products, including futures and OTC derivatives. Advisors take the Canadian Options Course, which only includes information on options regulations and trading.

CSI turns the Put options how they work 8 workshop designation, which requires the basic courses and three additional electives, into a certificate. Still, a lot of people take the ufndamentals route over taking the single course. Retirement Resource Centre For the advisor who specializes in retirement planning. Access the EXPERTS when YOU need them. You must licnese logged in to comment.

More articles on: Designation Advisor. Peter Wongyrading manager at Raymond James. Years in the business: 25 years. Compensation style: Evenly split funxamentals fee-based and transaction-based. Years in the business: 13 years. Clients: Professionals tdading entrepreneurs. A look at options over the years. Regulators and CSI aim to comply fundwmentals general international standards for designations. Originally published in Advisor's Edge. Earn Credits with us. Subscribe to our magazines.

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Nov 06,  · Why I got my options license. Options trading tips. CSI integrates the two derivatives courses to create the Derivatives Fundamentals and Options. Trade-up to XenDesktop Program User/Device Options can only trade-up 1-for-1 to XenDesktop U/D licenses since XenApp Fundamentals is a user-based license. Apr 25,  · License Standard YouTube Forex Trading Fundamentals - Forex Trading Course Ep.3 Fundamentals of Price Action Trading for Forex, Stocks, Options.

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