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Now you may type definition oscillator frequency from keyboard. As pointed out in this post, you can add keys to the press and hold key feature. In System Preferences, select Keyboard, then again select Keyboard, check the "Show Keyboard optio Character Viewer in menu bar" option. Use the drop-down menu from the menu bar and select Show Character Viewer - there will be a short list that Apple thinks we will use.

In the upper-left-hand corner there is a sprocket with a drop-down menu: select Customize List. Scroll down to European Alphabetic Scripts, click optiom arrow down to open that list, select the Greek check box, then choose Done. Greek will now be displayed in the list on the left. Select Greek in the list, highlight the theta option key character in the center, choose your variation, then scroll down and you will find Font Variations of the selected character.

After you have decided which variation you would like to use click Add To Favorites. A new list name will show up under Recently Used called Favorites. When this is selected it will tueta show the favorites you have added. If you are using Lion or Mountain Lion then just press and hold the 'o' key and a list of o's with accents will appear with a number underneath.

Then just type the number for the thetx you want or click on it. Just like the iPhone works. You can also use the procedure from this other question to add a theta character to the press-and-hold menu. You would pick a character to add Theta and edit the corresponding file: This does not work on OS X You can achieve this another way: You can add your own substitutions using Apple's symbol and text substitution in the text tab of Language and Text of System Preferences.

I found it very simple optionn straightforward. You can use anything you want to substitute with anything you want. There will be a list of recognized functions and the key combinations for lots of different symbols. At the top of the screen there is an option to use math autocorrect rules outside of math theta option key, select this. I do a LOT of math answers online such as Yahoo! To use, click on the icon, select 'show Emoji and Symbols'.

I leave the Character box 'up and showing' theha I can select symbols immediately. In conclusion, Thtea prefer the text substitution method if it works. I even put in my name as ',j' and it types in my name Jim, email as ',e', ',p' for phone number, etc. If ANYONE wants my Keyboard Text Substitution. You simply drop it into the Keyboard Text area and it adds mine to your list. If you enter a bunch of Ley Text Substitutions, SAVE Thheta.

It's very very easy! Do a 'Command A' to select them all, theta option key drag the selection to the desktop. It will make a plist file!!! A LOT of people have issues retaining the Text oltion, so save it after any changes. Keyy this is so late. I'm not sure how much help it will be. Theta option key posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service.

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Here's how it works:. Anybody can ask a question. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top. How do you type Theta on a Mac? So I have been using that as my theta. But I would love to know how to type Theta for a mac? According to thheta viewer on my mac, there is tbeta direct shortcut for it. Aug 28 '12 at Unicode 03B8 if you can do that Sep 4 '12 at You might find this question useful to add a theta to a press-and-hold option: apple.

Sep 19 '13 at Jan 9 '14 at I hope you don't mind I added the Latin-character version in the spoiler tag. I had fun practicing my knowledge of Greek characters. Aug 4 '16 at By default, there is "no Roman-Accent-t" section, I coppied mine keh "Roman-Accent-s. Caution: This is a system-wide change. Edit carefully or make backups. Now, when you press and hold 't' this appears:. I did not have to relog after making edits.

It looks like no one has mentioned the Special Characters window. Type theta into the search bar. Your optin should be there:. This should keyy the accepted answer Mar 24 '16 at Scroll down and enable Greek or Greek Polytonic. Theta option key Show Input menu in menu bar. Type u or U. Change iption to your original language. I hope this helps.

Aug 29 '12 at Dan J tjeta for the edit I was hurried in my answer and had to leave. My solution, you only need to set up once. David DelMonte the above only has to be set up one time, all you do is open the character pallet after set up double click character close pallet, if you want, the pallet will float above all windows so if used often one could even keep the pallet open shoved out of the way. I think it is less clicks than changing the keyboard and changing it back each time.

While I don't think character viewer is useful sustained use of special chars, it's always on for me as it is super handy for entering the occasional special character. Aug 30 '12 at You would optikn a character to add Theta and edit the corresponding file This does not work on OS X None of those options appear to be a theta This is the best solution! You must read the whole answer, and follow the instructions in the linked theta option key. Please don't add a new answer to clarify thtea existing answer — to improve another answeredit it instead.

Mar 2 '14 at I do this in 2 ways I use Keyboard opfion Emoji viewer potion the Menu bar. The setup is: System Preferences, Keyboard, check the box "Show keyboard and emoji viewers in menu bar. The second way is to use the Mac built-in text substitutions. Again in System Preferences, Keyboard, select the text tab. I have entered all the Greek letters such as '! As I type in most programs it immediately substitutes one for the other. Does not work in Word. For Mac Excell theta option key That is NOT a theta.

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