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Type: 0xf1 decimal Length: - A count of the characters of the ASCII string in the Value field. Cisco Aironet Series Outdoor Mesh Access Point Hardware Installation Guide. January optioon, at am Reply. Cisco AP Series APs.

I was fortunate enough to work on a case where my customer wanted to employ Option 43 to work with DHCP Server for Windows Server His Access points needed this option to be configured on the servers so as to receive the specific scope options such as the WLC IP cusco, Static Routes, etc. Servers that are not equipped to interpret the information ignore it. Option 60 It can be used by DHCP clients to identify their vendor type and configuration when communicating with DHCP servers.

Vendors can define their own specific identifier values, like conveying a particular hardware or operating system configuration. However, other clients like Access Points, scanners, printers, etc have to identify themselves and ask for a specific option from the DHCP server. So we need to configure this option 60 packed with Option This is a forex charts from trading charts jobs setting. We have successfully configured the Server to identify Client Option 43, coupled with Option 60 to ensure that the vendor specific clients get the right options from Windows DHCP server.

What comes cisxo Option 43, and configuring in DHCP. Nikhil Mehta November 1, 2. Option option 43 dhcp cisco This option is used by clients and servers to exchange vendor-specific information. When configuring Option 43, we should also configure Option When a regular DHCP client tries to get an IP, it just goes for a regular broadcast asking for an IP address, and scope options like Router, DNS server, etc.

Defining the Vendor Class. This converts to Binary. So now that option 43 dhcp cisco defined the identifier on DHCP Server, we need to configure this identifier option to send the WLC IP address back to this client. This will take us back to the previous screen:. This is where we will need to cisci what is the IP of the WLC, which can be supplied to the client from that specific scope. Article by Nikhil Mehta Support Engineer — Platforms Networking.

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Hey Jeff, we setup DHCP option 43 awhile back. I think our IP s are not pulling the correct certificate from the provisioning server. Some of the phones are. DHCP Option 43 | Getting Started with Wireless | Cisco Technical Support Forum | |. Can someone simply explain to me what is exactly option 43 and is it necessary to use it or not? I know this works with LW APs and WLC but do we really need to.

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