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It differs from other trend identifying indicators in that it is constantly making dynamic adjustments in realtime. Our customers love our product and I am proud and someone protective of what I have done here with TradersStudio, sorry if I got defensive. Long Time BWT Client Testimonial. In some topic, I will use TradersStudio code, just like someone else would use TradeStation code. This is Jose Silva's Metastock site. Blue Wave Trading BWT specializes in automated trading, automated trading systems, and automated trading software. Breadth Internal Indicators for Winning Swing and Position Trading.

You are using an out of date browser. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Discussion in ' Automated Trading ' started by NormSep 20, Log in or Sign up. We don't translate ELS,ELD. We only translate the text versions of the code. This is protected under the first amendment to our constitution, freedom of speech. If I did ELS and ELD you would have been correct. I am allowed to translate anyone free expression to any form I want.

I guess if you don't like this idea maybe you automated forex trading tradestation eld a lot of TradeStation stock or something. Most people like to have freed to choose what product they want to use. Many traders have a lot invested in EasyLanguage so we want to allow them to use our platform without losing aytomated investment. TradeStation does not own the trademark on these words in their language.

They do for PaintBar, ShowMe and a few traddestation but not these. In terms of your attack on the site, many people tgadestation our site. You talk about it like the programmer who does the site like he also works on the product. Well TradersStudio is far from a one-man gang. We have a team of programmers, which I manage. We also have a web master as well as other web developers. The web development staff is totally different than the development staff the product.

Your comment that a miss spelled word means fofex product is bad, is totally ludicrous. Contributing Editor Futures Magazine and Vice President of Research and Development for TradersStudio. Learn more about TradersStudio at www. If you want to see what TradersStudio can tradinh for traxing watch the video on our home page. See a written overview at. Learn about the power of TradersStudio.

Quote from Murray Ruggiero:. Your comment that a miss spelled word means the product is bad, is totally ludicrous. Can any of these forrx code indicator divergences, i. Also, where could I find updated comparisons TradeStation vs. WealthLab, and AmiBroker vs. I would like to comment on the posting of PoundTheRock and TraderNik. My first point is that he did say that the misspellings where in the testimonials. We publish these as is, after we receive them we ask them to send a firex E-Mail that we tradestatiion use them.

We don't feel we should change them without going back though the process. This is why the web master most likely did not catch or change this. We put them up as received. If we edited our testimonials then you should have a bigger issue with us than the few misspellings. If he wanted to private message me automated forex trading tradestation eld what misspelling he foundwe can ask permission from the customers to correct them.

If someone give me constructive criticism than that fine. For example we had a problem with people who used FireFox browser, they pointed out the first two front page metatrader blackberry did not work for them but the last two did. We changed all of our front-page tutorials to Flash, instead of using Java script in some of them.

If I get detail about what we have done wrong or could do better we will fix it, Telling me "The Web site looks like it was designed by a kindergartener" does not tell me what needs to be done. Our customers love tradestatipn product and I am proud and someone protective of what I have done here with TradersStudio, sorry if I got defensive. Your comment about hijack every thread misses the point that I pay for this right to be able to discuss my product.

One example is my Intermarket thread. I discussed some concepts here automated forex trading tradestation eld I am sure some people have paid other traders good money to learn in the past. It would be stupid of my not to try to make the most of the resources spent on marketing. This is a balancing act between promoting the product and being part of your group. I am very willing to answer any questions people would like to ask, on any technical analysis related topics, I have covered in my articles over the past 11 years.

I have had the question about independent reviews and why our product has not yet been reviewed. Remember Wealth-Labs was not reviewed for several years after it was first released. The first version they had reviewed supported real time. Because of this we decided to wait until my Real time product is automated forex trading tradestation eld. If you learn the 2.

We will also offer them the real time product at a greatly reduced price. I am happy we have resolved this; I hope you and I can have constructive interchanges on this forum for the good of the members in the future. I wanted to make one more point. I normally do try to start my own threads when I plan on talking about TradersStudio. I did not join this thread until; I saw a lot of talk about AmiBroker. If the thread remained only TradeStation-Metastock, I would not have started with bring up TradersStudio.

In some topic, I will use TradersStudio code, just like someone else would use TradeStation code. I will try not to go off topic. You could also look at the Elliott wave threads I contributed to; I did not bring up TradersStudio because it did not fit. I did purchase the right to market, but I do want to sld the members happy, having you upset with me does not help this forum or my purpose on it, so I will need to keep a balance.

This is Jose Silva's Metastock site. He sells his stuff but he is a very good programmer and a very helpful member of the MS Yahoo group. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Your name or email address:. Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is:. Separate names with a comma. Search this thread only. Search this forum only. Display results as threads. WHILE YOU'RE HERE, TAKE A MINUTE TO VISIT SOME OF OUR SPONSORS:.

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Learning TradeStation - Lesson 6: Strategy Testing, Optimization and Automation

Blow & Drive Interlock Corporation (BDIC) identified by TrendSpotter as a Buy. Jun 20,  · We don't translate ELS, ELD . Discussion in ' Automated Trading ' started by I guess if you don't like this idea maybe you own a lot of TradeStation. Why use BWT Automated Trading Systems? Blue Wave Trading has been developing automated trading systems since We had early success with the Tradestation.

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