Sound card options computer overheating

And I still don't notice any activity from the fan. I have no audio on any application. Edit an audio file and save it to M4R format for iPhone. Message 8 of 9. NLX Which form factors does not have expansion card slots on the motherboard but rather uses a riser card for expansion cards Remove unused expansion card slot covers What actions are not recommended for keeping compiter computer cool? ThinkPad Tp T 2. We'll carr posting more video clips from the podcast on our YouTube channel going forward.

Last night everything worked and I left it running, but this morning the machine was shut off and on restart it got the startup options normal, save mode, etc. I did a windows restore to yesterday and when that didn't help, I let windows update the driver. When I let windows update the driver again it showed as SoundMax again. What is it supposed to computre I do have an old T61 for spare parts and could replace the sound card if that's what it is and I can figure out how.

It's possible eound has died, but it's also possible the problem is software. One easy solution is to boot the computer from a Linux liveCD, you can get a optioons one from ubuntu. Boot it with the option to not change your system and see if you get sound, if you do, then you know something on your windows installation is causing the problem and you can then either fix it, or reinstall from scratch. Thanks much, now I understand why I didn't find anything when searching for how to replace the sound card and why I never noticed it before.

The motherboard was bad on my old T61 and I just wish I had the cash for a new Lenovo right now. I did NOT do a factory restore, really don't want to go through installing everything until I get a new machine. Went back to a system restore point a compute days ago but that didn't work either. I ccomputer linux at ubuntu with the windows sounc and it was very quiet. Not knowing whether it makes any sounds like windows, I tried to get on the web, but it didn't detect my wireless connection and I restarted in windows to see what to do about that.

So now I should figure out what causes those unscheduled shut downs. MOST of the times it shuts down when I'm sonud on battery while not nearly emptyso I just checked and the battery is a little loose. But it shut down even while I was downloading linux and nobody was even close to the computer, i. I might start a new topic about that if it gets worse. I'm sure glad I don't have to buy a new computer right now and really appreciate the help!

My buess is there was some simple software setting that turned off sound card options computer overheating the sound, or maybe the sound card options computer overheating wasn't properly initializing Also to clarify, I didn't recommend you actually install the linux, but it is a great operating system and you should use it if you enjoy it, but there is an option to run it fully from the CDrom disc, so no installation at all is needed.

This is called a "LiveCD". When run this way the performance is severely limited, but it can be very useful to boot up and test your system. As for wifi, linux should recognize your adapter, you probably just have to enable the wireless. The default installation will enable souund, but it's very easy to enable a wireless connection, but that is best discussed in ubuntu forums.

As for your shutdown problems. You can try running a gauge reset on it a few times, this fully drains and recharges the battery and can correct some problems, but if it shuts off under ac power too, then you have a different problem. I'd recommend installing thinkpad fan control, it's a freeware app that can monitor temperatues and control your fan tpfancontrol.

If your CPU or GPU temps are going above c degrees before shutdown, then you most likely have a cooling system problem and are going carrd thermal shutdown which could be an easy fix if your fortunate. It sure worked like a charm. I wouldn't totally switch, but the dual login is great and I'll check it out. And I'll burn the CD just for future testing. Regarding the shut downs, the battery seems perfectly fine and I can restart, the light is green and it'll run for hours. I have been having problems with overheating and actually have the back of the computer resting on two staple removers so it has more ventilation and I already replaced the fan once.

It IS very hot here AZ high desert and we don't run coolers, so it often gets to 90F in our house by evening. I'll look for that thinkpad fan control. I strongly recommend you get some arctic silver 5 thermal paste, clean the heatsink and chips with medical grade alcohol and use this paste which is made of The result is usually several degrees cooler when properly applied.

On another note, keeping one's ThinkPad lifted is a bad idea. It is supposed to be in contact with the hard surface, not float in the air. And why is a lap top supposed to be on a flat surface? Just searched the web and all I could find was that the vents have to be clear. I found it runs a lot better when it's hot a couple inches sound card options computer overheating the table.

Lenovo is committed to environmental leadership from operations to product design and recycling solutions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. ThinkPad; T61 and prior T series plus Other Legacy ThinkPads. Replace T61 sound card? Subscribe to RSS Feed. Mark Topic as New.

Mark Topic as Read. Overheqting this Topic for Current User. Message 1 of Email to a Friend. I'm running Win 7 ultimate. Since that didn't help, I downloaded the 7kaww. I have this question too. Sound card options computer overheating View All 2. Message 2 of Re: Voerheating T61 sound card? The sound card is not replaceable. DO you get sound from the headphone jack? Also is your internal speaker selcted as the primary playback ovedheating in your control panel? Also is your restore a complete factory restoration or just restore to a previously backed up point.

Regards, Jin Li May this year, be the year of 'DO'! I am a volunteer, and not a paid staff of Lenovo or Microsoft. Message 3 of ThinkPad W iQM 1. ThinkPad T, T, 8gb SSD ThinkPad Tp T 2. Thinkpad X Tablet 8gb ram. This helped me too. Message 4 of I did try the headphones, no sound there and it's set to internal speakers.

So I'll try the Linux thing and see how that goes. Thanks again for the help! Message 5 of Wow, sound card options computer overheating does miracles. And magically my sound was back. I did NOTHING but install linux. Message 6 of Message 7 of Thank you very much again! Message 8 of Message 9 of Please do NOT send private messages since I won't be able to read them.

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CPU overheat

Information Technology Fundamentals TestOut Section What options do you have in this situation? Your computer has a sound card installed in PCI slot. Hear Sound with More Nuance and Depth. Compare the Samsung Sound+ Today. Sound Distortion and Overheating with Notebook ; Sound Distortion and I'm still covered by warranty so I'm considering having the fan and sound card.

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